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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


theatrical version

only watched theatrical version disk. all the special effects in the film were done pre-cgi. it's kind of amazing when considering how little the post-cgi adds to the films in the newer versions & in most cases actually distracts from them. these films are actually more closely related to 'king kong' ('33) than 'avatar'. lucas should have release the theatrical releases in true anamophic (sp?) w/s instead of treating them as undesirable stepchildren. these theatrical versions are revolutionary. to 'gussy them up' with digital cosmetics is basically akin to colorization. hopefully the original release versions will get the blu-ray or future technology release they deserve. people liked these movies as they were. quit messing with them lucas, you ass.Read full review...

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Good movie

Classic, 2nd star wars!

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recieved in great condition. great buy. A+++++

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Great Value


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The best Star Wars movie ever made!

I love The Empire Strikes Back (the original version)! It is my favorite Star Wars movie. It introduced my favorite Star Wars character, Boba Fett.
After the Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker has decided to go to the Dagobah system to find Yoda, a Jedi Master. Elsewhere, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO are trying to escape the Empire, who wants to use them to lure Luke into a trap set by the evil Lord Darth Vader, leading up to a revealing secret in the Skywalker legacy.
I really recommend this movie to all; Star wars fan or not.
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Damn right they're engaging!

Best of all the Star Wars movies. The fact the romance was played up between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher was amazing. Talk about chemistry!!

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Best release version to date.

With its original version as it appeared in the theaters, its really the only version to own. I'm a purist so seeing Lucas' vision in its original release is important to me.

With widescreen you get to see the full scene the way Lucas planned: 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio.Read full review...


The best Star Wars film of all time

The Empire Strikes Back is, and has always been, in my opinion the best Star Wars film ever made. I love the writing, the characters, the darker feel, the story line, the emotional impact of this film. It is simply incredible.

And this version on DVD is the greatest. Here, you have the film unaltered. The original, beautiful film.

I do not fault George Lucas for making changes to the original Star Wars films. I loved the chance to see them on the big screen in 1997. He is the creator of the Star Wars universe. He loves the story, the characters; he loves Star Wars. And if he wants to go back to these films he truly cares about and make changes, I say more power to him. To continue to work with something that makes you happy is a cool thing.

The trilogy I grew up with is the trilogy I fell in love with. And so, for me, the unaltered trilogy is the only way to go. It is something very special. I had owned the films on VHS. As I mentioned earlier, I don't fault Lucas for making changes in his films, but I was not personally interested in owning the special edition films. I accepted the fact that I would only ever have the original Star Wars on video tape, fullframe. But then I heard the news that the Trilogy finally would be released unaltered, and my heart sang for joy. One of the best additions to my movie collection has been The Empire Strikes Back - the limited edition DVD.
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The real trilogy!

The movie is great as it is the only DVD that contains the original theatrical version. It is in a smaller format however and the quality of these original versions are not remastered. The regular ( or newer versions released by Lucas in the 90's) are in higher quality and look fantastic.Read full review...


Best of the best

One of the better chapters of the Star Wars saga.

The Empire Strikes Back is commonly thought of as the best film in the series. For the sheer scope of the film it beats the other films that follow by a long way. It builds wonderfully on the original film but falls a bit short in youthful wonderment. This is a great film and kids will love it, but for a regular 10 year old nothing beats the the first film.Read full review...

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