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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Last one I needed

Perfect exactly what I wanted thank you so much

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: xtinaduh09


Original packaging wasn't thought through.

I just got this for the Destroyed Beauty book that comes with the collector's edition. It's unfortunate that the contents of the tin have sharp corners but the tin itself has rounded corners causing the book and the disc holder to bend their corners.

The game itself is awesome with a great base for a story, especially for a FPS. I ended up buying the novel for supplemental story and ended up liking the book, too. The cutscenes were done well and I liked the voice acting in it despite some cheesy lines. It's one of those things where it's not particularly the voice actors fauly, but rather the script. some games just have bad voice actors casted for the character.

Online play, if you have an xbox live subscription, is pretty good. I hardly ever have too many games where i experience bad lag.
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Amazing game

I absolutely love Gears of War. The graphics are amazing and the storyline is really easy to get into. I like that there are different types of game play involved and the weapons are easy to use. There are a lot of really cool achievements you can get. If you like first person shooters and getting the perfect headshot off on a monster then this is the game for you. This is also a really good game to play co-op. I actually prefer it on this one. If your character is downed, your friend can come revive you. Co-op can also be played by a system link if your friend has their own 360 and a copy of the game. I just bought this second copy so we could use two tv's/consoles. Online play brings a whole new level to the game. Another cool aspect of the game is while you are playing, you have to look for cog tags (like dog tags) of your fallen comrades. If you play the game through and miss some it's okay because the ones you already found will be counted and you can go back and get the ones you missed the second (or third) time around. Once you find a set you never need to find them again. If you are playing co-op and your buddy finds a pair it counts for you too.

Definitely buy this game and enjoy! Gears of War 2 is out and while there are a lot of cool updates like better online play, unique kills, weapons and grenades, I still prefer the first one for the actual campaign.
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Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition) review

What comes in the tin...
Destroyed Beauty, the Gears of War hardbound art book; "Art of Gears of War" trailer; an inside look at the making of Gears of War; Mini-doc -- "Gears of War: The Race to E3."

The stop 'n pop mechanic works well, although hardcore shooter fans might want to up the difficulty for more of a challenge. The action is intense and very well-paced.

This is one of the best looking video games I've seen.

Crank up your surround sound, rev your buzz saw, and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

The intense, brutal multiplayer modes will keep you coming back for a long time. Online co-op is lot of fun.

While there are some cool weapons, most of them fall into the "old standby" category. The active reload and roadie run mechanics are nice touches.

Unlike many "event" games that come and go, Gears of War lives up to the hype surrounding it, and while it's not perfect, it's impossible not to want more. While the storyline is lacking in a few areas (this is filled in more with the release of the sequel), the gameplay itself is exciting and intense, although hardcore players might want to up the difficulty a bit. For many, the game's strength lays in its multiplayer options, both cooperatively and competitively. If you can keep from letting out a whoop after you curb stomp a buddy, you're a stronger man than I.
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Worse than crack!

Best online game ive ever played, hands down. Horde mode is worse than crack. Campaign is epic to say the least, and it just makes me want Gears of War 3 than much more. Theres also a whole slew of memorabilia for this game; figures that are INSANE, shirts, hats, backpacks, even an energy drink called Imulsion. If you havent played this yet, crawl out of whatever hole youre obviously in and buy it, then say goodbye to the rest of your life.

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Amazing Game!!! Game of the year for me!

The Gears franchise has always been one of my favorites and now with this limited edition Gears of War I can enjoy all my favorite moments once again! I love Gears and the way the story draws you in.


Good Game

This game has great graphics ,great sound ,great gameplay and great story. Yes, all of this can make an excellent game but, I've rated it "good" because it s getting to the point of Halo 2, where people trash talk and make fun of you instead of trying to help you. I found that all this game does is make me mad, yes, I am good at it but it still makes me mad how things choose when they are going to work. Ex. the chainsaw, sometimes you can run up to someone not looking at you and it will work, other times nothing will happen. There are alot of things to be worked out besides this,but overall it is a good game,but if you impatient like me your'e going to find yourself mad at it alot.Read full review...



Gears of War is a original title that says it all; GEARS OF WAR!!! Pure War and awesomeness with a species called Locust which come out of the ground. The characters in the game are well done and complete looking. The game play is very fun and rewarding. It is the reason their are GOW 2 and the upcoming GOW 3! This game is spectacular from beginning to end. Graphics, cut scenes, Environment and sound are superb! A must have for your collection!Read full review...


Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition)

obviously the games is one of the best ive played. graphics are excellent, as well as playability.

i will focus on the dvd.


if you thought you were getting extraordinarily special, you would be wrong. the dvd is compilation of home movies starring the art directors kids. although cute as a button hardly the thing a hardcore gaming geek would be interested in.

there is a fairly long bit about the cramming session getting ready for Emergence day, you get to see the man himself in this on, Bill Gates.

aside from that and the tin box. theres really nothing of value here.

also, keep in mind that anything that says 'collector's editon' in the title is hardly collectible since it was probably mass produced. so if youre expecting to keep this and make some money later, i got some beans i would like to trade for your house.
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Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition)

I can sum up this game in one word. Amazing. This is one of the best Xbox 360 and Xbox Live games I've ever played. The single player is pretty good. I personally enjoyed the storyline, although it is a bit on the short side, there is always co-op and the insane difficulty mode which is as exactly as the difficulty description says: insane. The real star of this game is the online multiplayer. It is very tactical and very fun. Gameplay consists of two squads of five players. One team is the C.O.G. and the other team is the Locusts. There are three different multiplayer modes: Warzone is the standard team deathmatch mode. Execution is like warzone except you have to kill your opponent with a execution move. Assassination is a VIP team game in which you have to protect your leader. There is also a fourth mode called annex which is basically a king of the hill/control mode. This mode is availiable as DLC (of which there are two packs, both free). Excellent game that will provide you with countless hours of multiplayer mayhem.Read full review...

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