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Criminal Minds

I really thought the price was great on the series and I was excited that it was brand new and had never been opened. After receiving the dvd's and starting to watch the them they skip a lot on quite a few of the disks bad enough in some of them that we aren't even able to watch the episode thankfully I have quite a few of them saved on DVR so I can atleast watch them but I was very disappointed with the quality of the dvd's once we did get them open and started to watch them!Read full review...


Humble Beginnings

I stumbled across this show in syndication showing season 4. After watching 1 or two episodes, I was hooked. It is awesome to watch these characters grow and change. I always like seeing a show from the beginning.

I hope they continue for many more years. If you like characters who are smart and actual think about things then the members of the BAU are the ones to watch on Criminal Minds. Personally, I think it is one of the best shows out there and what better place to start then with season 1.
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A great crime series

There isnt anything that i dislike about the series....I bought it because it is my favorite TV series. I like it better than other crime shows because they focus on the crime scene evidence to find the killer but this show focuses on the psychological evidence to determine who the unsub will turn out to be....They collect the psychological and behaviorial evidence to crack the cases....Anyway, I love the actors/actresses of the series and the plots are intelligent and thought provoking.Read full review...


Great Series!

This is such a great series! For you who think CSI and CSI Miami are good or awesome! This series BEATS that by 300 percent! My GF likes CSI miami a lot, I have seen a few and thought it was ok to good, but Criminal Minds is SO much better! I watch it almost everyday now, and I am the type of person to watch NFL, NBA, MLB or MOVIES on tv only! Trust me, this series wont disappoint you!Read full review...


Criminal Minds - engaging

I happened on to this program one Saturday evening on TV. Really loved it. So I bought the series..prefer to watch it all that way and can get the full jist of it. Very well done, good characters, like the twists and hard to figure out most of the time. Good string going through the characters with personal interactions that are fairly honest. Great series.Read full review...


Amazing TV Show

I love love love Dr.Reid and the first three seasons give the most information about him. He is such a cutie and makes the shoe much more educational then I ever thought it would be. Better than alot of criminal bases shows out there.Read full review...


Quite an interesting series and good input on Criminal

Got this T.V. Series at a good price and well spent due to the overall stories and somewhat enlightening of possibilities how real criminals might act. Most of the stories well written and holds ones interest, enjoyed them to the fullest,others will also we're thinking.Read full review...


Fast service & good quality.

Why watch TV, with all the commercials, when you can get the shows you want to watch, at a goog price & fast service. Wanted what I got, & got what I wanted...without any problems. Quality & service - 5 stars!Read full review...


Received quickly and I love this show!

I love the characters and the subject matter is so interesting. You can't help but get addicted! I love Dr. Spencer Reid--I think he is so cool in a know it all, nerdy way!!!



Excellent series in excellent condition. Criminal Minds has been one of my favorite shows for a long time and now I enjoy it with my friends. Awesome!

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