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I love the Flip for my purposes, a little goes a long way.

Most people today criticize the flip as being outdated, obsolete, unnecessary because modern smart phones can shoot video as well or better than the Flip. While they may have valid arguments I still love the Flip despite its dated short comings. The videos are of a decent quality, are easy to upload, FlipShare software is very easy to use for both archiving and sharing via email or the FlipShare archive site. I video my son's basketball games and share them via email. While his teammate's parents record games as well with high def. camcorders and also upload videos for sharing the means of sharing are much more difficult and hog a lot more disk space while I do admit the picture quality is superior to the Flip. Their YouTube postings lack some of the features that FlipShare offers. Unfortunately, Flip is being discontinued and FlipShare will be going away soon so I will have to migrate to YouTube.Read full review...


It does everything I want to to do.

This is a powerful, easy-to-use, fairly cheap video camera; it records @ 1280 x 720, 60 FPS, and can hold about two full hours of video at that capacity. It fits neatly in a shirt pocket and is pretty much ideal for recording anything that doesn't need to be professionally produced film, from home movies to recording interviews. It comes packaged with a basic editing program that's designed to make it as easy as possible to produce basic home movies and post them to the web. It does everything I want to to do.Read full review...


Very cool, and exceptional quality

I paid $31 for this gently used very compact Flip camera on eBay, not knowing if I would run into any problems with it. I've never owned a Mino before. But so far I just LOVE it. It's cute, weighs a lot less than the other Flips and takes up a lot less hand space, and of course the Flip high sound and picture quality is absolutely there. I love Flip Ultras and HDs primarily because the sound quality is exceptional and I do A LOT OF live music recordings for my YouTube channel. This particular Mino model records only 60 minutes so I have some bids out for the 120 minute model. I swear by these Flips; they're worth their weight in gold. If you can get one in your price range, do it.Read full review...


great camera

My go to camera for simple documenting of family memories. Ease of use means I can have it off to anyone and still get quality videos with me in them, unlike the more complicated and expensive ones.r>If you want simple easy to use, this the camera.Read full review...


good camera, item as described.

The camera is nice and compact, the quality is decent. The only down side s the screen on the back is very small. I use the camera to make short skateboarding videos for Instagram. It works well for that, good HD camera for cheap,Read full review...


flawed product, dishonest seller.

I actually have several of these and I like the ease of use and small size that makes it convenient to take where ever I go.

However, these units are typically good for 1 hour of recording. The unit I just received, purchased from CW of 29500 Heathercliff #7, Malibu CA 90265, was flawed and while it seems to hold a charge, the recording life is only half (32 minutes) of what it should be.

The seller was not truthful in representing the unit as having an hour capacity.
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This is a good one!

Well, I won't say this is the best mini camcorder out there, but this isn't the worst one either. It is really good in it's looks - it is sleek and small and easy to carry around. The keys and operations are pretty simple and easy to understand as well. The picture and sound quality can be improved, but for this price, it is indeed a real good deal. You can take it to parties or quick meet-ups and take short videos quickly.Read full review...


Small and simple. Great for random videos.

It is quite simple and easy to use. What I love best about this product is the simplicity and the sleek design. Another great feature is the ability to store files other than videos. However, I wish there was a microphone extension.Read full review...


Crystal clear!

This sleek little gadget is perfect for capturing HD quality video anywhere but underwater. I've taken it to a few concerts to record things. Opposed to a cell phone or digital camera video, the sound is FAR less distorted. Have you ever gotten great video but garbled sound because of too much bass, crowd noise, etc.? This is the answer. About the size of a cell phone, it's discreet enough to carry in your pocket. It does have a tell tale red light just as any other recording device. I love the fact that it charges via USB port. Granted it takes about 3 hours to charge for only one hour of recordable footage which seems odd, but I'm willing to look past. At times it's as if it recharges itself. I've used almost half my time in one spell, came back a few hours later, and had 3/4ths battery life. Cool! Easy as cake to use. File lock so you don't accidentally erase any good moments. Very nice safety feature. Software is inside the cam, no CD/DVD install to fuss with. It's like a little best friend that remembers everything for you.
I haven't bothered to plug it directly into my TV or burn any video to DVD yet. I also haven't read the instruction manual. I'm a typical guy. Don't let that hold you back from enjoying this item.
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Overall it was a great buy!

Super easy to use. Almost as easy to plug up to your computer and upload your latest video. Camera screen isn't as large as I hoped but it works just fine. I'm impressed with the sound quality too. Haven't had a chance to plug it up to the television yet, but I've heard good things about it.Read full review...

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