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poetic justice

I hate violent films - I think they are "boom-boom" films for morons .... BUT, Jason Strathams' films are definitely head and shoulders above the rest.

(I may hate violent films but I dearly love to see "louses" of this world get their bums kicked .. and even better: blasted off.)

It's what I call "poetic justice".
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An action packed nail bitter

Keeps you watching and waiting to see what will happen next..Outstanding movie to watch..Action packed.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: zombiefanatic1978


Live to race !

Very entertaining film...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: casmar22010



Features actors: Jaon Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Joan Allen,Natalie Martinez,Max Ryan,Jason Clarke, Jacob Vargas, Justin Mader, Robert LaSardo & Ronin Shou.
Rating: R
Running time unrated: 1Hr. 52min / Rated version- 1hr. 45 min.
it's the year 2012 and the US economy has collapsed, enemployment reaches all time high, crime rate is spirialing out of control, & the prision sysytem is at a breaking point.Jensen Ames is a hard worker and the metal work shop that is closing.The one thing he is thankful for is his wife and baby girl.But when a someone breaks in and kills his wife, they set him up to make it look like he did it.He is then sent to the most dangerous prision, where it is truely each for their own, and being in there for a crime he didn't do.When the warden gives him an ultimatium to race or live his life in prison he takes her up on the offer with hopes of getting his baby girl back to keep him going.This is a race like no other it's a race to the death & no rules to this game!Jensen takes on the Frnakenstein role & car, win 5 races and go free.But at Terminal Island pentitentary, the warden has turned it into a sick game for the viewers, with 3 phases each getting worse and worse.
This movie will leave you wanting more!Would reccomd to rent & buy! Guys are going to love this sick thrill ride racing!Hope this helps you decide!Please click YES at the bottom.Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)
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99 cent movie off Ebay, mindless entertainment...

I bought this movie on ebay for a cheap price and the dvd is worth the price I paid for. The director tries to incorporate many ideas into this movie, such as death metal, racing, hot chicks, jail culture, and beefy tough guys all rolled into one. All the actors try to pretend how badass they are and it sometimes works but mostly doesn't. Tyreese Gibson, for example, has a role that he shouldn't have played due to his 'pretty boy' image. Even Jason Statham really doesn't seem to involved with the acting in this movie. Despite throwing in hot actress Natalie Martinez for eye candy, it doesn't help a cheesy plot.Read full review...


Great Car Action Movie!

I love this movie because it contains a lot of believable elements, I enjoyed the non-stop action from the start and the accurate mechanical know-how during the modifications of the wild rolling weapons. There was also great humor but its the intelligent kind, the kind that doesn't contain a bunch of nonsense bad language, Great movie, I actually saw it at he movies but I had to have it on dvd, definitely a sleeper hit!Read full review...


had to get this for a gift!!! excellent movie!

movie is full of action... story is great for race fans and action adventure types! Actors played awesome in roles, was well thought out as to who the roles went to...
I think it needed more color, so much black in movies(doesn't seem real)but with this story I don't think they were looking for realism..
got it as a gift for a friend who couldn't watch it with me!
Valentines day!! heehee!
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Death Race

Totally an awesome movie, great story, hot chicks guns cool cars. What is not to love, and for less than 5 bucks gotta have it.


Max Max on Steriods

I had seen the original Death Race and this by far rocks. I liked this version far better than the original. Hot cars, High powered weapons and criminals what else could you ask for in a man movie...girls oh yes there are a few scenes where you get to see hot looking ladies (No Nudity or Adult situations) but this is a man movie racing, shooting, fighting... What Statham does best! The movie has appealed to a wide age group from 14 up to 42 and we all enjoyed it. Being the kids did not see or even know this was a remake never bothered them, they said that this is one of their favorites. Check it out I think you will enjoy.Read full review...


I loved this movie, it is totally awesome.

- When this movie first came out I said that I'd buy a copy of it because I liked the previews.
- This Movie is full of adventure and excitement, The graphics was totally awesome, This is really a Great Movie.
- There was nothing about this movie that I didn't like, I loved it all.
- I highly recommend this movis to anyone.
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