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Good camera

Everything is fine except for focusing on this camera.

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The first and the best...

Couldn't be happier with my Epson R-D1. It's by far the best camera I've ever owned-- If you're worried about the low megapixel count or the crop factor-- Don't be. You will not ever think about those things when you're shooting and looking at your pictures.

The only way you'd notice the crop is if you compared two of the exact same pictures with the exact same lens, one taken with the R-D1 and one taken with a 35mm (full frame digital or film) camera. Otherwise it's pretty much meaningless. Plus, the bright side of this is when I get my Leica 35mm camera, I'll be able to toss my Nokton 1.1 on there and really see what it can do :-)

The only situation where the low megapixels MAY be a problem is if you're printing 13x19 prints and up ALL THE TIME. Obviously this isn't the best tool for the job. There are ways around this and there ARE ways to make great looking larger sized prints, but it's much more time consuming and just complicates the workflow.

I do lots of prints. I've done one 13x19 so far with my R-D1 that came out great-- haven't gone bigger than that and don't think I ever will-- Don't see a reason to.

For the price, fun and image quality-- This thing just can't be beat. The black and white jpegs alone will melt your eyes. Seriously, go check out some jpegs from this thing on flickr and compare them to 35mm film. I think this camera has come closer than any other digital camera to capturing that "film look". Brilliant images--

This camera is only limited by the user, not the other way around like most other digital cameras. That's how you'll be feeling when you go out shooting with this thing. It'll change the way you shoot.

Now, Leica Digital Rangefinders are AMAZING pieces of machinery. Simply amazing. The IQ is in a class of it's own-- But it's different. The image quality of the m8/m9 isn't what I would call "better" than the R-D1, it's just different. One could make the argument for either one. Personal preference. IMO the dynamic range on the Epson is the best I've seen in it's class. Compared to the M9, there is less information in the blacks on the m9, again, IMO. But, seriously, study the pictures yourself. The look the M9 gives is in a league of it's own-- But when I get my M9 (or M10-- Fingers crossed) I'm certainly not selling the R-D1, the image quality is different and great enough to justify keeping.

In fact, I'm never selling my R-D1. It's the perfect camera for me-- A person who was a DSLR and SLR (film) shooter who wanted that "feel" of shooting with film (including the shutter cocking lever-- God I love that thing! I'll probably miss that the most when I get a digital Leica. Some people don't like it. If it sounds cool to you, though, you're going to LOVE it. If it just sounds unnecessary to you--That'll probably be the impression you take away. It helps me to shoot slower and really think about my shots) with the ease of just throwing an SD card in my computer and having my damn images already.

I'm just as impressed and proud of my shots when I'm looking at them for the first time on my computer as I am when I get 35mm prints back from the lab. If you feel the urge that I felt when I was reading similar reviews, contemplating buying this camera, do yourself a favor: BUY IT NOW!

You will not regret it. I certainly don't.

(NOTE: I sold my Canon DSLR camera and lenses to buy this camera. I miss NONE of the features the Canon had and thank my impulsive buying habits every day for this camera)
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The Best 6mp is from East...

Epson R-D1s is from 2003 and it's competitive until now.

+ Retro Design!!
+ very good resolution when put it a good len (The best 6mp)
+ fantastic 1600Iso (i don't believe (maybe better than D300!!!)
+ Design!! Make all ask you what is this and this and....
+ Good ergonomic design
+ and guess....... design

- battery (but it is tiny and you can get 2 more)
- the Lcd in strong light
- sd card (maximum 2gb and no HC)
- Guess again..... Design if you don't want magnet all eyes!!
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