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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Clash of the titans

Excellent movie. I have watched it at least 20 times.

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One of the greats from my youth

Just bought this movie for the first time. I'm surprised it took this long as I've always really liked it since seeing it in a Prescott AZ theater in 1981 at the age of 12.

It's definitely the best of it's kind, easily beating the Sinbads and Jason and the Argonauts etc., and although the special effects are very Jurassic it still doesn't take anything away from this film.

Some people think it's a kid's movie, largely due to the mechanical owl no doubt but this is a must see for anyone that hasn't.
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Great item

I love it

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Classic fun for the family

As much as my family loves Jason and the Argonauts, this is probably Ray Harryhausen's masterpiece. The Medusa is one of the scariest creatures ever seen on film, and who hasn't shouted "Release the kraken!" Lots of action, big hit with the kids.Read full review...


Happy Ending Movie!! Glad I Purchased It!!

The movie is not about a real life story, it is mythical. If you like action, adventure, and a Man being Hero to the Girl He Loves, then this could be a Very Good movie for you!! It also indirectly Promotes Breastfeeding which is also a Good Thing!!Read full review...


great movie and great seller too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i remember seeing this movie on showtime back in the day and i loved it ever since. i have been hoping that it has been on dvd for a while and iam so very glad that it is and i bought it too. AWESOME!


A very good DVD

I saw it years ago and really liked this movie. It is so much better than the newer version . The creatures that he meets on his journey are really more detailed. Am so glad I came across this.

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Clash of the Titans 2010

I went and saw it at the movies. Wasn't sure what to expect, I heard it was much different from the original, which I also have. The story has alot of the same characters but was different. I enjoyed the new characters the movie had, and the special effects were great! I love Sam Worthington, I think he is up and coming.Read full review...


Clash of the Titans, not to be duplicated!!!!

This film is a total classic. You don't see such big names in films together often. I bought this film to show my children the real story of Clash of the Titains! The new film is such a poor example!!!!! This is a movie I watched so many times as a child. Andromeda's naked back is the ideal of feminine beauty!Read full review...


Clash of the Titans (Original version) DVD

I bought this DVD after watching the latest version of the movie. I had seen the original years ago and wanted to compare the two. The original movie may have less 'umph' in the special effects department, but the story line is much better and, in my opinion, much more enjoyable to watch.Read full review...

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