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Executive Action Review

This movie came out when I was in high school and when the events depicted actually occurred I was in grade school. As with anyone else who has memories of Kennedy's assassination, any movie or documentary is going to strike a resonating chord, becoming a "must see". "Executive Action' was both entertainment and documentary, artfully blending re-created dramatization with authentic film of the tragedy. For the most part, the actors present a compelling argument for the killing having been a conspiracy, prosecuted by conservative millionaires, disappointed/threatened by JFK's stewardship of the USA's policies both foreign and domestic, and I can't see any reason that this wasn't a workable operation. The film was shot on a budget, never leaving Los Angeles' city/county limits but who cares? It's a riveting, well-acted, well-edited, thought provoking movie which brings back a metric ton of memories!Read full review...

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Covert Black OPs CIA & FBI plot to Kill Kennedy~ Interesting ~! 5 STARS~

PLOT: schemers plan the death of JFK~

1962~ a group of wealthy men and discuss the demise of JFK~ reasons are financial and political. As the US is drawn into the communist VietNam many feel Kennedy has not been "effective" as a leader. Others are very unhappy about his racial policies and also what they see Kennedys "brothers" being president for over many years from JFK to RFK to TEDDY. The men set up 2 "teams" of marksmen and experts on "black ops" aka covert killings. Will GREER is the man who sits on the fence about killing Kennedy. When Foreign Policy heats up GREER gives the "green light" to the covert plot to shoot Kennedy. This is fiction based on FACT and we see the buildings and "schemers" practice shooting. The DEADLY scheme moves forward. The "three" shooter theory emerges into FACT in this version. This is a very good movie full of good acting. This version speculates both an FBI and CIA "support" for this plot. AFTER the Bay of Pigs and the firing of CIA Chief Dulles they give a "motive" for their speculation. I give this 5 out of 5. Also we see how this group of men "set up Oswald" as a dupe. The "fall guy' including using him to shoot and the guy who is in the right place at the wrong time the book depository.Read full review...



Saw this movie when in the theaters years ago - glad to have found it to see it again - very thought provoking!


A Valued dated time piece

When compared to Stone's JFK, it is okay. But when I was a kid in high school, this was the film that opened my eyes to various conspiracy theories around JFK's assassination. Though dated, the films hold a fascination for me, as think back to those days and to the future. When compared to Z, it is bold attempt, that does fall short.
It does offer an idea, but not a conclusion, as 50th anniversary of the crime, we still don't truly know who killed JFK. Watch and discuss it but make sure you study other outside sources before making a conclusion. Still it is a valuable time piece and wheels of justice move ever slowly.
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Hard 2 find

Good movie, makes you think !

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Best buy I've ever made.

Great to find old good movies at a reasonable price.

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While JFK is a far superior film in terms of production values, EXECUTIVE ACTION succeeds because of it's lack of Hollywood glitz. The problem with Oliver Stone's film was that it was an information overload for the general public. While a JFK assassination buff like myself understands exactly what Stone's intent was, EXECUTIVE ACTION puts the JFK plot into simple terms. No overblown multi faceted killing armada. Just a group of like minded men planning and carrying out a killing. What makes the film so effective, is that this comes closer to reality that we might like to think. People know the truth when they see it. This is as good as it gets. Bravo.Read full review...


What if JFK had been the victim of a right wing plot

This is a gripping and somewhat realistic story of what it indeed might have been like if President Kennedy had actually been assassinated as a consequence of a homegrown American right wing conspiracy, put together by some very powerful but shadowy conservative extremists.
The film's title "Executive Action," is supposedly derived from the phrase used by the CIA in the 1950s to describe its program of assassinations.
Certainly, if a "vast right wing conspiracy," to use Hillary Clinton's phrase, had been the culprit in November of 1963, it could have very well gone down as portrayed in this film. Burt Lancaster, who was a very liberal Hollwywood star turns in a convincing performance as one of the well-heeled conspirators, as does Will Greer.
Greer must have also had a particularly strong motive for making the American far right look as evil as possible, as he had been historically involved in leftist politics and was a victim of the infamous blacklist of Hollywood personnel, as a consequence of his refusal to testify before the ominous House Un Amnerican Activities Committee.
Another major actor in this film, was also a known liberal Democrat. Robert Ryan, who died a few months before the flim's release, was active in the civil rights movement and in the peace movement.
I originally saw this movie at the famous Groman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, when it was released, just about ten years after the actual assassination. I was in my first semester of law school at the time and was trying to grapple with how we can ascertain what is and what is not true when dealing with the claims of government.
One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to be entrhalled by this film. It certainly helps to be interested in the political hsitory of the 1960s, but this is not essential to enjoying the movie.
35 years, or so, after its release, I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in what might have truly happened on November 22, 1963, the day that America's Camelot ended, the day that America's optimistic innocence was torn from our grasp.

Eddie Tabash
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Executive Action..More truth than fiction ?

If you grew up in that era this is a fascinating "what if" movie. Almost two decades BEFORE Oliver Stones interpretation it brings into focus some the possible undercurrents that could have taking place. Since I do not subscribe to the lone gunman mindset it really gave me pause to think.

The Goverment lied to us about the Gulf of Tonkin incident back then. So covering up embarrasing questions on the JFK Assasination to provide the "correct media picture" could have been easily done. The debate will not die but interest in it by the public will. The public forgets and really doesn't give a damn.

Knowing the firearm used and the distance /target angles always left me with some real doubts in my mind. Some things were too neatly wrapped up (I believe)so as not to create a national furor.

I guess we will not know for a 100 yrs or so. When they talk money in this movie remember they are talking in early 1960's dollars when a loaded car would cost $3,000. Figure your multiples from that.

If anything it is scary and very disturbing. Enjoy!
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