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Easy to use100% agree

Good value100% agree

Reliable performance100% agree


etrex venture hc

This unit was a replacement for one I had a number of years and lost. I use this unit for marking fishing spots and it is dead on every time. couldn't ask for a better unit. very user friendly. only thing is I use google earth for marking waypoints and they have to be converted to kml before converting to gpx to load in garmin etrex. if it would load kml straight from google earth it would be easier. no a complaint just wishing.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: saltwaterjax


very reliable, and good product for the price i paid.

very accurate in valleys and in tree coverage. good product with detailed maps, would buy again for sure... its a bit outdated but still functions great.


great product and seller. would buy again

everything works as expected. i took it backpacking and was a great tool to have in the backcountry. the color display is a nice feature. i would buy it again.


A very good you did but no longer manufactured.

This is/was a great unit. However, it seems that every time a manufacture comes out with an outstanding product it is taken off the market in the hopes of selling something more expensive with features that may not be needed. I use this GPS to locate fishing areas such as brush piles, drop offs, or other locations. It has served me well for this purpose and is reasonably accurate. Because it is now no longer manufactured and would be considered obsolete, I would recommend not paying anymore then 70 to 100 dollars for any new or used unit. For this reason I cannot give it a full 5 stars.Read full review...


The BEST Handheld GPS Unit on the market for GEOCACHING or Weekend Hikes

Simply THE BEST handheld GPS on the market for the money. Inexpensive, easy to use. The most widely used GPS unit for GEOCACHING. As a result geocaching downloads from are compatible. It has 24K of onboard memory (not expandable) but enough to download 5 or 6 detailed local USGS topological maps. Battery life about 18 to 19 hours. You'll want to get alkaline AA batteries and a charger. Garmin makes higher end units that will accept a memory chip but from everything I read, unless you are a long distance hardcore hiker - this unit will hold everything you need for an overnight or weekend hike.Read full review...


It's a great gps to track your flights in Google Earth.

We use the Garmin eTrex as a way to track flights for the civil air patrol. It is a great tool to aid in geotagging photos if used with the proper software.

The eTrex is simple to use so members do not have to be trained in all it's settings.Read full review...


Great value and an awesome product

The Garmin eTrex Venture was purchased to be used while kayaking and sailing. Love the color display and the easy to use features. This model is a definite improvement over earlier models. Our first Garmin did not have color.Read full review...


A great way to get into geocaching and personal navigation

For the price I paid on Ebay, I thought it was a good deal. The ease of use ... well simple things work out well, but it has taken me some research and more than the Garmin Manual to figure out things like importing way points.

All that said, it is a great way to get started with handhelds, I am learning the hobby of Geocaching, as well as recording my outdoor travels and it has been great for that
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very good gps unit clear display nice color maps super value easy to use st

I bouygt this one to go hunting in my state just to try out haw it worked; yes it is very good in tracking, your destination points as well bringing you back to your starting point no problem hawever it is not like the etrex vista hcx but for just hiking ,hunting this unit does a super job I like the color display as well as the clear view on screen ,very quik sattelite aquisition stc ..very good velue for the price....Read full review...


Great GPS for Geocaching

Well, I must say I am impressed. The communication with the seller was excellent and they were very agreeable. My Etrex arived without a hitch and started up with no headache at all. It took about 3 minutes to get a signal (it was a cold start and was expected). Now when I am outside the satilite acquisition process takes a top of one minute (usually within 30 seconds) My satilite reception it often +- 15 ft and my geocaching is now much better that I can rely on my GPS to actually LEAD me to the cache ground-zero. Since its a Garmin, I can download Caches directly to the GPS without even using any external software. If you want to download mass quantites to your Garmin you can do that to! will give you a .loc file which you can use the free software (Mapsource) to download all at once to your Garmin GPS.

The Battery life is also great, as I have been geocaching with the gps on for over 4 hrs and the battery meter still reads full, and if they die, just pop in 2 new AA batteries, or even rechargeable NiMH AAs.

The only reason a geocacher might strive for a better GPS is that this one does not supppore Paperless Geocaching, so it does not download the cache descriptions to the GPS.

Overall great buy, and I am VERY happy I did. Thanks!!!
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