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Good image quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Good value100% agree


excellent tv

well worth the investment. , nice size ordered the base. fantastic addition.



The tv is great l love it

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Great little tv for your money

+digital ATSC tuner
+great price
+sturdily constructed, doesn't feel cheap at all
+built in antenna picks up signals very well (with minimal angle/length tuning)
+many options in the OSD

-screen resolution is noticeably blocky and poor
-menu button is annoyingly taller than the channel/volume right next to it
-a little thick and bulky (this is certainly not an iPad)

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. The poor resolution would probably be a dealbreaker, if I intended to use this as my main TV. But for occasional, light use, this Eviant T7 has been perfect.
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Eviant T7-01 7" Portable LCD Digital TV

PRO - GREAT Picture and Signal Quality. Was able to pick up channels that our much larger TV's could not get. Seemed to be built very well for its price. It was very surprising! - Built in Digital Tuner!!! Small Unit for the kitchen WITHOUT additional boxes! Included an extra external antennae, and everything else needed including a soft cover. Has AV Inputs and includes cables for that as well. Did I mention the price?? I think we got it for well under 70$ and was worth every penny!

CON - The AC Adapter doesn't seem to connect very well. We sometimes have to push it back in. Is it a weak connection? Hard to say. It's only a minor annoyance as long as it doesn't get worse. If it wasn't for this one issue, it would receive an "Excellent" rating.
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Small Portable Digital TV

This is a very handy little television. I bought it to replace the now obsolete Sony analog TV I kept in my desk to watch news and sports.

The picture quality and battery life are very good. If you keep it plugged in with the adaptor, then watching for more than 2 hours is not an issue.

The only down side is that you cannot move the unit around - moving the TV or walking around with it causes the picture to 'pixelate' and loss of signal. I believe this is a fact of life with off the air digital reception. Overall, this product is an excellent value for the money
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Nice, clean lines, great product for the price!

This is a nice little unit. It is a full screen and easy to understand for operation. I like the attachment for holding the remote. Great product for the price. I have a little problem using the remote, not sure where the eye is on the front of the tv, but will get it right soon. I have the same issue with another 7 inch unit I have.
I bought this unit to use in my sewing room and carry in the car or class B motorhome for travel. Small, does not take any extra space and totally portable.
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Great little picture.

The TV is great for taking to work in my backpack. Love the fact that it has a battery for portability. The TV does have to be stationary or it loses the signal. I bought it to be a monitor for my surveillance system, but the picture is so nice I'm using it as a TV instead. Will have to buy another one for the surveillance issue and thinking of one for the bathroom as well - I'm not one to read in the bathroom - but TV? - maybe. :)Read full review...


Great for Emergencys or when Electric goes Out

I bought one of these great portable televisions back in May. Here in Florida electric & cable goes out a lot (not to mention hurricane season). I have used it often since then and my family, friends & my husband's work-place all want one. It is easy to use and recharge. Small enough to transport but large enough to watch at a short distance. Love the accessories including pouch for traveling. I will be placing at least two in the house. I am hoping as more stations up their digital capibility I will be able to receive more channels. For some reason (I think I doing something wrong) I can't get the local CBS station broadcast?? Overall very pleased with the product.Read full review...


Small and compact, yet a powerful little machine.

I've just received my little 7" LCD and I'm loving it. The picture quality is excellent (small, but excellent). The volume is great. I was hoping that it would pull in a few more channels in my remote area and it did, but not many. I found that the telescoping antenna pulled in more channels than the one designed for remote areas. I love the battery backup (rechargable and internal). The setup was easy. Even has a little spot to mount the remote to the back side of the TV. Truly portable. It will go many places with me.Read full review...


pretty amazing

OK, it's not high def, but it is amazing what this little lcd tv can do. I am in Toronto Ontario Canada & it scanned about 28 channels just using the little antennae that comes with it. I get more channels when the weather is nice, but I can always get the main Toronto stations, plus Buffalo New York. And this is without cable or satellite! My kitchen is tiny, and it sits in the window sill while I cook. I don't believe in watching tv while I dine with my family, but it sure is great company while I do my prep. This means I am often just listening to the program, and for this reason the fact that the tv has great volume for it's size is a real plus. Did I mention that I got the white coloured model and that is is very attractive looking too?Read full review...

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