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great movie

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Don't Compare to The Fast & The Furious. You'll either love it or hate it.

I mostly hear that you either love this movie or absolutely hate it. I also hear that if you saw previews for it beforehand, you'll probably hate the movie because you'll be disappointed. I feel like most people who see the previews expect to see another The Fast & The Furious action movie. I like to compare the style of this movie to "Memento", which is considered another neo-noir, thriller film. However, "Memento" is probably more of a psychological thriller than "Drive". "Drive" isn't about car chases and explosions, it's about human connections and personal agendas.

"Drive" definitely has unique characteristics, with the soundtrack being the most significant, in my opinion. The film is full of thematic beauty and literary symbolism. The cinematography is fantastic, but I feel the need to warn you that there are some gory scenes in the film. The movie is based on the novel 'Drive' by James Sallis, and the film was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. I personally feel that this film displays more artistic and literary components than the average movie. Overall, the film is wonderfully done and beautifully presented.

I would suggest this film to anyone would likes psychological thrillers. You'll especially appreciate this film if you are more of a literary fanatic, which is what I consider myself. I suggest the book, as well.
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Not impressed

This film(?) didn't impress me. The title implies some high speed action that doesn't happen. The dialog (or lack of) is annoying. I think the attempt was to have the pictures (artful[?]) manipulation of the camera do the talking. Although there is some good action in the movie there doesn't seem to be much of a plot. Other then everyone seems to act in their own self interests with disregard for those around them. Unless you like 'art' for the sake of art, I suggest - save your money.Read full review...


Good DRIVE!!

Very action packed and entertaining!!

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One of the best movies ever filmed.

This movie is considered, in my opinion, one of the latest
"Film Noir" (Neo Noir Movies) that has been done lately.
It was well done, and the main star acting job was fabu-
lous. My favorites movies are noir films, and they don't
film them anymore, like they used to. Very seldom we see
on the screen movies like this one. I highly recommended
to anybody who like action movies. Thank for allowing me
to give my point of view.
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You will not stop watching till it is over!!!

Ryan is mesmerizing!! I have liked Ryan ever since Half Nelson. He is good looking yes, BUT he is also an amazing talent. There is a reason he is popping up all over the place lately.
This movie is about someone who is not into relationships of any kind but takes a liking to his neighbor and there is a bond there. Things intertwine in this movie with friendships, relationships, and business.
This movie has some rough scenes to it, but the intent is not to be gross but to have a story to tell. I really thought it was a great storyline and acted extremely well. I love the music to it as well!!!
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It's a slow burn film that can be calm and then, bam, it can turn on you in a second.

The performances are stellar. Gosling is fantastic as the Driver. He plays it calm and cool, with sudden bursts of violence when protecting the people he cares about. He doesn't have a lot of dialogue, but he pulls it off so well. The score is great, sounding like something you would hear in an 80s film. This is a rare film that is just so great and it really sticks with you.Read full review...


LEFT ME EMPTY - Ugly movie

Interesting, kinda like a train wreck, you can't quit watching, hoping it would get going. Characters were not inspiring.

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WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! More than once.

This movie is highly underated. I found it to be an awesome film. This is one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Great action and story line at a very comfortable pace. Bound to be one of those "new" classics.Read full review...


Great Product...Good Movie Overall!

Overall good movie...Like the sequence of driving and action scenes in this movie. Lot's of gunfire, and nice script. Good cast as well. I would recommend this movie.

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