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Abba Gold Album

WOW, all the great ABBA hits on cd and videos on dvd! If you like great pop music this is the one for you. Album package arrived quickly in perfect condition. I always liked ABBA and bought several records, but this is the best way to go to be able to hear and see them in videos is the best!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: gfree12320rj


Totally make sure your item works, before leaving feedback.

I recently brought a CD of ABBA, I looked at the add on ebay and thought, oh boy the songs it contained, took me back to when I could still go dancing,when it arrived I couldn't wait to play it, I played about 4 tracks,then went and left feedback for it, when I sat down after tea, I thought I would put it on, relax and listen to the CD,only to find that the 7th track gets stuck, so I have to skip that track, never mind it does the trick It is relaxing and it does take me back in time, which is nice,Makes me feel younger.Read full review...



If you grew up in the 80's you are probably familiar with ABBA and have an album or two. If you are a baby boomer like me maybe you were busy making a living and taking care of family to have time to listen to music. I got interested in ABBA after watching the movie Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep. The CD ABBA
Gold has all the songs from the movie. The movie actually was written around the songs on the album. If you don't have ABBA Gold I recommend getting it. One word of advise however is that you might try getting a new copy. It is so good a used copy may be well warn.
Wayne from beautiful Washington State
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Abba Gold: Greatest Hits still rocks the house!

This CD, despite having its songs be an average 30 years old, still sounds great, gets me "rockin' out" when I hear it, and makes me wish I were old enough to have danced to this music at discoteques in the 70's. The vocals are strong and clear, the harmony is tight, the songs' tambre varies enough so that each doesn't sound like a "recycled" version of the previous, and the accoustics are phenomenal.

To say these songs transcends the annals of the decades would not be an overstatement. As is proven by the on-going success of the "Mamma Mia!" musical and recent movie adaptation, others still love Abba--and a new generation is learning to love them as well.
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Excellent ABBA Music, for young & old!

I purchased this Album simply for the purity, originality, Latin beat, gospel harmonies and what ABBA's music really was. I had old casette tapes of all their 'Hits' and we all know how good those play these days! So, I heard the Digitally remastered beautiful song "I Have A Dream" on a recent musical movie release and remembered that I didn't have any ABBA to listen to. I always enjoyed their style which reminds me a bit like 'Ace of Base', even though they are older & funkier sounds. In retrospect, this CD is a wonderful addition to any 1970-early '80's music collector's library, especially if you like
Swedish band songs/style, containing that Euro-Pop of that period. Also note: this Album contains five songs that didn't chart in the U.S. Nice music, Digitally remastered now which is wonderfully clear & resonant, plus I think it would be a suberb gift for that 'ole ABBA fan!
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Greatest Hots - Abba (CD 1993)

Excellent! ABBA was one of the most popular groups of all time. Their popularity was established in Europe years before they made a name for themselves in the U.S. Who can possible not like Dancing Queen? Or Take A Chance On Me? Or The Winner Takes It All? Or I Have A Dream? Or Fernando? Or most of the other songs on the CD. Granted there are a couple that I don't care for but that's usually the case with any artist/CD. This CD belongs in any collection of great music!Read full review...


ABBA Gold is appropriately named.

I bought this CD because it was a collection of ABBA's greatest hits. It is a great CD, and I am enjoying it.
I can't say that there is anything not to like about this collection of songs. It is from an era that I relate to, and
it contains a special song that my Dad used to like many years ago. He is 25 years deceased, and this particular number keeps his memory with me.
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Recently received a bose radio with cd player as a present.
I did not own one cd so I purchased Abba received it in about
4 days. The CD arrived sealed in pristine condition. This
purchase was more than I expected. The sound was unbelievably
clear and now I regularly purchase CD's thru EBAY.
Also my prior purchases of crewel kits has made me so happy.
Before Ebay thease kits which were no longer made were impossible
to find. In the past year I have located some kits that were
made from 10 to 30 years ago and now have a nice inventory and
hours of a most enjoyable hobby. Thanks Ebay your great
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Fantastic eBay find!

The best cd ever released with the majority of ABBA's greatest hits! All of your favorites. You don't to go thru a lot of the songs you knew heard before. This is the best value cd ever produced.


ABBA Cd Greatest hits:Gold 1993

This cd is one of the Best in the music world! It's sad ABBA is not performing and no longer together. I hope one day they will get together and tour the USA. PBS has a program, that I enjoyed with their history. I enjoy all kinds of music, but ABBA is by far the Best in the music world!I promise if you do not have one of their cd's your are missing some good old music.
Thanks, ABBA
John Olvera sanj48
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