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I loved the movie, that you have sent me thanks for your wonderful help thanks very much,
Thanks again,

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An anemic rendition of a wonderful book.

This should have been a miniseries...This movie skimmed the original story. The result was poor character development. It is a story about the complicated relationships between mother & daughter .

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love this movie

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Great movie.

Thank you!!

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CHICK FLICK! The movie is fun and Ashley Judd is perfectly cast but the book is 65% better. If you want the whole story you really need to read the book. AFTER you see the movie. I read the book, saw the movie but it is the AUDIO that wins the best format of this story.

The story will transport you to another place- the Deep South and to life of being a close-knit group of girls that have grown into old women. If you have life long friends you will love this story because it will remind you of the days spent with girlfriends just experiencing life as it comes.

It is also the story of a New York girl Sidda Lee Walker, who at 39 is a creative theatrical director. Sidda prides herself on having escaped her Louisiana hometown and her mother Vivi Abbot Walker. The story weaves the reader through a journey that Sidda is about to find out that her mom is not just a drunk or a close minded Southern witch in a Sunday hat, but a decent woman with a wild and brave history. The interesting twist about Vivi Abbot Walker is that she is also a woman with something greater than most people on the planet. Vivi has held a friendship with three other women that have lasted since they were in the third grade. This was called the YA-YA sisterhood. This dual plot of the past and the present is what makes this a well told story that will have you guessing.

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Love this movie!

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Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Such a great movie. Perfect for all families, but especially touching for mothers and daughters. An exceptional tale of love, pain, friendship and loss. The cast was inspired with Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn and Ashley Judd with the meatiest roles. Heartwarming with strong, southern roots, a must see!Read full review...


Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I bought this because I am slowly changing all my VHS tapes to DVD's. I love this movie, and yes, it is a chick-flick but the characters are great -- Olivia Dukakis, James Garner, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Maggie Smith. The group of old ladies, still friends after all these years, and trying to help the daughter of one of the friends understand her mother. Also the most understanding husband (James Garner), takes it all in stride!Read full review...


One of my best movies!!

An excellent movie. I really felt so sorry for the Judd as the young mom and wondered where was the HUSBAND! It's a chick flick, but a GOOD chick flick about what chicks are about. They help each other. I enjoyed every second of the movie. I read the book first, and the movie did it justice. I wasn't disappointed! I highly recommend!Read full review...

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