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Easy to set up77% agree

Good value77% agree

Good print quality71% agree

by Top favorable review

Great printer, Scanner, Coppier

We are using this model and the larger format version the 7500A in our Tax offices. It has been great for getting clear copies of our clients source documents, scanning documents for ACA enrollments and it also does very well in copying photos. (you do need to keep the heads cleaned)

After 5 years of heavy use our first one broke the carriage belt. We liked it so much, we purchased the same model to replace it with.
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by Top critical review

It stopped working within 5 minutes of setting up

I like this printer HP Officejet 6500A All-in One because it is fast and uses less ink. I know because I had one in the past. Perhaps I received an defected one. The printer worked for the first 5 minutes then the paper feeder stopped working and started making a noise.Read full review...

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Great printer for the money. HP should have left this in their line up

Printer is compact and allows good in home / business office capability. It has just enough features and is not confusing to install. Works great as a wireless printer and has good speed for scanning and printing.

The auto feed on this HP product is greatly improved over the earlier models that had problems with picking up pages and feeding them to the scanner or fax.

Recent upgrade to Windows 10 had problems with using printer as the drivers are old and the printer is no longer supported by HP for updates.

All in all, a great value for the money!
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Good money value

This is a good product for home use. The print quality is good. I use the scan option a lot and faxing things to my work. I do like the HP products.




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The HP 6500-A: Poorly Contructed with Lots of Features

Hewlett-Packard has out-flimsied themselves with the 6500-A. The construction is as cheap as they could possibly have made it. My previous HP printer had the hinges break off of the scanner cover in gentle normal usage... not allowing cover to close and ending it's life. Hence, I had to buy another printer.

My previous HP unit used 6 large cartridges that were inexpensive to replace. Great color rendition. Being able to replace ONLY the color you need keeps from throwing out an otherwise useful cartrige. Bravo! This one uses 4 smaller ones and still makes a lot of sense.

The "copy holding" device on this one (where the printed work is held) sticks out and is the thinnest possible plastic. There is nothing solid feeling about this unit anywhere else.

The BIG WARNING is that there is NO tray for 4X6 photo paper. One ad for this unit indicated it held 80 sheets of photopaper. Not mentioned was that it had to be 8 1/2 by 11". This means each picture has to be cut out and trimmed. When 4X6 paper is so easily available and simple to use, how could HP have screwed this up? The large number of people with digital cameras will not be happy with this unit. I will now have to buy a separate photo printer... and they are not cheap... if I want to use 4X6 paper.

Scanning photos did not seem to be as clear... even at higher resolution numbers... as I had previously experienced.

On the plus side: Double sided printing could be a plus. I've not had any paper jamming issues as I've read in reviews by others. HP still has the best per copy printing price which is what kept me with HP. Noise levels while printing were not high. Have not yet used the Wi-Fi printing access. A second computer at a distance in the same room will make this necessary.

Reading the reviews of other printers lead me right back to HP. I just wish they would realize they are not endearing themselves to the buying public by producing products that are so obviously poorly constructed. The auto industry tried that and look where they ended up! I would grudgingly reccommend this printer to a friend.
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Awesome Product! Best bang for the buck from all the choices on Ebay.

I bought this as a replacement of an HP C1315v. The printer prints some amazing photo prints. I use both 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 glossy paper. The text, photo and other features of this printer are hard to beat. I don't use the fax feature but all the rest I use day to day. The multi-card slot found on the front is a plus in case your computer does not have one. I found a seller on ebay who refurbishes the inkjet cartridges that this printer uses and they work GREAT!
You really have not lived when you can tell a visitor that they can print a photo or a document from their cell phone in my house without wires! I just give them my wireless router pass key and viola!
PROS: everything that it does.
CONS: have not found any dislikes about it yet.
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HP 6500A All In One

Kudos to HP on this printer it's simple to work in every way. Easy setup for wireless or wired now that they have come out with the XL ink cartridges, I'm a happy camper. Use to use Epsons.
I've bought the HP8600 didn't find it near as hearty as this machine. Even have 2 HP7400 the inks a bit expensive but they both are still in use today.Read full review...


Fantastic and easy to figure out. AAAAA+++++

I love it, I have a lot of experience with many different types of printers and this is one of the tops. I have read some complaints but I believe mos of those come from user error and not this unit. I have had this for 3 months and not a problem. I went thru the first inks very quickly but with the extra large ink units I got over 600 pages of full text and graphics in color and almost a thousand with the black. Can't go wrong with this printer. Did find it cheaper at Sams wholesale.Read full review...


Will not buy another 6500 or 6500A

Touch screen is hard to view unless directly above it. Canceling a print leads to a several minute delay while the machine recovers from the change in plan. If you do a lot of single copies of items, it can drive you crazy just getting ready to do something. If you don't like the low ink warnings, this is the printer for you. When you run out of any of the colors, it just prints with whatever color it has left. I would not recomend this printer to anyone trying to get anything done in a hurry.Read full review...

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