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Good graphics94% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value96% agree


Good game - a bit too much story

I like the game, but it has a bit too much story (interrupts my game-play). I want to blast/destroy/kill and don't want to hear about the characters busting each other's chops. Still good though :-)

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Good game that does'nt disappoint.

I'm a big fan of the series,so I'll do my best to provide an unbiased review.The plot was good ,but I felt that there was a little bit of disconnect with the plot during gameplay. It was easy to forget what your objective would accomplish. I like the gameplay more so I wasn't to bothered by this. I like that they brought back some of the weapons from previous titles. I mostly stick with the rifle attached with a chainsaw. It's much more fun using a chainsaw over a gun. They also did a good job of mixing in some new weapons with a good amount of variety. That have also incorporated a command system for NPCs,but I just stuck to letting them do their thing. You'll really enjoy this game if you are a fan of the series.Read full review...


Great game

Everything is good about this game .

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Special affects

Awesome product with great graffics , it's like being in the game for real , love it ,love it wish there were more , can't wait for another new one

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gears of war 3

this very game to pay

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2 thumbs up

Great game. Excellent condition. I'm definitely looking forward to playing Gears of war 4 now

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great game

really fun to play

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Good price quick delivery

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best gears of war yet

At the former, Gears 3 ultimately succeeds, especially in its rich suite of multiplayer content. Even the singleplayer campaign somehow manages to feel fresh despite rather conservative changes and a palpable sense of deja-vu coloring the majority of the campaign. As for the latter? Shakespeare this ain't, and Gears 3 struggles at times with its forced attempts at heart-string pluckery, but I can forgive it as much; gore-starved guns adorned with toothy chainsaws easily atone for any cheesiness suffered along the way.

Destroyed beauty, hope runs deep, brothers; to the end. Part poetry, mostly marketing slang, the Gears 3 story continues with what amounts to a blood-drenched tale of woe, suffering, loss and absolution, cathartica that stands out in harsh relief when framed by the '80s era Schwarzenegger-ness of most of the dialogue. Cue the attendant grimaces, bro-vado and non-stop X-TREME one-liners. Translation: Gears 3 delivers exactly what you'd expect on the story side, ironically good news for longtime fans. For the rest of you, roll your eyes, chuckle and carry on. It's not Gears of War and Peace, people!

Things on Sera have gone from really sucky to really-really-sucky in Gears 3. The Coalition of Ordered Government, aka COG, has all but disbanded and fallen even farther out of favor with Stranded and survivors alike, if that were even possible. The action follows Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad's last stand against the Locust and every garden variety of Lambent, creatures that have become infected by Sera's yellow glowing Imulsion fuel.

Drama aplenty ensues, along with lots of surprises for all your favorite giant macho dudes. Dom sports a scruffy playoff beard and overalls, Cole faces a serious mid-life crisis, bad guys spurt out from the ground like Locust geysers (gone are the Emergence Holes, replaced by the aforementioned geyser action and troop-spewing stalks), there are more Carmines and wouldn't you know it, Marcus' dad is alive. WTF, Epic?

Everything about Gears 3 exudes polish. On the surface, it easily outperforms its two predecessors. Crisp visuals, fractured lighting and billowy smoke effects bring the world to life, giving this final and ever-decaying vision of Sera a tangible sense of place. The sound design creates one of the more cohesive combinations of music and sound effects in any game, fashioning an immediately recognizable experience.

At its heart, Gears tells a story of survival. Everything you do over the course of the five-act story revolves around endurance. You'll go from escaping ambushes to scrounging for supplies to scavenging fuel to using ammo-less Retro Lancers in nasty-ass bayonet fights. Everything feels solemnly desperate and dire, a motif the designers use to great effect throughout the campaign.

Delta Squad has grown and changed, bringing the total number of playable characters to eight, adding the now-armored Anya Stroud, Samantha "Sam" Byrne and Jayson "Jace" Strattonplus to the ranks alongside Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird and, of course, Carmine.

Gears 3 feels exactly the way you'd expect it to feel, but better, as everything's been overhauled and fine-tuned. The roadie run feels faster, snapping into cover works better and combat has been tightened-up. Plus you can kick fools while you vault over cover, which seriously rules. There's a ton of new implements of doom with which to shoot, impale, gouge and chew up your enemies with, including weapons like the
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Overall, a great game. Amazing online play, campaign was a bit of a letdown

I bought this game because I am a huge fan of the previous installments in the series and I loved playing the second Gears of War of online. The game immediately exceeded my expectiations when I played my first online match. I love how fast and smooth it is. The cover system is just as great as it was in GoW2 and it feels more integrated. My favorite parts are the new weapons, particularly the new starting weapons, the retro lancer and the sawed-off shotgun. They add a lot of new play-styles, as does the Digger, a new power weapon that burrows underground to bypass cover and forces enemies to leave their entrenched spot or accept defeat. The only reason I give it a 4 instead of 5 is that the campaign is not on the same level that the last two were on. The first and second GoW constantly forced you to think and fight creatively, and presented many unique situations that the player had to fight their way out of. This campaign is not as well thought-out and is mostly a string of monotonous fire fights until the last two chapters. The story is also much less emotional than the second game. They didn't characterize very well and the new characters often felt pointless and stale. I still have no understanding of who Jace or Sam really are, and Dom's character does not act like her experienced the horrors that he did in the second game.Read full review...

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