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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Maybe the most complete DMC

Includes pc-rom, anime, and beautiful steelbook, good game

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: marlins3x


DMC5 as good as RE5???

Graphics-90/Sound-92/Controls-84/Blast Force-80/Overall-86

As of yet I have NOT heard of a Devil May Cry 5, nor should you believe there is one on the way, but considering the missed opportunities strewn throughout this marvelous action game, there's no doubt in my mind that Capcom could use a 5th game to do to this franchise what they did with Resident Evil 5. The graphics were great and the gameplay was mostly solid, but the story was a bit off, and the biggest disappointment was with witnessing the next stage in the evolution of Dante's devil hunting game mechanics, only to have him comprise only roughly one-third of the game! Is it just me, or is that just criminal?!? Nero is a cheesy character as far as the story goes. A punk kid toughguy type with tons and tons of drama surrounding him and his main squeeze Kyrie. He has very limited technique, and his most advanced moves are irrelevant on any level or difficulty. He plays somewhat like Virgil in that he's all about power. His handcannon tears through targets efficiently, while his demon arm rips opponents a new one with ease. Trish and Lady make only brief appearances, and the game's greatest highlight, a new hot-swap interface for Dante's styles, including FREAKIN' YAMATO, is short lived. With these two franchises on the cusp of becoming legendary to the point of having Wesker and Dante becoming household names with the forthcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 building serious momentum, there is mammoth potential for a fifth game in the series. But this one's not bad. ;)Read full review...


Devil May Cry 4

I've been playing Devil May Cry for years attracted by its unique focus on not just hack-and-slash concept but also how you hack-and slash. The fighting system is just as captivating in Devil May Cry 4. In fact, you can argue that it's twice as deep since you have the original Dante having a lot of the same moves and having Nero as the new lead character with his own novel addition to the game with the Devil Buster and his own fighting style. The graphics are superb, especially with surroundings. And of course, just like the rest of the series, there has to be several bosses that are just well thought of. From Berial to Baal, the new bosses are just as pleasing to fight and look at, if not more.

I for one believe that it was quite short. True, it has the same number of missions but much of the second half is, I guess you could say, a repeat of the first. I'm not gonna explain why as it would be a spoiler for the game. The final boss is a quick fight and comparing it with the final boss in the third game makes it somewhat disappointing. I personally find myself still favoring Dante to keep the spotlight rather than pass the mantle to Nero, who I'm still not a big fan of.

Overall, I think that the game is a good buy. The depth of gameplay is just as rewarding as the other installments. If you're not a huge Devil May Cry fun, it wouldn't be bad to start with this game as your intro to the series. It's quite seperate from the other games. Also, you wouldn't be worried about Dante being shoved a little to the side to become more of a side character. The graphics are great, so is the gameplay, and the storyline is interesting. Compared to the most latest Devil May Cry, the lenght of the game is shortened and the graphics are improved.
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One of the better collector edition games out there.

I like collector's editions of certain games and this is one of them. I had the DMC4 CE for the Xbox 360 and sold it for some reason and decided to get it back.

It comes with standard fair CE extras but in my opinion the DMC anime is what makes it such a great value. Also I'm a sucker for shiny tins.Read full review...


Devil May Cry 4 (Collector's Edition)

Very consistent and ultra smooth gameplay sporting new features, a new main character complete with a unique combat style as well as the legacy DMC we have all come to know and love so well. The story-line, while done a thousand times before, will leave gamers wanting alittle more, however will nonetheless appeal to both new DMC players as well as those returning veteran devil hunters. Although the fourth installment in the series, gamers will have few problems understanding the concept that is Devil May Cry and be able to jump right in without having to play any of the previous titles. The game itself being divided almost equally between playing the new lead character Nero and the dark knight, Dante, himself. DMC4 is loaded with additional features to extend the overall replay value and leave fans with no worries over having to set the game aside anytime soon with many unlockables, game modes and developers content further immersing the gamer into Dante's world and Devil May Cry.

Myself, being more of the die-hard fan of this series, was alittle disappointed over the sucession of Nero as the new lead devil hunter. Yet, Capcom, in my opinion, went to great lengths in not alienating the franchises fanbase. And the game does deliver, living up to the mantle previously set high by it's prior installments. Play-wise, I found the camera views and angles somtimes more of a nuisance, making my progress more difficult than it had to be. Though, in all honesty, I have never encountered a camera system that was 100% perfect or without a flaw of some sort.

The collecter's edition sports the addition of a bonus DVD filled with many extras as well as a sleek metal game case and transluscent image overlay. It also includes volume one (episodes 1-4) of the new Devil May Cry anime series. The game booklet clearly details instructions for obtaining a "cool" DVD case, free of charge, for the DMC anime from ADV Films once you register your game copy with their site. However, I have encountered difficulties in doing so since neither ADV, nor Capcom, has provided the necessary links to initiate the process. ADV Films has also yet to reply to emails sent to their customer service department stating my concerns.
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Absolutely Fantastic !

The game itself is addicting, everytime doing new combos from ways you never thought possible, Nero's devil bringer is a new, yet it creates new strategies, meanwhile Dante's ability to change styles mid-battle also makes a big difference of doing combos, but the sudden change from Nero to Dante feels kind of awkward, still a very good game thats worth every penny, cent, etc.

All reviewer would give this Excellent, it they don't think this is good, they won't to buy Collector's Edition!!I even consider this is one of the best in ps3 series.

Definitely recommended!!!!
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New Age of Demon Slaying!

If you're a fan of the Devil May Cry Series and you've beaten all of them, the game's first scene would be confusing - as Dante becomes evil, or is he? Anyhow, you take the role of a new character, Nero, who wields the mysterious, but awesome, Devil Bringer. I have not a clue how Nero is connected to Dante or Vergil yet (I haven't gone through the game), but he definitely has to have some connection with Sparda. But I have to say, the next-generation graphics really kicked the asses of the other DMC's in terms of cutscenes and the 60 frame rates per seconds, but so far, the gameplay is quite the same.

But you may be asking, why fork and spend more for the Special Edition? I'll tell you the reasons: First, you get the ultimate and awesome Collector's Edition Case, which is also holographic and custom made with Nero on the front, and Dante on the back. Second, you get the Anime DVD which is four episodes and in all seriousness, this alone costs about 24.99 USD and it's an awesome side-story from the adaptation of the game. Thirdly, you get a Behind-The-Scenes DVD that features Art Gallery and interviews of the creators. And Finally, a cool artbook with the illustrations of the characters and sceneries of the game.

So is the extra 20 bucks worth it? Yes, it IS indeed worthy.
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action packed game but does require patience.

game is great and lots of action. a whole lot better than Devil may Cry 2 and 3 but if your a fan of the series then you would like it regardless.

Games related - God of War, Dantes Inferno, Castlevania, etc etc.

If you havent played it i recommend trying it.
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Awesomeness in a shiny box

Great game i would definitely recommend it for anyone that enjoys fast-action games with a very fast pace! splurging for the collector's edition is a must since it's just simply the coolest looking CE available.Read full review...


very good.... i love it

too much action.... is very good. i played for very time,My only complaint is that game is very simylar at the others devil may cry.... but is very good

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