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one of my top ten favorite albums

Some people would argue this is Pink Floyd's second best album behind Dark Side of the Moon. I would agree it's either that or third. It's just a musical masterpiece. I can't say it more clearly than that.Read full review...

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Division Bell

Quite good. I'm a Pink Floyd nut.

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Pink Floyd The Division Bell

Último álbum grabado en estudio de Pink Floyd. Recomiendo tenerlo en su colección.

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The cd is very awesome sounds great

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Good sounds, good memories

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One of Pink Floyd's BEST !! A Flodian "must own" CD

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Average at best Floyd release and the last of their studio albums

Division Bell was released by Pink Floyd in 1994 and was the second release in the post Roger Waters 'less' band. It is also the last studio album released by Pink Floyd and one that really seemed to divide their fans.

The album features eleven songs written mostly by David Gilmour and Richard Wright. The album went to number one in the United States and Great Britain but received only lukewarm reviews from critics.

Before I go any farther let me say that I have been listening to Floyd since the seventies. I have all of the albums, US and Imports, have seen them in concert, and have also seen Roger Waters during his Pros and Cons tour. I like Floyd. I did not like this album however.

To me this album sounded a lot like David Gilmour's solo album, About Face, which I liked. But some of the lyrics on Division Bell I just didn't get although I definitely got the impression that some shots were taken at Waters. Some of this sounded like Meddle, some riffs sounded like Final Cut, and I even felt like a little Dark Side was mixed in. But at the end of the day the music just sounded generic and every song kind of blended together. The only song that really jumped out at me was 'Take it Back' and to me it sounded like another song from Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Division Bell certainly has an appeal but it will also leave you wanting more. However, at the price you can pick it up on E-Bay it's a great addition to any collection.
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Great tunes!

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A serious classic album !! Even without Roger Waters.

"The Division Bell" sadly was Pink Floyd's last album, it has some flashbacks of past songs but not totally re-hashing them. David Gilmour once again in charge & he's done an excellent job. Athough the "old" Pink Floyd fans are still to this day are screaming foul, all in all it's a great album. The Eleven songs that are on this album were played on album rock radio in 1994, but all you hear now from this album is "Keep Talking". If you don't have this album or haven't heard it you must have been living under a rock or just don't care anymore. Give it a listen & I know you will come to love it just as I have. Richard Wright, Rest In Peace, you are missed big time !!Read full review...


amazing cd

I am so happy with this purchase. I have gone through many years of listening and growing with floyd. I have come to conclusion that their cds age with us! There is one for each age ..Thank you again ~Read full review...

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