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Amazing two pack

The subtitles in this movie are done so well, one almost forgets the movie was done in French. The words seem to glide effortlessly off of Cyrano de Bergerac's tongue, as if only he were meant for only him to speak them. It almost makes you jealous of Cirano's eloquence. Even those with no appreciation of poetry whatsoever can still find this movie entertaining. The action is enthralling; the cinematography, endearing; the movie, entertaining. A must see film if you enjoy poetry, romance, humor, action, suspense, period pieces, aesthetically pleasing images, theatre, French, English, other languages, large noses, good movies, or any combination of the above. In short, rent it, buy it or steal it. Just make sure you watch it. And don't blame me if you get caught stealing it.
The storyline and acting in Son of Monte Cristo is amazing. I just truely love this two pack. The way these movie play into each others storylines is amazing. I could not think of a better 2 pack than this 1!!!
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