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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


Great camera for for the money!

I bought this camcorder as a 4th (HF S) series HD capture device for shooting weddings. I love the 8.0MP full HD CMOS sensor with a large lens that allows more light than a consumer camera and provides great video footage. With enough light I can capture good quality still pictures from my video footage for art on DVD covers using my Sony Vegas Pro software. I have borrowed a consumer Vixia camcorder from a friend as an extra video angle for a wedding shoot and the quality of the consumer camera was considerable grainy in low light conditions in comparison to the (HF S) series cameras with the same video settings. I short the video footage is really good!

The audio for this camera is okay, I attach a Canon shotgun mike to one of my HF S cameras with its Canon proprietary hot shoe at the back of the church to get audio when the minister is not speaking. I have experienced some quality issues using my Azden remote mike with my HF S series cameras so I use my old Sony DV camera as my remote audio feed that I attach to the minister. The anti shake feature works okay but I use either a tripod or monopod when shooting to aid in steadiness of footage (considering buying a portable video stabilizing device). This is the oldest version of the HF S series cameras so if you put a class 10 memory chip in this camera it will not record in its two highest video settings since the firmware of the camera will not support it (use either a class 4 or 6 if you want to use the highest quality settings).

I would recommend this camera for its video quality! The HF S100 does not have internal memory and has only has one SD memory slot so you are limited to just under three hours of the highest quality video footage if you put a 32 GB card in the camera. If you need more memory look at the HF S10, HF S11 or HF S20, HF S21 cameras that will allow for relay recording (when internal memory fills, it relays seamlessly into the additional SD cards that you can plug into the camera). The HF S 20 and 21 series cameras have two SD slots for more memory but are newer and cost more.

Ebay offered me the best option to get this HF S100 camera that I was looking for. This camera met the minimum needs for my wedding shoots without compromise of video quality that I demanded.
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Warning -- may not work/properly recognize modern SD cards!

There is a known issue with this camera and most firmware versions, that do not recognize modern SD/SDHC memory cards and will restrict the mode you can record video in (only lower resolutions). There is NO WAY the user can fix this. It requires a firmware update by Canon at the factory -- not sure if they're still doing it since it's an old camcorder now. Higher-class SDHC cards are required to run high resolution recording and the camera may not recognize modern cards and won't allow you to record in full-bandwidth HD. It's very annoying, but if you don't need high def recording, the camera is adequate.Read full review...

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Cannon does it again Great Hi Def vids

I'm a little new to 'prosumer' equipment. This Cannon HD camcorder is so close to broadcast HD video. Beautiful High Def pictures and very nice audio. I bought the Pro Rodes external mic and that is a very nice improvement for the audio. The 'mini advanced shoe' on the Cannon was not able to accept the Pro Rodes mic, so there is an adapter available.
Uploading clips to the computer couldn't be easier. Just plug the SDHC stick into a reader and they are in the computer for Sony Vegas editing. The files are AVCHD.
There will always be issues with these tiny cameras and shaking. The image stabilizer in the Cannon is not as good as my JVC. So those camera stabilizer devices will help for constant moving camera shots or a tripod for long steady shots, using the remote control. I ordered a Hague stabilizer from the U.K. and it helps with steady professional results.
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5 stars*****

I purchased this camcorder to do underwater HD video along with an Ikelite housing and Ikelite video light. I then started using it on my vacation trips to do above water HD videos as well as underwater shoots and was so impressed with the results that I wanted to post this review! I paid about $1,000 for the camcorder, Ikelite underwater housing , and Ikelite underwater video light... and the results underwater ...and above water have been amazing!!! My buddy has a $20,000 setup for underwater video ...and My set up is at least 70% as good as hit....what a bargain!!! This camcorder is awesome ...and I highly recommend it !!Read full review...


A very good buy.

Most enjoyable images. Still a bit awkward to reach everything during a shoot when you wish to experiment, but that's the price of designing small things.


Awesome Camcorder! Check out KHxGuitar12 on youtube to view videos

I love this camcorder! It is exceptionally great for my video making. If you want to get a look at the video quality, search my youtube channel : KHxGuitar12 i have made a few videos using this camcorder.Read full review...


increible calidad por tan poco dinero

buena camara buena resolucion en video y audio pero necesita una pantalla como su hermana mas ancha y por lo demas esta bien la uso para eventos y salieron con buena calidad

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