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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


A Very Great Milestone in the History of DOS and the PC

If you are reading this,then you are considering a very great game. Dont worry, it can run on a pc even though it was origionaly made for DOS. DOOM was an incredible technological milestone for the best Pc of 1993. It used 32-bit graphics and used and engine very similar to Mode 7 called the Doom Engine. This gave you 3d graphics using 2d hardware. That was combined with some of the best gameplay of the era. It was the mother of all fps we know today. This game comes with the first to games and an expansion with 2 Doom WADs.. A WAD. is a custom made level that can be quickly distributed over the internet. Since 1993, thousands of WADS. have been made, and this is fact not an over exaggeration. Using programs like Skulltag to get them, Doom can become an obsession. Though it says Mature as its rating, that was because of past standards. I believe it to be sutible for mature teens 15 and up(but this is my own opinion).If you cannot find a cheap or decent copy on ebay, try the ID Software website to support them to make more games like these.Read full review...


ID's DOOM Series For PC Gamers.

I used to play the Doom series on my 1st computer in the early 90's. The games were either lost or stolen unfortunately...and I really never gave it another thought until I saw this version for sale recently...and a version, I might add, that was all ready to be used under a Windows XP format!
The price was right and therefore I purchased the games and have been getting my butt kicked all over again by all sorts of alien life forms...just like 16 years ago...LOL!
Peace ~Wolf T.~
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The Game of all Shooter Games

This doom collection set has the full version of each and all the levels. Not only is it a great deal but also has the classic doom games all in one. Very entertaining. The game is the game to buy when you want and old skool classic first person shooter. Even though the graphics look like crap, the game play is awsome and can be as good as any of the first person shooters today except a lot simpler and not at all agrivating to get the controls. This is a great buy if you are into first person shooter games.Read full review...


Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom

Ill tell you what about this awsome game....i first started to play doom online its awesome to play DeathMatch and all the stuff you can do.......also let me tell what is about this game......Ultimate Doom is the Beginning of the game, it has most weapons like Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun or Machinegun how ever you call it :), Plasma Gun, and the on doom 2 it upgraded 1 new weapon, in the game they call it Super Shotgun which is Double Barrel Shoutgun....its is very powerful and very convinent to use.....The Final Doom is the last chapter of the old glad i got this game cause i would love to play online on ZDaemon and Skulltag....seee Yall there!!!!! :PRead full review...


Doom Trilogy - Collector's Edition

The Doom Trilogy Collector's Edition CD-Rom is the essential, compact choice for any Doom fan. Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom are all presented in their original, classic format to the delight of the "Shooter" game fan. Eradicate oozing zombies, bloodthirsty imps, and ultraviolent cyberdemons hellbent on your destruction while choosing from an arsenal of deadly hardware.
Neutralize your rotting enemies, collect the keycards, and escape by the skin of your teeth before all horrific hell breaks loose. A first-person shooter classic.
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Freakin' Awesome!

It is perfect in every way. The condition is great, the game is fun and I wanted to buy it because i had already purchase the Doom 3 for the Xbox and thought why not try the original and see the game that was a big deal. It is easily Repititious for some folks out there but either way it is a great game, my only small complaint is the menu when you bring up a game, it looks as if the Id software did not update the menu so it is a bit complicated, but still so what?

It is a great game to purchase if you want a game that any computer will be able to handle [graphic wise] and is a long game to complete!
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For any gamer who loves first person shoot 'em up games will love Doom. Seeing the movie is one experience, but playing it is a whole different experience. Each Doom game included in the trilogy is challenging in itself. The more levels you conquer and beat the harder it gets. You can even obtain
any weapon imaginable. So get ready for a heart-pounding, non stop action thriller that doesn't stop!!
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Three of the greatest games all on one CD is a deal you can't pass up. While this game is quite old, it is still extremely fun to play. Plus, with the engines out there to enhance gameplay, now is the best time to play this classic.Read full review...


A must have game, for anybody that likes ACTION GAMES!

The game allows to yougo from level to level without beating each one. The graphics are GREAT! I caught myself jumping in my seat when the action got "bloody". My children play it so much (with the gore turned off) that I hear the screams and growls in my sleep. And the preview of Doom 3 convenced me to buy that one too. With all of the levels in each game, you could play for days and never get bored.Read full review...


Still the Greatest!

Still the greatest 1st person shooter out there. It's hard, it's bloody, it long, and it's horribly addictive. Graphis aren't great, but hey-what do you expect from an such an old game? Still can make you jump.Read full review...

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