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Firefly Mobile phone for kids

Product received in a basic PE plastic bag, complete with AC adapter, and film covering display for protection from scratches. No manual was included, no original packaging, no lanyard, no additional sleeve / case.

The Firefly phone has a rather small pitch font display which may be challenging for older adults, but fine for kids. The phone uses a 4 digit PIN code to unlock parental features, such as adding name/numbers to the phone book, blocking unknown inbound calls, etc.

This particular phone was designed to be run under the AT&T Cingular GSM network, and was originally locked. But... the phone I received was UNLOCKED! The phone spec (online) claims compatibility with the 850 & 1900 MHz bands (thus, USA/Canada only). I currently use this one, for example, with a low cost pay-as-you-go T-Mobile plan.

Phone signal reception is rather weak (one bar of five signal compared to 3 bars on an HTC MyTouch). Handset speaker sound is rather quite, perhaps 75~80% of typical cell phones' volume. Microphone seems to respond better in the mid/upper pitch range better, vs. common phones which how a wider and lower pitch coverage.

The important stuff: Two button operation to call Mom, Dad, or Emergency. Click the "Mom" button, click the "Call" button, for example. The phone book supports a maximum of 20 entries, and is edited only with the parental PIN code. Call screening means people NOT in the phone book (or Mom or Dad) can't call the phone during the day to interrupt children in school, etc., to sell them new windows or siding for the house.

No voice mail. There is an indicator showing if there is a missed call, and the child can see who the caller was and return the call easily (assuming it is in the phone book / Mom / Dad).

In summary
The phone works. It's easy for kids to learn, and with the addition of a lanyard, it can easily be tethered to / inside a kids backpack as a back-up plan to reach selected contact persons. The ringer is selectable (by parents), with basic midi-like tones, but is loud enough to hear in most environments, even in a backpack. Size is small to fit kids hands, and the phone is light weight and easy to carry. Being unlocked, the user has a choice of USA/Canada GSM carriers using the 850/1900 MHz bands, either pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription plans. I'm happy with my choice, and I enjoy a T-Mobile $100/year for 1000 minutes pay-as-you-go plan, where I can get the SIM replaced and retain any minutes if it gets lost. If it does, I'll be checking back with this seller for another Firefly phone just like the one I got...
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Great Phone for children- easy to set up and use

I was confused at first. In order to get to the Sim card, you have to remove the case entirely and it felt like I would break it. The phone feels like a toy, very light and tiny. Once the Sim card was inserted, programming the phone was simple- if you follow the instructions and have a lot of patience. The lack of keypads made the set up more lengthy, but the ease of use for my daughter makes it well worth it. My daughter is six and has gotten so good at it that I have gotten complaints at how often she has called my family members listed in her phone book. I believe this would be an excellent phone for the elderly, but again, the size is very small (but should be since it is for children). The strength of the antenna is good and the battery holds a decent charge. All in all, the Firefly is an excellent starter phone for children.Read full review...


Great phone for kids

The first day my son had this phone, he needed it. He is in the 3rd grade and his school let out early, but his bus ran into traffic and was more than 45 minutes late dropping him off. His mother was getting a bit frantic and called me concerned and I said "Well, why don't you call him?" - hadn't even occurred to her. So she did and he filled her in and everyone was happy. The phone is easy to use, and even my 5 year old will occasionally borrow it in the mornings when I am on the way to work to call me. There is no real concern about him having it at school as the only numbers he can call are the ones we put in, and no one but us will be calling him, and only in an emergency.Read full review...


Firefly (AT&T)

I bought this phone for my 5 year old to have. It is great to send with your child when they go to grandparents, friends, or sitters house. It is a simple design that has a mom button and dad button for quick dialing for the child. You can also program other number in for them to dial in the address book. Good phone for an under 8 member of your family. Here is another review with pics that I found useful: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1774057,00.aspRead full review...


Firefire kids phone, cool smart safe and fun!!!

It's a very cool child size phone. Its able to call only numbers programed by a parent or be unlocked with no restricted calling. It has a camera calender and mp3 player!!! If you buy a used one don't fret about those locked old numbers and parent lock codes, simply Google fireflymoble.com and search it will walk you through it. I don't think it is a good phone for texting but great for keep in touch with a quick call. I will get another one for my other kids for sure!!! :)Read full review...


Inexpensive kids cell/mobile phone with parent control

Very beautiful phone with long-lasting battery, very light, nice designed. Amusing keyboard almost without keys (good for children which like sand and chocolate) but with a plane touch panel showing different keys according to the need: digits for phone, suitable keys for music, arrows for games etc. Full parental control on in and out calls, messages, calendar reminders etc. That is why I bought it. My 8 y.o. boy, non-English speaker, manages the functions well - the main functions are easy to access. Many "cool" features like Java games, camera, music player, micro memory card. The price is very reasonable, for my opinion. Moreover, I have an impression (do not take it as advice) what despite the GSM frequencies declared, it will work in Europe as well (if unlocked). The main limitation for me is a very small amount of brand accesories available for this phone and I did not find the option to tie a strap.Read full review...


Best phone for kids

This is our second FireFly. I have heard all the horror stories from my friends, where their kids ring up a huge phone bill ($500 and more). I personally think they should take the phone away from them, but I bought the Firefly, and my son has used it for 3 years. Its great that I can set the numbers so he cant call everyone, nor can he text. Hes 18 now, but not making enough mony to get his own line, so I dont have to worry about it. I can get ahold of him, or my daughter, and not feel like I am going to go bankrupt, added it for $9 to my existing AT&T account, and they have a way to call me.

I was laid off last year, and a $500 bill would kill me, so this works out great. Any parent giving a kid a normal phone deserves the bill, if something like this is available.
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Firefly Phone

We originally bought this phone for our daughter, who had a horrific vehicle accident and was in a care facility. We liked the security features of being able to restrict the outgoing phone numbers for two reasons. One-it made it a less desirable phone to 'grow legs' and Two-it discouraged others from using it. The three button operation made it very simple for calls to Mom, Husband and the others that were programmed into the phone. Its directory is not hard to program, just requires patience. It has a good selection of ring tones and is very easy to change settings on.
Initially we had only plans to buy one of these phones, but that was 3 years ago. One was lost down the toilet, another had charging/battery problems and I bought one for my Mom. They are easy to use. We bought 2 more phones through this dealer, so I figure we are ready to go for the next 4-5 years. We love the Firefly phone, it filled all of needs.
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Love this Firefly!

My brother, 56 years old, just came to live with me from a State School, doesn't know how to read, but is otherwise fairly independent. The Firefly is a great option for him - just has to push the button of the woman, then the green button and it dials me, or push the button of the man, then the green button and it dials my husband. Other family members have been given his cell number and can call him, but he only needs to call the two of us - makes it so simple for us! If we should get separated in a large store, etc., I can call him or he can call me, but he doesn't have to worry about numbers or reading names...I think it was wonderful invention for kids, elderly and educationally challenged! And because he sees adults and children with cell phones, it makes him feel more normal to have his own, and one that he can use without assistance!Read full review...


Great phone for younger kids

i bought this phone for my 7 yr old son. He loves it, makes him feel important to have a phone of his own at the same time makes me feel safe that i can call him whenever he is away. I love that there is no place for texting or calling anyone i dont know. My son only has 5 numbers on his phonebook although the phone can take up to 20 numbers besides mom and dad. You can choose to add more numbers or delete when grades are bad or just plain misbehaving. I have a t-mobile carrier and added a line for $5.00 to our family plan. It was very easy to unlock the phone once you have the unlock codes which i called ATT and was happy to give me the code. Downside, you have to have an ATT carrier to call and get the codes from them ( which i also have)I cant say enough about this phone, its great for what i need, im sure im going to have to buy a different one though in 2 years as my son grows and wants something more sophisticated.Read full review...

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