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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Doom 3 on the Xbox - emulated on the Xbox 360.

Game works flawlessly as an emulated Xbox game on the Xbox 360 console. The graphics are not as sharp as the PC version of the game or any of the newer Xbox 360 Doom 3 engine games like Quake IV and Prey.
I noticed that some of the early levels are cut down versions of the PC versions of those levels. For example, before you report to Sarge at the beginning of the game, you can go into a break room where you can talk to a few characters and play the Super Turkey Punch arcade game. Also, when you first go to retrieve the missing scientist before all Hell breaks loose, you do not have to go out into the Martian environment.
Overall, it is a good Xbox game when compared to other Xbox titles. The controller layout is smooth, and the aiming is decent for a FPS game on a console.
This game is worth it if you can find a new (unopened) to good condition (used) game for around $10 or less.
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Short, very short.

Graphics-90/Sound-90/Controls-89/Blast Force-87/Overall-88

Yes, very short play indeed, but I will say a solid play. Not much drop-off in graphics and loads of new content. The spike-ball platform sequence is something EVERY gamer MUST experience in their lifetime. If short but sweet is what you like, then you'll love Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. This guy was never really that expensive to begin with, so for the right price, it's still worth owning, and for the record, it IS compatible with 360, so don't believe otherwise! Watcha gonna do, brother, when the Maledict and his hunters run wild on you?!?Read full review...



Totally worth it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: donaldeaux


Doom 3 for xbox

Still a great game, even after all these years. Excellent graphics, but definately an older teen or adult game (lots and lots of gore).

Save often, even in the easy mode some areas are tough. Puzzles are not too bad, you just have to spend a lot of time checking in and around everything. PDA device is a nice idea (hints from characters, codes, and some story line) but was somewhat awkward to use.

Still I liked it!
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This is an amazing game, adding plot and suspense to the series, completely redefining Doom in it's new horror genre. It is packed full of new features. Let me fill you in on some of the new concepts. It is DARK. Not dim, not like full moon dark, like you can only see the little light on your gun telling you how much ammo you have. You have a flashlight. It is not attached to your gun, like in Quake 4, but you have to switch from gun to flashlight. No, it's not stupid, it emphasizes the horror aspect of the game. Was Quake 4 a horror game? No. Did it have a light on the gun? Yes. Another new great feature is separate ammo reserves. No more running out of plasma gun ammo because you used the BFG. You have a radio. You can't talk to it, but it's great for hearing orders, finding civilians, and listening to the tortured screams of your falling comrades. You have to find codes for doors and lockers, use interactive panels to access (occasionally secret) places and find PDAs. Oh, and the arch-vile can summon demons, instead of bringing them back to life, now. So, don't buy this game expecting your classic Doom's run-and-gun feel. There is no par time, there is just you, your gun, and a huge level to explore. So turn the lights down and crank the sound up, it's gonna be a long night in hell.Read full review...


Great product

Great game. My boys love it. We use to play the first one all the time. Wrote the codes down and everything lol. My oldest son had already finished Doom 3. They've take enjoyed it. Thank you


I play doom 3 for the classic mode.

This game cd has many features where, instead of playing just the doom 3 main game, there is also option of playing the classics like doom with the 3 neat episodes that used to be for the computer, an added episode I think from final doom, and all of doom 2.

The neatest part of this feature is that you can have up to 4 players on 1 screen. I remember when it was hard to get doom or doom 2 to work under 3 players on the computer with the modem or serial link, but now can play deathmatch or co-op under 4 player.

Someday, I'll get around to play doom 3, the reason for this cd, but until then, letting the classics rule!
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Doom 3 (XBOX)

I bought this game for my XBOX, I had Doom 3 for Mac, so I can say I am a Doom Fan!
This game runs beautifully. No technical problems whatsoever.

The story is a Classic Doom scenario, fleshed out with compelling backstory. The graphics are great!

This game is definitely creepy. Enemies sound appropriately hellish, as do the various ambient sounds. The voice acting is a very important element here, and it meets the challenge as well. Of course, the game is also extremely dark, and the player must constantly be on guard against things jumping out from hiding places in full attack mode.
This games is perfect if you play it at night with a big screen!

In bottom line if you like horror, desperation, dread and fear... you owe it to yourself to get this game.
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This was the first title in the first person shooter genre that I actually finished from start to end. My previous experience has been in arcade style gaming and rpgs. I had nightmares over this game! It did everything it was designed to accomplish. The graphics were intense, expecially when played in a dimly lit room in the middle of the night. I had to catch myself from playing too much. The "I will stop after one more door" syndrome. I played the first time through at a beginner level without any cheat codes. It was difficult being a first time player in this area of gaming. It was difficult to find first aid in certain sections and ammo got a little scarce. I did purchase the prima guide about half way through the game and it made life alot easier. As with any game you definately need to save and save often. I never knew when one of the boss monsters would pop out. The sounds were extremely creepy. I did finish the sequel much quicker and more easily than this copy. Once I finished the basic level I did venture out unto the higher levels. This definately called for a few help(cheat) codes. I know I shouldn't but as a relative novice at the fps games, I did indeed need the help. I strongly recommend this and have now ventured towards Quake4. Some similarities I have noticed already. The main reason I bought after playing through is it is just a great game. I find new areas and things each time I play, expecially on the different skill levels.Read full review...


Playing in the dark is scary...but ALL the time?

First off, I liked Doom 3 (so hold off on the pitch forks and torches). The graphics are great no doubt, the gameplay is solid, very true, but as I've said earlier, it's just too damn dark. Not only is it dark, but its claustrophobic and repetitive in map layout. Some would argue that it's those two qualities that make this game good, but I say it's just too annoying, almost a cheap way out from a developers point of view, kinda like the use of Fog. Often times I kept hoping I'd get some light other than a computer monitor or the flash of my gun...never happens. Something else that annoyed me was the cheap way that demons spawned and leaped out of ready made closets as you passed by. Just when you thought you cleared the room, you'd be ambushed by another baddie from some stupid hole in the wall behind you. Like most magazine reviews noted: "What the heck are these guys doing in there while waiting for you to come along?!" True that!

As anyone should know, the biggest clincher for any great game is variety, and sadly there really isn't any of it going on. Things got dull fast since every turn just lead to yet another dark corridor, computer room, engineering room, sleeping quarters and if your lucky the occasional bleak and musty outdoor romp on Mars' dusty surface. And to be honest, those things get old and just don't do it for me after a few hours in. Look at the movie Aliens, sure it's one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, but could you imagine watching it for 12+ hours to see it thru til the end? I submit that you cannot, it will get old. Speaking of getting old, the whole premise/plot of D3 can be found in just about any medium you pull from the genre (movie and game alike). So there wasn't anything revolutionary going on.

Okay, that was the bad (still reading?). Despite all that, I still liked Doom 3. Why? Because even in all it's gratuitous darkness and been-there-done-that hallways/rooms your still made to be apprehensive and scared to make your next move (cram all D3's creepiness into 90 minutes and it'd be Aliens). And despite it being a fantasy world, there seems to be a true sense of realism, you can almost smell the sweat and blood, pipes really seem to hiss with pressure, yells from afar and what little light seems to make us feel safe. Was this a bad game...no, was it revolutionary in gaming terms...not at all...but did it scare the crap out of me from time to time...you bet ya!
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