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The best version of "The Three Musketeers"

I consider this tongue-in-cheek version of Dumas's "Three Musketeers" to be by far the best that is out there. While most of the actors are unknown by today's younger audience members, their performances shine through even so.

In a strange way even the sword fighting seems to come right off the pages of Dumas' book. The fighter's get tired, make mistakes, kick and punch at each other in a way that makes something that is very serious still have its amusing moments.

The cast is superb;

Charlton Heston as the Cardinal Richelieu
Michael York as D'Artagnan
Oliver Reed as Athos
Richard Chamberlain as Aramis
Raquel Welch as Constance
Faye Dunaway as Milady.
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Must see

This is one of my favorite movies. The characters are larger than life, but have very human qualities. The comedy is almost slapstick at times and there is tragedy. Raquel Welch plays a role unlike any she had ever done and she performed it well. I liked the blend of American and European actors. Some were unfamiliar to me, but I would like to see more of there work. There have been many versions of this film, but this is the best.Read full review...


Well acted and follows the book fairly closely

I purchased this version because I was reading about Christopher Lee, and there was a link to this film. Until I read the history on this film, I did not know that these 2 movies were actually filmed as one, and were split because of the length. Reviews said it was fairly close to the book, which most modern version are not, which was what I was looking for.
A well produced and well acted version, which has almost all the main story elements from the book. The audio mix is horrible. It's mono, and the music track is a bit overpowering. The dialog is difficult to hear. Video quality is very good, though. If you have not read the book(s), you will have no idea what is going on. All the main plot pieces are there, but no threads to connect them together. If you are not a big fan of the Musketeers, this will put you to sleep. Overall, I enjoyed it.
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2 Great Movies!!!

Originally filmed to be one movie it was broken up to be 2 parts because of the extensive footage involved. A great cast & story line that is sure to be watched over & over!!! This movie was mixed with lots of stunts & filled with so much swashbuckling scenes. It makes the Disney's version look like small potatoes!!! I only wish someone would re master the "Musketeers Return" as there was a 3rd movie. No doubt these movies are the coolest versions made! Michael York, Oliver Reed, & Christopher Lee as you've never seen them before. accompanied with the talents of Charleston Heston's experienced acting & Raquel Welch's sexy & comedic gestures.Read full review...


THE Complete Musketeers

A brilliant rendition of a great story. Filmed at the same time, but released a year apart (just like Lord of the Rings)this two film set is a must have for any serious collector of great re-watcheable films. The action is athletic, but realistic, and at times entertainingly comedic. I do not think this is as 'tongue in cheek' as is made out, on rereading the book for the fourth or fifth time I find it humerous, satirical, and that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The film does accentuate the lighter side, but suitably portrays the darker sides just as well. An all round rollicking good yarn!Read full review...


All day enjoyment

This was a special purchase to me . I grew up enjoying the movie as a child so buying it and receiving it was so important. To be able to watch part one and two and in the same day and here the making of the movie is a true treat.Read full review...


Everything went Great!

I loved the movies and to have them now on DVD is wonderful. Now my kids can enjoy them. I received the brand new product in a short time frame, and I'm very satisfied with the whole purchase.


The Three Musketeers

A grand, rollicking, and FUNNY adventure into which one can lose oneself. A grand cast of famous actors appear to so thoroughly enjoy themselves in this film, one almost gets the feeling that they are not acting at all. A must see pair of films.Read full review...


Three Muskateers dvd

Great movie!! The dvd was in perfect conditon. It was quite faithful to the novel. The sets,costumes and acting will all superb. /R Stein


The Best Musketeers!!!

The all star cast...the incredible scenary...the hilarious fight scenes...the wonderful tale "All for One" and "One for All"...what else can i say...The three and four musketeers movies are perfect for your collection.Read full review...

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