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Good product for its money.

I got what I paid for :)

My kids have a lot of fun with the tablet - good screen, moves are working, enough games can be downloaded from android market (not all the games/apps are compatible with this tablet). I got another 8GB micro SD - just enough ;)

- battery life - about 2 hours :( not 6
- touch screen is not its strength as well
- it looks like G-sensor is not calibrated - so games which use it are not playable.
- GPS is loosing satellites easily, I still couldn't find a solution.
- Wi-Fi is working, but is not very sensitive (it needs strong signal).
- Ethernet is working ok, (note that after each restart the tablet gets different MAC address.
- 3G is not tested yet.

If you can afford it - it's better to consider buying something more expensive (but original product, not a clone), otherwise - this is a good product too.

In general I am contented my my purchase. And I have to say - the seller is really nice and responsive (thank you).
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For the money, a good deal

Looking for an inexpensive way to browse the internet? How about transfer files from your camera to a flash drive. Or display for family or friends some interesting pics or video. The Flytouch III 8GB 10inch Tablet is a good choice. A few weaknesses, if your accustomed to the I-Pad touch screen, this is not an I-Pad. The presure sensitive screen is okay...just not an I-Pad screen. Also the internet connectivity is slightly problematic. Some free WIFI hotspots require a log in before you can browse. This unit is sometimes difficult to connect.
All things considered, it's a satisfactory unit for many things, and the price is right.
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Had for over 10 months and still happy with it.

I bought the Flytouch III at the beginning of 2011 when I started traveling a lot for work so that I could have something to do on the plane primarily. Overall I have very few complaints with this product.
The touchscreen is resistant which is not ideal, however I have nails which make it extremely easy to do and there is a stylus included in case you don't have nails. I have always kept a screen protector on mine so I didn't scratch the screen.
The screen does automatically rotate, which is great. The OS that is standard is not the best, so I highly recommend upgrading the OS before you do too much to it and it's super easy - just put the new OS files on a micro SD insert it and start the tablet. Then remove it once it's finished to delete those files (otherwise it will start over everytime you start it). After doing this my touch screen response, load time, and pretty much everything increased - as well as the ability to play more games.
I personally rarely used the Android marketplace and never paid for an app - especially since Amazon offers a paid app for free everyday. NOT ALL APPS PLAY ON THIS - which is part of the reason I have never paid for any =)
The battery life is pretty good - esp for the price of the tablet. Mine has died down but I can still get about 5 hrs or so with constant use on a full charge - disabling all the background apps your not using helps too.
I also like that there are several hard buttons, such as the back/home button by the screen, and the home, power, and volume buttons on the top.
There settings are pretty self explanatory and easy to change. You can also change the display order of your apps to help keep them organized.
It is bulkier than many tablets but I travel with mine all the time and have not found it to be any type of hinderance - and I'm not sure why people complain about the weight - some cell phones weigh more! The 10" screen is a bonus too.
Overall I have been very happy.
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I would buy again, and recommend this to friends.

This Model is actually a mercury tab 10. BUT I love it. It works just like the flytouch III, and as long as you know that the model is different you can root it and customize it to your liking. The touch screen takes a little to get use to, but you do figure it out quick. for the money you can not go wrong with this model.Read full review...


Very good product. The price is really fair. I would recommend it !!!

The Flytouch 3 is a pretty good value for the price. It is a nice little personal computer. When you add the keyboard and a mouse and the hdmi cable, you are all set for home and around town. With hdmi you can hook it up to your lcd tv and enjoy facebook or youtube in hi-def on your big screen. The os is fast and user friendly. Tons of free apps. It is a very good deal.Read full review...


definatly worth it very good value for money

it is definatley good value for money , you have everything you need for a small presentation , to read e-mails especially if abroad or you want to stay on the sofa relax, face book , skype , msn ,play games , watch a movie using the usb stick for children. Battery life i am a bit disappointed but i believe it is like when using the laptop just about 2/3 hours max. But we are stil happy happy with this purchaseRead full review...


Worth the money and performs well.

The tablet works fine. The weight is a little more than some I have seen but it is not a problem. The machine functions well and the battery life is OK but it must be fully charged at first to work well. The price is very good for what you get. One thing to keep in mind is that not all the Andriod apps will work on this tablet. There are plenty of apps to choose from though. I would recommend this tablet but not if you are expecting an iPad which it is not.Read full review...


Unlocked system with GPS

I have been looking for a Tablet for months. Being the first time looking at this new information system was a pain not knowing all the different types. The main thing was having an Unlock system so that I would be able to get the wireless sevice where ever I was. Im still learning all the different apps this system has and the GPS system is great.Read full review...


good buy so far

Very large for the price. Only connects to psk so config. your router. Not to hard to change settings. Reminds me of my touch android only much much larger. Came with everything you need. Very good screen resolution. Pretty decent memory. Would suggest getting memory stick or flash drive to store movies on so as to keep performance up. Screen very sensitive to touch. Very happy with purchase.Read full review...


As a whole the goods good though the battery weak

Flytouch III 8GB, Wi-Fi + 3G The gadget has arrived in time, all is good but the battery weak The sensor control very is good, the quantity and quality programs has pleased

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