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The Greatest Sports Documentary produced by HBO

I had seen this years ago on HBO, and videotaped it at that time. Obviously, this DVD is of far superior quality to that video.
As always, HBO does a masterful job at telling the story of the 1980 "miracle on ice" Olympic Hockey team, and carefully explains, through interviews with players, Coaches( including the late Herb Brooks), and sportswriters both from our country and the then Soviet Union, why at that time in our nation's history , this was so much more than a mere hockey game. Liev Schreiber has to be the best narrator around, and those interviewed further recall the significance of the following game against Finland, which a lot of people forget, or simply don't realize, that our "kids" still had to come from behind and win in order to get the Gold Medal. Had that game been lost after the miraculous win against Russia, we might not have medaled at all. One of the greatest sports documentaries ever made, and certainly the #1 sporting event of the twentieth century. Nothing else even comes close, if you're an American !Read full review...


Do you believe in miracles YES

Great event. It reminds me of the night that it happen and to a new generation that wasn't there it's that actual words and pictures. A must DVD for all sports fans everywhere including the former USSR. Go USARead full review...


A true American story showcasing the Amrican spirit

This is a terrific movie. It uplifts your spirit and makes you feel good about being an American. Wonderful cast and storyline.


Great movie!

Movie was great. It showed how things were back in 1980 and how this team brought the whole USA together.


Great movie

This was actually bought for a friend as a gift. It's very informative and great history of the U.S. Hockey Team of 1980 and their trials while playing.


do you believe in miracles

I love hockey and this was one of the greatest moments in US hockey history. It is a must have for a hockey fan.


Do You Believe in Miracles? - The Story of the 1980 U.S

This is a great documentary on possibly the greatest moment in Amercan sports. I bought it for my Senior English class for a unit we were studying on David vs. Goliath stories


Great documentary

this is a must have for any true hockey fan. This is a Story of the 1980 olympic team and there triumphs as a team and what it meant to the nation at critical time in history.


A great historically-significant document

I love this as a companion to Miracle, the movie with Kurt Russell. This DVD is not comprehensive, but it is fun to watch, well edited, and all-in-all well worth it for the hockey enthusiast.


DVD - Do you believe in Miracles?

I felt like I was there all over again! Truly the most memorable sports moment of the 20th centruy. I recommend this to every hockey fan.

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