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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree



wow great game to play ,thank you

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: uniontradingcom...


Did not work.

The game was described as being "in good condition," but when I opened it the disk was terribly scratched; and when placed in the Wii it did not work (it said the disk couldn't be read). It was very disapointing as this was a gift for my son.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: roland13


Love love love this game!!!

This game is by far my favorite Wii game! This game was pretty much all I played when I first got my Wii! I love being able to drive in and all around Radiator Springs, interacting with all the main characters and visitors. Also being able to race in real races like the Piston Cup is awesome! All the while being able to race around as Lighting McQueen is really cool! I love this game! And it does get pretty hard at times so it's not an easy game made solely for kids. And i really wish they put Red the firetruck in the game!!! But this game is an all around great game! I recommend it!!!Read full review...


Fun for kids for about 20 minutes then the novelty wears off.

Great overall game for those interested in the Cars theme. I found the navigation of the menu to be difficult especially for my children who cant read yet but want to play "McQueen". This is really just a cars themed racing game with nothing special other than "Mcqueen". I do like the ingame feature that allows you to drive around Radiator Springs as McQueen, sort of like a menu you can drive and play around in, my children enjoy this feature that they can play "McQueen" with out actually racing in the game. For adults I give it 1.5 out of 5, for kids who want to race it gets 3, for those who dont really understand what they are doing but like to control "McQueen" it gets a 5. The novelty wears off quickly though and it becomes good for only about 20 minutes, 5 of which are getting the game so my 3 year old can "play".Read full review...


Cars (Wii, 2006)

We had CARS on the old Xbox gaming system which died and my daughter really wanted to play it again. So when she got a wii, she remembered how fun CARS was and asked to purchase it. It was too expensive retail but found it on Ebay for a reasonable price. We enjoy the many different options in the game. Different races, different games, and different characters to chose from. I still have difficulty stearing with the Wii controller, but that is true with all Wii race games. My daughter gets it though.Read full review...


Cars wii game

My children and I love the movie. We previously had the Cars game for a psp. We have purchased the wii and thought we would have the same fun for this system. The game Cars is great. We are able to race each other and, new for us, we are able to complete pit stops. We are able to beat the clock doing pit crew tasks. Great product. My kids can't wait until homework is done and game time begins.Read full review...


Cars wii game

I bought this game for my 8 year old son. He loves it! He has mastered how to race the piston cup using the wii controller and enjoys the mini games. I would recommend this game for anyone with young children who love video games. It is easy to use and understand. The more you play, the more games and races that open up to you. Perfect!Read full review...



My kids and I like playing this new adventure of Lightning, Mater, and the whole cars gang. There is a "story" version, where you play to move forward till you get to the Piston Cup race. There are also Mini games and the Radiator Springs Grand Prix where you can go head on head. It took a while for me to get used to turning the remote back and forth to turn, but my 3 year old had it mastered from the get go.Read full review...


An excellent game for all ages!!

Cars is an excellent game for anyone from my 3 years old son to my husband and even parents. It is actually a little difficult. My son loves it because he gets to play daddy's game and drive Lightning McQueen. There is a free drive where my son can just drive. There is also levels and games for your more advanced player. Fun for the whole family!!Read full review...


wii game

i purchased this game for my son. he is deaf and blind spots so it takes him awhile to figure a game out. with this game he can just keep playing with out killed off. i like it because it keeps him on track. he loves it he will watch the movie and then he will sign play game. i wish there were more to choose from for children that are deaf. he loves his wii and playstation. i wish there were games i could purchase that would help with his signing skills. there are more and more kids being born with hearing impairments. just a thought.Read full review...

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