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Would recommend100% agree

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Great Product

Amazing range and easy to configure.

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Big up grade

Works great strong signal, much better than only e900 single band!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ggcosale


Great Price For This Router!

I bought this router based on reviews I had read about how far the wireless was "receivable" and although it is a decent router; it more depends on the electronic item you are trying to use wirelessly because I DO NOT GET RECEPTION out in my own garage on my smart phone.
NOW -I think it's because my phone is a cheap tracfone because my laptop gets reception OUTSIDE. Haven't tried the laptop in my garage but I read a review stating the gentleman got reception at his neighbor's house across the street from him -I'm not convinced based on my own experience.

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The best product and seller out there for computers! 5****!

I desperately needed a new router for my house, running netflix and internet all in one house on several different devices, the router we had couldn't support everything going on! I did some research on youtube and found out which router would best support my needs efficiently, and the Cisco Linksys E4200V2 seemed to sound the most reasonable and be in the most reasonable price range.
More research and looking around on Ebay, I found that Cisco had refurbished routers at a very reasonable price and decided to take a chance and just buy it!
Best thing I ever did! Everything can now run 3 computers, netflix, and my other devices can connect to the internet and get through websites speedy!
Thank you Cisco! You're the best! Belkin will never match up to you!
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Great Router! Easy set up and gives great Performance!

I baught this router because my old one keeps getting drops and have to reset it all the time which was "Belkin wireless G". now that i have this E4200V2, soon as i received it bout 10 days now, popped the set up disc, easy three steps, in just minutes was ready to use, like install and forget, no drops, always on. I'd say i'd recommend this router to my friends, great router and easy set up! and compared to my old one, this one gives great performance which the description tells you. no complaints so far. :)

update! from then and now, its been flawless!
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Blocked sites that is was not set up to block. Expensive junk.

The E4200V2 is a nice router with a big problem. Installation
was a breeze and set-up relatively easy. However i soon discovered that i could not connect to www.apple.com or www.microsoft.com or any well know sites. Connecting to less known sites was fine. Connected direct to the PC with PPPoE
and access to all sites was fine. Re connected the router and same problem. Reset all values and switched off a security features and anything that might cause sites to be blocked and no luck. Unlpugged and tossed this expensive piece of junk where it belongs.
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Thank you!

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Absolutly recomended!!!

I narrowed down my choices to the E4200 and the most current generation Apple AirPort Extreme, and it came down to the former because of the price. Not sure how much different the E4200v2 is from this model, but it's hard to beat the current price of the v1. After three months of heavy use, I've found this to be an excellent router for the money.Read full review...


most excellent piece of equipment for the cheapest price

first it was super cheap compared to buying it directly from linksys. second it is the fastest router i have ever had. It was so easy to set up a child could have done it. i stick to linksys primarily i have never had problems with them and work wonderfully and the customer support is fantasticRead full review...


Awesome router, worth the money, great features!

This is a great router.
Has an extraordinary range.
The speed it very high.
Installation was flawless.

It is somewhat pricey, but definitely worth the cost!

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