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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Trunks is the best

Read the title I loved it

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DBZ: TV Specials

This double feature is quite the requirement if you're a big Dragonball Z fan. Whether you're a Trunks fan or a Goku fan you'll enjoy both flicks included with this set. The History of Trunks starts off a little slow but works it's way up to when Trunks made his way back to the past. So it's a sort of, oming of age, tale almost. The Bardock flick explains many things. It explains how Goku's father was and how he changed his evil deeds to indeed stand up gaint the evil that had been commanding him and the saiyans for so long. I won't go into extravagant detail, but this is a must have!Read full review...


a good bang for your buck

this is two specials in one. the very exciting backstory of future trunks and the slightly less so story of goku's father bardok. both are great with good storytelling and excellent action. if you are like me then you probably had these on vhs tape. well now it's time to upgrade. this is a wonderfully packaged set of two uncut specials. i highly recommend the purchase of this movie to any level of dbz fan.Read full review...


Dragon Ball Z - The History of Trunks/Bardock

It great movies what else do you want for a low price? its realy good movie and it great I like it. it worth you money any time if you are a fann of Dragon Ball Z you just have to have it.It great movies what else do you want for a low price? its realy good movie and it great I like it. it worth you money any time if you are a fann of Dragon Ball Z you just have to have it.Read full review...


Great quality but a bit on the short side.

This mini-movie double feature is a great little extra viewing if you are one of the many who can't wait for the release of the Season 5 set in late May. It just gives a little history and background of the story we already know. A little on the short side but still an excellent addition to a DBZ collection. This is made even more of a collectible by its nice metal casing.Read full review...


History of Trunks/Bardock: The Father of Goku

These two DVD's come in a very nice steel case. Each movie is digitally remastered which adds to the suspenseful plot of each one. You also have the option of watching with the new music put in or if you've seen this before you can watch it with the metal/rock soundtrack. These two movies are a must see.Read full review...


It is in great condition and a great show

I have always love DBZ, and it is nice to see where future trunks came from and to see exactly what happened to Goku's father. And to have them in onw set was a great idea.


Two great movies

both features totaly needed in order to understand the beginning of goku & why trunks is forced to go back in time from the future.both are great movies packed with vital information.



well done, i love that dragon ball z told the history of theses two charters. It was nice to see what happened in detail the music however was a little lame, it kind of ruined it for me but then again i hate "nu-metal" but if you can get by that it was great. good job guysRead full review...


Awesome Double Feature. Great dvds to add to any Dragonball z collection!

Great dvds to add to your dragonball z collection. You get to see a lil of where goku and vegeta where born and of gokus father. You also get to see what future trunks went thru in his future world.

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