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A good family Christmas movie

Funny and engaging with a lesson learned every now and then along the way. Don't make 'em like this anymore. That's a shame. Tim Allen is funny but lets the other characters shine as well like Jamie Lee Curtis his co-star and Dan Ackroyd in a more subdued character. Simple. Christmas. Family. Community. Great for the season or any season for that matter.Read full review...

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Great price

Good movie great price

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Christmas With The Kranks

We've watched this movie every year since it was released. More of a ritual than for pleasure. Plot is good but direction is pretty sorry. Jamie Lee Curtis is a personal favorite but misses the mark in this movie. She's always making funny sounds so out of character for her talents or the role. Tim Allen also has much better material under his belt than this one. But, in the Spirit of the Holidays, watch the movie and enjoy what you can. The one shining scene is where Tim Allen's character gives the vacation package to his feisty neighbor and the neighbor's terminally ill wife. Mr. Allen's acting reaches out and tugs at something deep inside. The hardest thing to do these days, is to give something freely, with no ulterior motive. Mr. Allen's scene and delivery grabs you and pulls you into this particular part of the movie. That scene saves the whole shebang.Read full review...


*~* A GREAT CHRISTMAS COMEDY!! You'll Enjoy It! *~*

Christmas with the Kranks is a Great Christmas comedy, that you're sure to enjoy. Our families love it! Offers a Great Acting Cast and loads of hilarious scenes.

Our Rating: 8/10 RECOMMEND >
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Fun Family Christmas Movie

Christmas with the Kranks is a fun, light hearted comedy about a man and his wife who decide to "skip" christmas because there only daughter won't be there for the first time. The father played by Tim Allen is totally caught up in the idea of skipping christmas and instead wants to take a cruise christmas day. The mother played by Jamie Lee Curtis is a house wife who is fine with the idea, but has a tough time skipping all the christmas traditions. The day before christmas as they are packing, they get a phone call from their daughter saying she is coming home for christmas! The rest of the movie is them trying to get everything ready for christmas like their idea of skipping it had never occurred. I love this movie because the neighborhood they live on is crazy over christmas. All the decorations in this movie are beautiful and its a good movie for the whole family!!!! Its a great addition to your christmas collection.Read full review...


Greatest christmas movie ever!!!!

This is my favorite Christmas movie. I literally watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.

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Great replacement for my VHS tape

Was looking for the DVD, trying to replace all my VHS' tapes This wasn't expensive. OK, I suggest Ebay lower the response characters of 100, there's just not that much to say about a product that you already like and are just replacing with updated technology. Not many people are going to take time out of their day, to set a title, and give you 100 characters on a review of purchase.Read full review...



Seen it before, just extending my collection.

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the awesome dvd

THANK YOU so much . TIM ALLEN is so funny in this movie, along with the rest of the cast!

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save some time and fuel for those older movies that are hard to find

my wife looked all over trying to find this movie around christmas so i decided to do it the easy way and not spend any gas money to find it for her. she likes christmas movies and tries to get a different one every year so i am sure next year i will be finding another movie on here so i don't have to shop and spend $40 in gas trying to find a $10 movie. prety good movie but i liked tim in home improvement and wild hogs better.Read full review...

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