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Worth the price as long as the price is right.

Bought this laptop for a friend so she could use it at he school. Its a zippy laptop that is good everyday work, like checking email and surfing the web. The one I bought has the the ATI mobility graphics with 128MB of memory, so it is good for flash video and some games out there. Nice 15.4 inch LCD is bright and clear. It got plenty of memory, but it came with Windows Xp Pro. Its a good laptop for someone who is starting out on the World Wide Web.

The only thing i dont like is that its very heavy. It can be carried around but if you are not used to carrying some thing that weights over a pound, then this is not for you.

I have the dell D820 and it is thinner and a little lighter than the D810 but overall both laptops are very adaquate for everyday funtionability. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple laptop.
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Very solid computer physically, very stiff operationall

Good graphics, lots of keyboard space, usb ports conveniently located. I have had two of these. One was underpowered with 512 MB of RAM. The other had 2 GIG of RAM and it flew through the assigned tasks. On the two of these I have owned and the one other I have used, the keyboard mouse has been stiff and I would recommend a wireless mouse. I have since purchased a Dell Inspiration 6000 that is the same size, 2gig RAM and I find it much easier to use. Dollar for dollar - pound for pound, I would recommend the 6000. Equal or better graphics and a lot smoother.Read full review...


solid dependable workhorse

The Dell D810, although a litle large to use for a lot of portability, could nevertheless do the job because of its durability under varying conditions. I love the full size very receptive keyboard and the bright 15 inch screen. Overall the D810 is sleek and powerful,an upper end product when released, you immediately sense the overall quality. Repairs & upgrades are made easy by the very asccessible components, as well as parts being widely available without breaking the bank. In the used pc category, the Dell D810 is an excellent value.Read full review...


Fantastic computer at a fabulous price- highly recommend

I bought this laptop to replace my old Dell that was 10 years old. I was thrilled to see how cheap the refurbished models were although I was worried it might be a rip off because I had never purchased one before. Luckily there are all kinds of warranties now that protect the buyer so I figured it was OK. I am writing this review on the laptop and am extremely pleased with it-- great keyboard, really fast, east to use, ready to use right out of the box, great customer service. I would recommend this company and product to anyone looking for a good PC at a very affordable price. One note: I am not a person who plays video computer games and do not use this computer for that purpose. However, for everything else including business and word applications, the computer is great. Also, the screen is 15 inches which is a nice size. Personally I'm not into tiny phone screens or even tablets so I was very glad to be able to get this size display for such a cheap price. I highly recommend this company and this product.Read full review...


Great price, performance, and condition. A well built work horse !

I purchased this laptop refurbished for $200 20 days ago. My D810 came with a 2.2ghz, 2048mb, 80gig hd, dvd/cdrw, XP pro. Besides a few scratches on the outside the laptop is like new condition. I have used this laptop for 8hrs a day for 20 days now and here are my pro's and con's:
Very fast performance even when multitasking. Crisp and bright screen. Decent battery life. Two fans on the bottom seem to keep this laptop a lot cooler than some other ones I have used. Nice rubber feet hold the laptop off the bottom surface just enough for airflow without a laptop cooling pad. Nice locking latch on the front keeps the laptop closed when moving it around. There seems to be plenty of replacement parts and accessories available for this model.
When the sound first comes on or goes off the speakers sound scratchy. The sound is fine in between and doesn't happen with head phones or external speakers. There is no printer port but it has infrared built in the back. It is very heavy to lug around. My biggest complaint is that this laptop uses a pata ide hard drive which are much more expensive than sata hard drives.
I found out that this laptops dvd/cdrw pulls out so you can add a second battery, or even a sata hard drive. The second battery will cost about $30 and the adapter for the hard drive is $20 and a 80gig sata hard drive is $20. I love being able to hot swap these instead of relying on external plugging because it is a laptop and I bought it to use without any cords !
I spent a month researching cheap used laptops for awhile before I picked this one. I do have a soft spot for Dell. I would recommend this laptop to anyone who needs a portable laptop with the power of a desktop at an affordable price. I know you take a chance buying used or refurbished but I got a great one and started using it right out of the box. Good Luck !
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Dell Latitude D830

The Dell 830 is the last of the on board serial port laptops. A requirement for my profession. It is by far the best laptop for the money. I've used several machines with similar configurations HP, Sony and Fujitsu. The Dell by far out performs all of them. The Dell feels more sturdy and doesn't look like a toy as do some laptops. I've owned over 10 different laptops and feel the Dell 830 has been one of my favorites. The wide screen more than meets most needs. The resolution 1680 x 1050 is one of the best. Dell doesn't overload you with garbage software. The layout of the 830 is perfect USB ports on the side rear wear the don't get in the way was smart. The on board Blue tooth works better than most. The BGN wireless car is perfect never needing to look at different options for wireless networking. The Yukon gigabyte NIC is auto sensing and has light to show working connection very important in my line of work. Left out by more expensive laptops. Overall one of the best laptops made in my opinion.Read full review...


Best of both worlds, inexpensive and does an excellent job for me...

Great product. Does and has everything I need. I can get online and do email, uploads, downloads, and surf with no problem. It has the HD aspect ratio, so when it comes to watching videos, I can watch them in HD or non HD. The DVD writer allows me to make my own videos, back things up and copy videos. Really nice computer, especially for the price...Read full review...


Awesome product!! Great value for the money!!!!/. =D

I like this laptop because is easy to use,is faster, and is strong. thank you!!!!. All the people in my house use this computer all the time 'cause is easy to use , and they make their work and the little guy play with it.....Read full review...


Dell Latitude D810

The D810 laptop is a quality machine. When Dell went from D800 to D810, they made the perfect amount of changes that makes this a great product. This laptop has 4 USB ports which is a great addition and very convenient. It also has an extra fan and the computer stays much cooler. There is a noticeable difference in the speakers sound quality and the unit itself is designed stronger than ever so that it will hold up for a long time. The touchpad on this D810 even seems nicer that the D800.
The D800 was a great laptop, I have bought many of them and was pleased, however even though they always physically worked, over time the laptop would crack in different places, lights would stop working, along with many other minor annoyances. Now with the D810 you have the same quality cpu components in a much stonger, more durable, more convenient unit designed to last much longer. I am so thrilled with the D810 model and am truly amazed that it can really be this much better. Even the battery from what I have noticed lasts about 3 times longer than others of similar price and quality that I have used. This product has made me a firm believer in the quality products that Dell offers and it really says something for a company to be able to make improvements on itself to make the best possible product for the consumer.If you buy a Dell D810, you will be very happy with your savings and your product. P.S. Another great thing about Dell products in general is that they are much more compatible with the many different operating systems, Dell makes so many drivers that they always have one that will make their products work in any situation, and if you like repairing or building computers like I do, you know how nice it is to have that dependability.
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Dell Latitude 810

This laptop has much to love. Large, (15.4), bright screen, a big enough keyboard to actually use for typing, great battery life for its size, (3 hours), easy adjust for brightness and volume, one button standby and hibernate modes, fully auto wifi connection with above average range capability built in, and a truly accurate battery life indicator. Oh yeah, for all of you that know what they are, an easy change 3.25 floppy disc drive.
A little heavy by todays standard, but well worth it.
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