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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


good game

brings me back to when I had it on ps2. I wish there was belt fed machine guns instead of the tommy

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Fun game, for older systems

I played the first Godfather on the original Xbox, a long time ago, so revisiting it on Xbox 360 and PS3 has been fun. The graphics are better and there are enhancements to game play.

The Xbox 360 version is somewhere between the first Xbox original and the very much changed/upgraded PS3 version.

Overall, its an engaging, fun period game that celebrates the Godfather legend.

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the films.
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Great game!

Love this game. GTA feel with the movie backdrop.

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Great condition

Came within a reasonable amount of time and was in great condition.

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One of the best old gangster games out there.

I got this game for the ps2 back in the day and could not stop playing it so now in 2014 i just had to play it in hd.I love how you can customize the character and my favorite part was robbing banks i have nothing bad to say about this game at all enjoyed every bit of it great game only wish that part 2 of this game was half as fun as this one.Read full review...


bad one

no i would not use this sell again and i would advise others not to as well

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Great .....Thank You

Awesome ....Thanks

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GTA 1940's style

I never have been a fan of the Godfather movies. In fact, I couldn't get myself to sit through it. Just something about them that turns me off. I guess my feelings can best be summed up from Peter Griffin when he said he didn't care for the movie because "it insisted upon itself". As for the game, that is a different story. I love GTA style games, so I figured I would give it a try. For the most part, I found the game enjoyable and fun, but really nothing to write home about.

The graphics are decent, but not much better from what you would see on the original Xbox. There is limited variety to the character and car models. The world looks the same and it is a little hard to differenciate the neighborhoods from each other. Considering this is a port from the Xbox, it looks like the developers decided to add content instead of a graphical overhaul. This isn't really a bad compromise.

The sound department is a mixed bag. The voice acting is top notch for a video game and the gun shots, car engines, and other ambient sounds are great. Musically, there really isn't much content. You have the Godfather theme playing every once in awhile along a with a few other tunes, but that is about it. There are times when there isn't any music at all.

Controls are adequate but have a few annoyances. Driving is fun and easy, but you only have a choice of maybe 6 or 7 diffent vehicles. After playing GTA and Saints Row, I am used to having numerous vehicles to choose from, so I am a bit spoiled because of GTA. The combat is a little different. Fighting requires you to hold down the left trigger and then move the right stick to throw punches and the like. Different, but nothing to throw any one off who isn't used to it. Shooting allows you to either lock onto your target or you can free aim. I always try to use the free aim since I think it makes the game more fun, but there are times I had to use the lock on feature. This is because the camera can make it difficult for you to see and enemies have a tendancy to sneak up on you. Can't count how many times I died because of that.

Just like GTA you have your story missions and secondary missions. The secondary missions consist of doing specific hits or doing favors, but the majority consist of extorting businesses, rackets, and warehouses. You spend most of the game extorting since your income is dependant on how many businesses you own. These can get a bit repetitious after awhile and it takes forever for you to get your daily income. This is bothersome since weapon upgrades and safehouses don't come cheap.

My overall feeling is The Godfather is a slightly watered down GTA. There really isn't anything bad about The Godfather, but there really isn't anything that makes it stand out among other games of this genre.
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The Godfather

I bought this game for the XBOX 360. The game follows the same story line as the movie. The characters in the game also look similar to the actors who played them in the movie(except Al Pacino). The only dislike is that EA (creators of the game)try to make you buy the fourth tier of the weapons in the game. You are given three levels of weapons that are already included in the game and they are free but for some reason EA tries to make you buy the fourth level which as I have said is already in the game. I have found out that this only happens in the xbox 360 version but in any case that is the only downfall that I have seen. I bought this game because I had played it before and I really enjoyed it. I would Reccommend this game to anyone but just bear in mind EA is going to try to get you with the whole weapons thing.Read full review...


Great Game!

This is a great game! If you played the grand theft auto games you will love this one! Lot of free roaming action and the story line is great! Unlike grand theft auto the missions are harder but more fun. More detail and action as far as hand to hand combat lets you control your character more free style from punching to jabs to uppercuts and throwing others around. You also can bash the heads against walls or objects. the game is set up great and a lot of effort went in to the creation of this game. This is a great game but not suitable for young children!Read full review...

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