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Prince Caspian 3-disc collection DVD

This is an amazing product and well worth the money. It includes the movie, special features and digital copy of the movie so you can download and watch the movie anywhere on any device and you only have to download it once. I love it and I am glad I bought this. It only cost me $6.00 I am pretty happy with it, and it's far better then just getting the single disc edition. I am disappointed Disney didn't release a 2-disc Collectors Edition for America. But all the same I am still pretty happy I bought thisRead full review...


Great Time To Spend With Family Although Sometimes Slow

The whole premise for this movie is and was a great triumph in fantasy film. The characters where lovable and innocent, maybe too naive at times, yet were under-reacting to the situation at hand in certain moments.

As a movie critic, I sometimes fall asleep in the movie theaters after too much soda and popcorn, however, the slow parts that allowed me to do so were nobody's fault except for the poor editing of the studio. After a few winks, I got jolted back awake with a flurry of excitement and wondered what I had missed. Mostly, I missed the parts where everyone was staring around at each other waiting for GOD knows what.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that this film was filmed in many numerous locations including England, Prague-Czech Republic, New Zealand, Poland, and Slavenia. Eight months were spent scouting locations, including Ireland, China and Argentina. Although parts of the film were made in New Zealand like its predecessor, the majority of shooting took place in Prague, Slovenia, and Poland because of the larger sets available. The stone prop was flown from New Zealand to Barrandov Studios in Prague, Czechy. In a remote Slovenian location, everyone had to be checked for ticks on a regular basis, since infestations in the cast and crew's hair were common. Because of tax credits, post-production was based in the UK. to qualify the movie as a British film.

What's a crying shame about this film is that Adamson, the director chose action and battle scenes over character development. There were so many characters introduced it almost dumbfounds the viewer. It seems that the actors are generally overwhelmed by the atmosphere, much like the hamsters in G-force film. In a pathetically feeble attempt to keep fans of the book happy, Adamson plugs in a few scenes or references from the book that don't interfere with his plot. Initially, it's interesting to see what his screenwriter makes up to tie in the other events that are made up with the events from the book. We miss this later in the movie, though, as he soon completely abandons the events from the book until very end. All this happens because he really wants the Pevensies to meet up with Caspian earlier in the film. I have absolutely no idea why this was so important to him to go against the book. It doesn't add anything to the film and it wreaks havoc with the storyline. In his determination to be as faithful as possible to the spirit of the book, Adamson hacks out all the events in Narnia that lead up to the blowing of the horn and almost all of the Pevensie's journey to Aslan's How. Shockingly, cutting out the first half of Lewis' story and replacing it with his own leaves the scenes taken from Lewis' story, both those later in the movie, and the few scenes randomly inserted in the beginning, seeming somewhat incongruous and forced. You can pretty much usually tell what scenes or dialogue are from the book even if you haven't read it, simply by noticing the discontinuity. Whenever, a character seems to be acting out of a character or a scene seems to have little to do with the plot, it's probably from the book.

The only recommendation I have is to continue with the other 5 books and petition Disney to make the films based upon the books rather than just throw something together next time.

I hope to spend more time in the future learning the subtle nuances of the film. The kids loved it, but am not sure if a younger audience could follow all of this.
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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian DVD-3 Disc Set

I LOVE this film! As a fan of the books, I wasn't sure how these films would be on the big screen. I saw the original productions from BBC years ago and they were good, for back then and good for a low-budget project. But I wanted a bigger better film of each book, and I truly hope all seven are made, not just the three, like before. (Well, two were combined.) This film is based on the book, like all films are and yes, some things are more detailed. But I think it makes the story more interesting in some parts. There are some changes and some parts from the book missing. Some were filmed, but not used, for whatever reason. (Can be seen in the deleted scenes feature.) It is action-packed and teaches very good lessons, mostly about faith, and not being prejudice against those who are different from you. I also like the idea of Prince Caspian's being interested in Queen Susan, a little romantically. Susan's part is much more exciting this time. She actually gets to USE her bow a lot! It is a very good family film. Some parts are violent with wars and sword fights. A+ to the producer & actors who remained as true as they could to the original text. It is worthy of being as well-loved as Lord of the Rings.Read full review...


good character development+ much behind the scenes info

I love all the Narnia stories. This one is a little darker story then the others. The acting an all computerized stuff is great. Esp the 4 children are doing a great job w/ thier acting. Peters character is a little different portait than in the book.In the movie he has to deal w/ some pride issues at the first part of the movie. On the one side I didn't like it , on the other side I did. At one point he reminds me to King Saul in the bible when he said"We waited long enough for Aslan". But after his plan fails and he almost get pulled into the dark side, he seems to realize his mistake, lays his pride down and turns back to Aslans help.Susan also was not completely on Aslans side. She wasn't sure she wanted to be back in Narnia at first. But then she also changed her mind. I didn't care that she kissed Prince Caspian at the end. They really could have left that one out, it didn't fit. I really liked Edmunds character. He had been totally changed from his experience w/ the white witch in the first story. He knows what side he is on and stands strong when temptation cameand actually brought the turning point in a very dark, occult situation. He took action, not like Peter. And surely Lucy is my favorite character again. She is loyal to Aslan the whole time. The landscaping is breathtaking esp in the river scenes, that where taken in Slovacia, I think it was. I really like in this 3 disc set, that we get all the behing the scenes, what is very interesting. There is a lot of info on the second disc, we really enjoyed. The 3rd disc is a computer disc, I haven't really been able to use yet.I also don't care much for the castle scene, exc the beginning part. But the end is so sad, you just want to turn that part of the story around. I love the costumes( I sewed the first set of the childrens costumes for my family.) I don't like all the fighting.For the most of it,I like the first movie better. But I sure hope they are making all of the Narnia books into movies. I can't wait to see the next one. We also have the BCC Narnia movies, but these ones are so much better.Read full review...



Features actors:Tilda Swinton, Ben barnes, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Mosely & Anna Popplewell.
Running time: 149minutes.

Just as Peter, Susan, Edmund & Lucy are getting used to London and school, Prince Caspian in Narnia blows on the horn to summon the kings and queens of old.Upon their arrival back to Narnia many things have changed, and nothing looks the same anymore.Prince Caspian needs their help his Uncle wants the throne and is trying to have him killed.With no choice left he flees and goes in the forest.The Telemarines have forced Narnians into hiding and capturing any Narnians they find to try to make them extinct.The old kings & queens are realizing that Narnia is now a very savage and different place that when it was when they left.The battle contines to restore Narnians and their land!Full of new creatures & a new journey.

This movie was good, not as good as the first, it doesn't keep you captured into a magical land as the first did, this one is more about fighting at the end.Would only recommend to rent.Hope this helps you to decide.Please click YES at the bottom.Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)
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Prince Caspian

This is the second part of the Chronicles of Narnia and a great film for any family to watch together. I have been a fan of C.S. Lewis for years and I have enjoyed the first two films of his series. It has the great special affects just as the first one did and again it is great for any family.Read full review...


NARNIA Prince Caspian this is Disney movies based on the 7 book series. This is good clean movies which my grandson has enjoyed watching.

These movies go along with the 7 book series of the Prince Caspian The Chronicles of NARNIA. We have watched after my grandson has read the books.

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Great Movie best ever! I am a big Narnia fan and love the work Andrew Adamson the director did with these movies they are very real and have great CG effects. The movies are great and have a lot of action.Read full review...


Terrific DVD

I decided to buy it, because I always buy the two or three disc set, so that I can have all the added features when I want to watch them. I love this DVD and watch it constantly.


Great for Narnia Fans!

I was hoping that this 3 disc DVD collection would have more behind the scenes segments, Although the digital copy was very nice for my ipod and computer. Overall it's pretty good. I would recommend it for any Narnia fan :)Read full review...

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