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DeLonghi Double Coffee Makers

I love DeLonghi Coffee Makers and at the time I ordered the double set of 10 cup coffee makers I own another one that has yet to wear out. Im keeping that one for a back up and enjoy the dual set since our family uses two pots of coffee every morning. I like the features on the DeLonghi DC55TCB model as coffee is made quick and beeps as soon as it's ready. The thermal pot keeps it hot for hours and timer and clock are easier to set. Access to the water container is easier to fill and the built in coffee filters are a better design that slide in and out easier than my other model. My only complaint is that the lids on these pots have an arrow to line up with the spout but coffee still dribbles and spills if you don't get the hang of it. I remove the lid completely for safer neater pouring then replace it to keep it hot. However, the dual set of DeLonghi pots include extra thermal lids that are color coded so that you can use orange on one pot for decaf coffee and the other is brown for regular. I was so afraid my other pot would wear out I was real happy to buy the dual set to make sure I have a pot in reserve for back up. I can't do without my DeLonghi Thermal Coffee Maker and the coffee is excellent.Read full review...


To all you non-believers and coffee-brewer wanna-bes

I am going to give this coffee maker an excellent rating. I tire of the fools who dis this machine. If the more "reliable" Mr. Coffees and Bunns were Toyotas, then the DeLonghi machines would be Maseratis. Look at it that way for a moment: Toyotas are low maintenance vehicles, efficient, do what is necessay, zzZZZzzz. Ok? Now think about the Maserati, a sleek performer, stylish and powerful --but with much greater maintenance needs. Which would you rather have? Well, that is entirely up to you. Coffee making is an art. The DeLonghi attends to the artistic side of brewing. And proper brewing is a whole lot more than popping in the filter, adding the water and turning it on. You have to know what you are doing. Did you 1st heat the caraffe with boiling water prior to sealing the lid? Did you properly grind fresh beans down to near-molecular fineness? Were you overly generous in how you heaped the powderized coffee onto a fresh PAPER filter, and then assure a proper basked close and seal? Finally, did you take time to understand just how to position the caraffe on the plate? Yes, it's a little tricky. So what? What else are you going to whine about? While the DeLonghi is brewing, you should remain close to it. Check to assure that the little dark "bead" of liquid is trickling strongly into the carafe (HINT: you should see robust movement in the "bead" of liquid, and hear it entering the carafe --if not, you can simply adjust the position of the pot until you get this result). Now you are going to have to make a few bad pots until you get the fine tuning correct, so I suggest you buy a cheap package of El Pico to practice on.

Ok ... Here is the money shot portion of this review. The coffee that this machine yields is truly wonderful. It's like Starbucks on steroids. Absolutely delicious, with all the correct aromas and flavor bursts to mist your eyes, and make you nostalgic for things you've never known. You can experiment with different blends (I am partial to dark roasts, very strong, and the DeLonghi simply excels here).

Parting thoughts: I cannot help but GLOAT OPENLY when I think about the price I paid for this unit: $18.00 plus shipping on a bid. Why? Because losers beget losers, folks. That's all of you guys, all you wussmeisters who don't want to take the time and make the correct efforts with this machine. I owe you guys for rendering this machine so inexpensive with your inane and dare I say quite philistine attitudes and complaints.

I can only hope that more losers will go out and rip other quality products to shreds (in their reviews) simply because they cannot understand concepts, and scream like little girls for a push-button convenience that is bleaching everything that smacks of QUALITY right out of our culture and by extension our lives.

Shame on all of you for dis'ing this noble little coffee maker, this wonderful DeLonghi product. Shame on you all for not taking time to understand the finer things in life.

In parting, I hope anyone who's read this far and who want to become better at discerning QUALITY's true nature: Please order yourself up a copy of Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". There is something to be learned there, something for you. It will help. It won't change the startlingly drab & downhill course that our culture has embarked upon, but at least you will come to understand something of what we have lost. Now go & make coffee
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DeLonghi DC55TCB 10-Cup Coffee Maker

I bought the coffee maker because I assumed that the brand was top quality - but this version does not really do anything too spectacular. In fact, you have to be really careful about filling the strainer; if you miss the mark, your coffee will sit in the strainer and not drip into the carafe. It looks great, but next time I buy a coffee maker, I think I'll check out consumer reports, to see what the experts found.Read full review...


Fresh HOT cup of coffee

For the price, it is a good cup of coffee. The steel pot keeps coffee steaming hot and flavor fresh. You have to become familiar with the proper way to snap the pot into place before brewing, or else you end up with cowboy coffee and grounds on the cabinet as the brew basket overflows. The pot should be placed sideways with the nose being visible to be assured that the flow plug on the basket is open to allow the coffee to flow into the pot. Once you have the process down, hot fresh coffee is waiting for you to pour. My partner says to mention make sure the pot is empty before you set it to brew. With the pot not being see-through it is easy to overflow the fresh because of yesterdays leftovers.Read full review...


A little expensive, but you can't go wrong

I am redoing my original Review.
The first one I gave a "GOOD".
While using it for one month, I had "0" problems with it.
Sometime during the second month, I woke up with water all over the counter, floor, and pots and pans in the cabinet.
I couldn't understand why it spilled out onto the counter.
The following evening I set it to go on automaticlly again.

God I must be stupid.

My wife sold it in a Garage Sale for $.50. The woman wanter the caraffe I think.
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THE worst coffee maker I have ever owned.

This was by far the worst coffee maker I have ever owned. I bought it because of the stainless steel carafe and the design. I threw it in the garbage because of the extremely cheap design for the pause and serve swivel. This swivel kept stopping the flow into the pot. It kept overflowing all over my counter top. I could not find anyway to make it function properly so I simply tossed the pot in the garbage and bought another Zojirushi ECBD15 coffee maker. I tried to save a little money on this one but you just can't fake quality and this Dehlongi proves that. Save your money and buy a good machine.Read full review...


Good coffee maker for 30.00

The carafe pours without spilling coffee. Aroma feature makes great tasting coffee. This is not a high end product, but a good value for 30.00


A great design built poorly

We purchased one that was defective upon arrival. We had it replaced and it worked well, for a week at which point, the flow stopping seal (allows you to remove the carafe in the midst of a brewing cycle) broke.

Makes great coffee but the manufacturing quality is regrettably quite low. This is equivalent to a $25 coffee maker, not $125.
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I love wakeing up to a hot cup of coffee in the morning

easy to use. works every time it's set up correctly that is. don't have to deal with replacement filters anymore.


DeLonghi DC55TCB

Makes great tasting coffee, brews fast, It has lasted longer then any of the other coffee makers I've had.

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