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Good value100% agree

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A must have for your collection so that it can be watched again

I don't have cable-tv, so had not seen this show. I had heard quite a bit about it, tho, so when I had the chance I got the first season on dvd. Wow! What a great show--I see what I have been missing! I ended up getting seasons 2 and 3, also. Same great as season 1 except I really do NOT like the wholesale slaughter of so many of the characters. I think I must read Martin's books to see how close the series follows the written word.
A very detailed, complicated intense story. Lots of blood and gore, lots of action and plots and plans. The clothing, weapons and settings are awesome, also. I love that there is so much action in lots of different places, yet it is all ONE ginormous story. There is everything from ice, cold and snow to desert sand and heat. The actors seem very dedicated to their roles.
Also, I LOVE dragons.
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Great show

I really liked watching this and bought it mainly to see what all the "buzz" was about. I'm not a prude by any means, but I think they could have done it without all the characters always having to "get it on". That sort of took away from the story line and I don't know if I will be buying any more seasons.Read full review...

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Consistently good story

It's the exceptional writing that's important. The author makes use of multiple plot lines once used by Dickens and Thackeray in their novels. Characters make their entrances and exits. No one character really dominates the story. A sense of irony runs through the story which you may miss at first. It also is not endless. The written version, A Song of Fire and Ice, and the audio-visual version, Game of Thrones, are the same story, but tell the same story in different ways. Game of Thrones is told at a faster pace and changes from plot line to plot line. It's an epic that covers a series of events in a civil war.

With the Lord of the Rings cinema left several gaping holes in the plot but it faced a time problem and was obliged to edit. There was too much story and too little time. Martin has avoided this problem by his arrangement with HBO. Ten hours each season is devoted to the story of a world that's collapsing around its characters. Now Martin's story is longer than Tolkien's LOTR but Tolkien restricted himself to the role of his hobbits in a much bigger story. HBO tells the bigger story. In one way both stories also concern power. What happens to the world around us without the proper management of it. Unless it's well managed and shared there will always be a struggle for it, leading to chaos or suppression. Inevitably somebody must realize that there must be a better way or history will repeat itself.

With so many characters nobody is really required to make an outstanding performance for the success of the show. How many times does a film's success depend upon an outstanding performance by an actor or actress? Without Cate Blanchet nobody would have noticed Blue Jasmine or Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke? Game of Thrones doesn't demand great acting. It provides an extensive amount of good acting for a good story which is well produced and directed. The big mistake of too many networks with shows is their excessive dependence on serials and the attractiveness of the characters to the audience. The idea of ending a successful show must strike the commercial networks as crazy but all good shows should go out with a bang not a whimper.
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I'm Hooked

Love the series! Only issue I have with the discs: on 2 of the episodes on Season 1 it stopped cold...when I FF it, it continued, but don't know how much I missed. Otherwise is good.

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Wonderful series.

I was not open to watching Game of Thrones when it first aired. Now that I have watched the first season I am now addicted and can not wait to see what happens next. Great series and very interested.

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I think this is a fantastic show and I'm very happy with the DVDs I received. The box set appears to be a homemade put together version with high quality copies of the pictures from the original boxed set but the DVDs are great quality and I've had no problems with them at allRead full review...


Game of Thrones

Probably one of the best shows out there.
Ranks top for me. I'll probably get the books now.
I haven't seen all of it, but I plan to watch it till it's death.

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Love this series. Always heard so much about it, it's all true!

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Great books fully realized in the HBO series

I have read, and love, the Game of Thrones books. Many times when you read the book the movie, or series in this case, disappoints. Probably better that they made it into a series to they didn't have to compress and edit the broad sweeping story and wonderful characters. Marvelous show, my wife, who normally doesn't like fantasy or sci-fi, really likes it too. Great characters and story, not just a lot of violence and special effects, thought the scenery and cinematography is great as well. There is some significant nudity and sex, as well as graphic violence, so not for small and maybe even medium kids, or people offended by such things.Read full review...


If this set had been genuine I would have been very happy with my purchase.

It turned out to be a bootleg product. The scenes were very poor quality, and faded. The box and all artwork, brochures, and ads looked store bought(a new season advertising sticker was on the shrink wrap), but everything had slightly less color and clarity. If it had been an authentic set, I'm sure it would have been as great as the actual show, which is an amazing. Of course I can't recommend THIS particular product, but I do recommend an authentic set.Read full review...

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