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Amazingly funny, hilarious movie

This movie is way beyond funny. The movie was all improvised and that's amazing because there are a lot of funny moments. The movie describes the lives of 3 home buyers and 3 real estate agents. It describes the process and how it is hard to get a home. I highly recommend this movie because it is a great movie to stay-at-home and watch.Read full review...


closing escrow

thismovie is not at all what you would expect. I love reno 911 and thought with some cast members it would be funny. I was wrong, it had some small moments but not worth owning this movie or even losing 90 minutes of your life for which is what you are doing.
I want my 90 minutes back...
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Not too bad! I kinda liked it.

If you have had many dealings with realtors in buying or selling your home, this will hit home. If not, you will probably hate it. Some of it IS stupid but we laughed a lot in some places and I would recommend it only to those with experience in dealing with realtors... they are a special breed, those realtors!Read full review...


Closing Escrow

I bought this movie after reading the review of it. I was duped by buying it. I was not very enjoyable to watch, but because I spent money on it I figured that I had to suffer through it. I was not an enjoyable movie. It was done as a documentary style movie and really didn't have any enjoyable parts to it. I would NOT recomend this movie to anyone. A movie should be entertainment, I DID NOT fell that this was.Read full review...

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