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A wonderful surprise.

I had heard about this collection at some point,and then heard one of the songs on the radio. It got my curiosity up,and I bought a copy. I'm very glad I did! This collection reveals an intimate side of George through rough recordings and domos of some of his most beautiful songs. I really love the polished versions that eventually made it to his albums,but these versions are very special. They brought me back in time,and made me remember how much I loved this man and his music. The researchers who put this collection together are to be commended for such thoughtful choices,and the many memories that they stir. I don't know if there is a volume two,but I will sure buy it if there is. I would recommend this collection to any George Harrison or Beatle fan,or anyone who is curious about what of the really special musicians of the last fifty years.Read full review...


Superb demos from George.

Some of Georges best demos pre and post Beatles. The only thing wrong with it is it's to short. Now I'm hoping for a Vol. 2. Superb.


A good listening experience.

I bought this as I like to collect the music associated with the Beatles. The only dissapointment is the lack of complete liner notes. I wish it had dates the recordings were made. If they do a Volume 2, I always thought his demo of "Abandoned Love" (writted by Bob Dylan) was recorded in 1975, not the 1980's.Read full review...

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