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Easy to use100% agree

Good value100% agree

Reliable performance100% agree


Excellent Garmin GPS for the money

I purchased this as a used Garmin NUVI 1450LMT gps with up to date 2017 US maps. I have used this a lot since purchasing it as I do some shuttle driving for car dealers. This is the first GPS I have ever used usually I would rely on road maps. This unit has operated flawless ever time I used it. I am completely satisfied with this unit and recommend it to anyone who needs a Garmin GPS.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dinhvudinhvu


Lifetime map updates and company has great customer service.

I recently went to visit a relative in a big city.
I had virtually no problems getting there besides the fact that I was caught in the rush hour.
I recently bought another one since I don't want to get caught without one to back it up.
It's easy to use and the big display helps me since I am not that young and it makes it easy to read with the 5 inch display.
I hope this helps.
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Good, but getting worse.

Garmin has been a great gps, they will get you to your location better than others. Its easy and fast. But they did a update and now almost none of the streets around you have names on them. I called Garmin and they stated they did this due to customer request? Who would want a gps that does not show the street names around you? This is extreamly helpful finding your way around! I am sorry Garmin, you have to change this back. I can no longer be happy to tell people how good you are! It doesnt even tell you what street you are on anymore!! This is going backwards in being better. Update 1-2013, after trying to do a update, not enough memory in unit. A call to Garmin says these are old units, either you have to add a memory card or delete some of the map data! So if you buy one of these, plan on buying a memory card to go with it.Read full review...


Best GPS value for the money - free maps & traffic!

We are loyal Garmin users as they just work great and have easy updating. Also a community of custom points of interest (POI) that are easy to load onto the GPS.
This 1450LMT has free lifetime maps and traffic. I would strongly encourage readers to stick with units that have these map updates, as the maps just keep getting better with each quarterly release.
This unit has a huge 5" screen and all the necessary options. Paying more for a unit with even more options is your preference, however those additional features are quite specialized (bluetooth, 3D buildings, ...)
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Great eBayer!

Great unit (I already have one in our other car). Buyer shipped immediately. Unit was complete and as pictured with all of the accessories.


Garmin 1450LMT good value with a few hitches

I bought the Garmin 1450 LMT as an update to my older 255WT. I needed newer maps and was drawn to the lane assist/junction view feature of the 1450. The latter is especially good for big cities like Chicago where multiple freeway lanes with right and left exiting can become a challenge.

There are several things to note about the 1450. One is that it takes a bit longer to find satellites then the older version...about 30 seconds as it does not have the hotfix technology.

The other annoying thing is that if you have the free traffic enabled the ads that pop up can block your view of the street display requiring you to take the GPS out of safe mode, hit the back key and then the map icon to get rid of them OR pull over and do the same thing to knock the ad off your screen.

I find the on/off button much easier to accidentally turn on as it is a push down type rather then the slide type of earlier garmin 255.

Lastly, it comes with free lifetime map updates but after one map update the device's memory was full. I had to delete other items to make more space. For the next update I will have to purchase a microSD card and hope it integrates the newer maps without trouble.

Have said all that I do think the Garmin 1450's larger 5 inch display makes a huge difference and I love it compared to the 4.3. Also the price was right at around 130 bucks on sale. With that pricing I can simply buy the newest version in a couple years. I also like the updated "where am I?" feature. It now lists the coordinates of saved POI's. This is great to share with friends when we hike in out of the way forests and parks not listed in the current database.

If you've liked other garmins you will probably enjoy this one too. It is intuitive to use.
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This GPS is great !!

this GPS is great. I bought it for my daughter,because she is not very good with map's and directions.We love the larger size screen and the easy to use directions.She like's it and uses it all the time.We feel she is a lot safer having it.We have no dislike's with it.It works great and there is no guessing when to turn.It is very accurate.We highly recommend this GPS, for value,price and great feature's.Read full review...


Easy to use and easy to read, love it.

Product is reliable and well worth the money. It is very easy to use and screen is easy to see. This GPS has all the features you need to have a easy drive to your destination and return home. I love it and wouldnt hesitate to tell a friend to purchase one. Garmin is the top of the line for a great GPS.Read full review...


The Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT is a great product and I recommend it at $125

THis is my third Garmin GPS product. I wanted a larger unit fo viewing since my eyes are not what they used to be. We also wanted for the first time "lifetime maps" because the ongoing purchase of maps from Garmin is a ripoff. In the month that we have used this product, it continues to perform so amazingly well and the download of a map "free" was efficient and fast. We are traveling in a rented car in Germany and Italy this month for 30 days so we decided to buy the Euro chip for $110 delivered since there is so much stress driving there...Italians are crazy drivers, of course. For some reason, there is only an American english female speaker and they seem to have done away with the British female voice which we really like but ya can't have everything. The prices have dropped considerably since we started buying these GPS so we feel this reconditioned unit is just like new and a great value at the price offered. We recommend Garmin products, specifically, to anyone. I really don't know if Magellen or Tom Tom is any good, frankly, and I don't care since we really like Garmin to begin with. The product was delivered very fast and I am pleased with this purchase and hope to be 3-4 years from now.Read full review...


Garmin GPS is a driving tool I can depend on to help get me anywhere I go.

I'm a true GPS believer of the easier to use, the better. Larger display makes it easier for my old eyes to see the street names. The eco fuel helps calculate how much gas we've burned after we enter in the current gas price. The screen switches over when we approach a busy intersection to show how many lanes there are, direction arrows, and a pink stripe to make it easy to follow. I do not use the text option (my husband's preference), but it was easy to understand with multiple choices. The chord is larger to allow for the fm reception for traffic updates. The "commerical" message I read complaints about only comes on when stationary, and leaves when the car starts moving. I did have difficulty getting the lifetime maps software set up. Still not quite sure if I have it done correctly and am somewhat concerned because it was supposed to be entered within 30 days (I think) of purchase. GPS units before this have been disposable because replacement was comparable to the cost of updating maps. At least this unit has the lifetime maps included, so we'll see how long it lasts. Worthwhile purchase, I think.Read full review...

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