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Easy to use100% agree

Good value100% agree

Reliable performance100% agree



Great value for such a low price

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: roddw1980


Works as described. Good value for the price. Already installed and works great.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: chrissysstorage...


I feel it is good value for the money , easy to use , many helpful feature

I was using my phone but was using a lot of data in the plan . So I got this GPS as long as there is no open outward trace us have it . It is all hid under the seat not seen .
Then they leave the car alone . So in an unknow area its there to use instead of a large amount of data usage.
The GPS itself is easy to use ,it talks to me .
It updates itself on start up . It tells me if Iam going to fast for a posted road . your speed flashes in red .
It is a nice size to fit in to not stick out in your way .
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perfect products

I'm very happy with this gps its very nice and faster to get the direction

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: electrodeals2000


Garmin nuvi 265T Car GPS Receiver

This device definitely helps and perhaps if it were used in any other state it would get a good or excellent rating, however I am in New Jersey and the road system here is extremely confusing even for the Garmin. New Jersey has these things called jug handles and Garmin doesn't get what those are so if you want to make a left turn you have to turn right first and then left. If you don't know the area you are in then it is easy to miss that right turn which will allow you to turn left. If you miss it because Garmin says keep left then turn right then turn left,you are sol for at least another mile or more before you can legally turn around and go back. Also Garmin doesn't always tell you fast enough how you need to get way over on the other side of the parkway if you are exiting locally and not wanting the express that will go way up north before you can exit it and go back. If you don't use ezpass because you don't take the GSP often enough then the lane you have to go through is very far from the side of the GSP you need to be on after paying the toll and it is frequently difficult to get over to the side you need to be by the time Garmin tells you to. New Jersey roadways are just screwy for lack of a better word because they were built probably on old meandering cattle trails they just decided to pave over instead of on a grid intended for the automobile after its invention. So Garmin needs a special program installed in it specifically for the State of New Jersey road system that knows how to explain what it is telling you to do. That has just been my experience. I got the Garmin because I am new to NJ and kept getting lost all the time. I don't get lost as much and Garmin definitely helps me find my way back once it has allowed me to get lost so for that it is a good product. Once they do develop that NJ road system update they need to inform the existing owners so they can download it if they haven't gotten so lost by then they threw the Garmin out the window.Read full review...


Garmin nuvi 265T is Great!

This GPS is awesome…
I do a lot of driving in LA traffic, and it is great to push the “Avoid Traffic” button, and be rerouted. In the past I would just sit on the freeway wishing I knew an alternate route, now I can jump off the freeway and take side streets that I didn’t even know about. The fact that it tells you the street name rather than just saying “turn right in 100 ft” is a blessing. It makes it clear just where to turn so you don't wind up in some random alley.

The Bluetooth works great too. Voice quality is very good on both ends of the conversation. It also gives you the estimated arrival time so if it looks like you will be running late to arrive at a meeting you can use the blue tooth to call and give them a heads up of when you will arrive.

The “points of interest” feature is great, when I’m at a jobsite and I need some hardware, I can ask it where the closest Home Depot is, get the location and the phone number so I can call ahead to confirm they have what I need.

It also interfaces well with MapQuest. Just find where you want to go on MapQuest, and download it to the Garmin. It is save to your favorites for easy retrieval.

It has tons of other features, but as you can tell I am quite pleased with this purchase, and would recommend it to anyone. Buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

Will R.
Granada Hills, CA
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Okay so far

The screen is smaller than the tomtom that I initially had. Also, I was less than 1 mile from a post office and when I requested to search for the nearest post office, the result was a post office a city away from the city I was in. That doesn't make sense that it would result in a post office a city away from the city I was in, when almost every city has a post office. I've only had it for less than a month, so unable to critic it that much. My $300 tomtom broke in less than 2 yrs b/c I blew out the speakers. The volume was always on high and every time I passed the speed limit, which was always, it would beep loudly. Hence, the speakers being blown out. NEVER purchase a tomtom.Read full review...


garmin nuvi 265t car gps reciever

As I write this review,I have not yet recieved my garmin yet but a buddy of mine and myself went to the airport the other morning.Now,I have a new Caddy SRX with a nav system and my buddy had his trusty little Garmin with him. I hate to admit it but the Gamin 265T kept up with if not surpassed my trusty and may I include expensive nav system.I would recommend this pocket sized unit to anyone who may be interested. Also thank you for the terriffic price you are asking,especially being brand new. Thank You in Advance,JPGRead full review...


Garmin 265t and 205

I live in the country so I haven't seen the traffic option much but what I have seen works great. I bought the 205 for my son and he really liked it but I wanted traffic and bluetooth capabilities so I bought the 265t. Unfortunately, my phone isn't compatible so I can't review that part either. Downloads from Garmin for cars and voices were easy and if you buy a new GPS you also get a map upgrade. I've never owned a TomTom or Magellan but I know that I like the Garmins. My daughter now wants one but doesn't want the all the extras so I will buy her the 205. Keep in mind that businesses open and close all the time so the POI's may not be up to date.Read full review...


Great gps for the money, with blue tooth capability

Easy to use, with a really great blue tooth capability when paired with your phone, making hands free calling easy while you're on the road. Directions are easy to enter and the map is clear. For the money, a nice gpsRead full review...

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