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El Dorado (DVD, 2000)

In this 1966 Howard Hawks production, John Wayne is the notorious gunman Cole Thornton. He is generally known as one of the fastest men with a gun alive. He has been hired by Bart Jason (Ed Asner), as a regulator. When Thornton arrives in El Dorado, he meets up with his old friend, J.P. Harrah (Robert Mitchum), who is the sheriff. J.P. puts Cole straight on what the facts really are, that Jason is a crook trying to run off the McDonalds, who have the water rights, and were there twenty years before Jason. Cole also reunites with Maudie (Charlene Holt), the saloon owner and his former girlfriend forever. Cole agrees to not but heads with J.P. and goes to tell Jason "Thanks, but no thanks". On the way back, one of the McDonald boys, Kevin, the youngest, is sent to watch for Cole and to fire a shot if he sees him coming. He fell asleep and when Cole approached, he was startled and jumped up firing. Thornton didn't know who it was and fired back. The boy, in great pain, killed himself. Cole brought his body home to his father and explained what happened. McDonald believed him and thanked him for bringing the boy home. Josey McDonald, Kevin's sister, ambushed Cole and shot him in the back. She thought that he was dead, and when he found out who she was, he let her go. Unable to remove the bullet, the Doctor tells Cole to get the bullet removed when he finds a proper surgeon.

Six months later, Cole meets Nelson McLeod (Christopher George), and a young greenhorn, Mississippi (James Caan), who has hunted down one of McLeod men who killed his friend two years ago. McLeod and his men are headed for El Dorado, having been hired by Jason to take Thornton's place. Finding out from McLeod that J.P. had become a drunk over a lost love affair, Thornton decides to head back to help J.P. With Mississippi tagging along, they head back. Unable to use a gun, Cole takes Mississippi to see the Swede, a gun dealer, who sells him a double-barreled shotgun with a ten inch barrel. This is a hand cannon!

Cole and Mississippi arrive at night in El Dorado. Not knowing if McLeod and his crew have arrived yet, he visits Maudie who fills him in on what has been going on for the last six months. Thornton has been having back spasms from that bullet. When they hit, he loses control of his arm and leg for a while, but every time, it lasts longer. He goes to see Bull (Arthur Hunnicutt), deputy sheriff, they get Harrah sober and cleaned up. Bart Jason hires men to harass the McDonalds. So when the men shoot one of the McDonalds, Thornton and his friends chase them in to a church and then into Bart Jason's Saloon. They arrest Bart Jason and take him to the jail. Later that night, Thornton and Mississippi decide to walk the city, keeping the peace. Maude (Charlene Holt), a friend of Thornton's sends a message that McLeod's men are scaring her and her patrons. When they go there, they are ambushed and Thornton has an attack that leaves him partially paralyzed.

McLeod trades Thornton for Bart Jason. Then they kidnap one of the McDonalds and force them to sign over their water rights to Jason. Thornton, Harrah, Mississippi and others come up with a plan to rescue the McDonald son, and neutralize Jason and McLeod. Thorton, still paralyzed, Mississippi, Harrah and Bull travel back into town on wagons. They attack the saloon, kill Jason and McLeod, rescue the kidnapped McDonald, and restore order to El Dorado.
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El Dorado DVD John Wayne

Typical good versus evil western with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, a thin Ed Asner, and a young James Caan. We liked it because we could watch it as a family and not have to sit on the edge of the couch with the remote trying to hide adult scenes or language from the kids. There is western violence but it is tolerable and the story line is ok and easy to follow. If you enjoy a good western movie and have not seen it I would suggest El Dorado for sure, if you are a John Wayne fan you have already seen this one I am sure.Read full review...


It's very good!!!!

It's a very compiling movie. That I enjoyed watching.

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Great movie

THis is a great movie, as is any with John Wayne. The picture quality is very good and so is the sound. We have watched it several times and enjoyed it


El Dorado

I first saw this movie in a drive-in. John Wayne, Robert Mitchium, James Caan, Paul Fix, charlene Holt, Jim Davis, Johnny Crawford and Ed Asner are the most notibles in this movie.
El Dorado is about the story of a gunman named Thornton (John Wayne) for hire in post Civil War Texas. Wayne`s charecter was contacted to drive away a family who owed a ranch that had a vast water reserve that Asner`s charecter wanted. Thornton decides he did not want the job.
Months later, the sheriff of El Dorado (Robert Mitchium) is a drunk and an esy mark. Thornton gets the sheriff sober and cleaned up and eventually brings law and order to El Dorado.
There`s a scene where Wayne`s charecter goes into a town and meets the town sheriff and his deputy. The actor who played the sheriff was in real life Barbara Hale`s spouse.
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solid-gold western action film

one of the best western movies of all time! not the same old oater ! high-tension drama with excellent plot twists and very engaging personalities . one of john wayne's best films.


El Dorado

I am rebuilding my John Wayne Western library. I bought this and several other DVDs. I love the fact that all the DVDs came new and unopened. They were all great! I will continue to buy like this as it is an easy way to find just what I am looking for.Read full review...


Awesome movie!

Love the movie. John Wayne was awesome, as was Dean Martin. Loved the songs Ricky and Dean sung together, and also the banter between the old man and John Wayne.
Could have done without the woman in there, angie. The movie would have been good without her. Bought it to watch over and over again!!
My husband is named after John Wayne, and I bought this DVD for him for his birthday. The pictures that came with it was a special surprise for my husband, and he will cherish them. I strongly recommend this movie for anyone who loves a good John Wayne movie, although to me it was not a western. It's just a good movie!
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classic western

very good western with top stars.

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El Dorado - supurb casting

Classic John Wayne movie with an incredible supporting cast, co starring Robert Mitchum at his best. This is the best of westerns due to impeccable casting and Wayne's ability to let the supporting stars shine in their scenes. Michum and Wayne are able to show off their atheltic skills, espically John Wayne's horsemanship.

The dialogue and fight scenes give the movie a near comedy feel. The fight scene with Robert Mitchum is actually more slap stick than action. Though Mitchum and Wayne were both physcially large men they do not loom large over their very capable co stars. James Kaan shows his future promise as a very young comedy- action star.

The plot is not that engaging but flows to the actors talents, this movie was made for Wayne at his best - enjoy
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