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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


I love my Canon VIXIA HF G10 32 Camcorder

I am not savvy with electronic's but I was able to operate it even with the fact that it did not come with a manual. I did download a manual from the internet. This Camcorder is so worth the money to purchase. I love using this Canon, my video's come out clear, sound is great and so many friends have started looking to purchase this Canon. I video my daughter who is in a band so I tape indoors and outdoors. This Camcorder has an abundance of features that I have not dabbled with, yet. Don't sit on the fence with consideration on this Canon Camcorder, purchase it!!! I am very happy that I have this Canon Camcorder...Read full review...


Best pro camera with consumer lvl price!

Absolutely fantastic camera if you are searching for a pro camera with consumer pricing. Features, quality etc... are top notch.

The only downsides are controllers + original batterylife. You need to buy a better battery for long shooting and regarding to the cameras small size, many of important controllers are hid under the touch screen menus and pretty clumsy to operate. But then again, I think that's what Canon wanted when making a consumer level pricing with this pro camera.

Conclusion: So, if you want manual switches and need to adjust them while shooting, this is not your camera. Otherwise, this is the best on the market, let me tell you!
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Best Video Camera Ever!

This is a great camcorder, I bought it to film better quality videos lessons for my students. I like it has enough space to record my videos without worrying about running out of memory. I was not happy with the fact the manual book was not in English. I asked for one but never got it, not even an answer to my email. But with that negative point aside, overall this camera is the best I ever used, my money was well invested in this product.Read full review...


Great Camera for the price!

This camera is a fantastic camera! All it's controls are easy to use, it takes extremely clear and high quality HD video, and is compact. The battery that comes with it, however, is not very good. It has a short charge life. I bought this camera for professional use in production for a TV show and it works well. Not much Optical Zoom, but enough for what we use it for.Read full review...


Best prosumer camera on the market. Really.

I bought this prosumer camcorder because of the stellar reviews it received online and it didn't disappoint. I purchased it for an independent film and it stands neck and neck with far more expensive models. The only drawback is a relatively short battery life, but it makes up for it in many ways. Auto Controls, Manual adjustments, and large touchscreen are definite bonuses, as well as the quality. You have to see the 24fps cinema mode to believe it. The touch screen is pressure sensitive, however, and I would recommend using the stylus, and not a finger. Overall well worth my money.Read full review...


Perfect semi-professional device!

Camera is excellent! Best that You can get for such money.
Perfect picture in low light conditions.
Sound is good enough but microphone is a must have feature.
Basic battery is nearly unusable so I bought 3,5hrs accum immediately.

25P is unique feature for theoes who want to film something as an art.

This is the first try (Sol Invictus concert, Live at Dom Cultural Centre, Moscow, Russia, 22.10.2011)
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If you have a Mac be aware that transferring video is not real easy.

I'm giving only 3 stars because, even though the camcorder's picture quality is very good I find it very difficult and confusing to transfer to my computer. I have a Mac and everything I read said it was Mac compatible but it really isn't completely Mac compatible. I have a newer Mac and a new Macbook Pro and I have to transfer the video via cable and is not very easy - the instruction book is also not much help. One of the reasons I purchased this camcorder is so I could take video directly from the memory card but this is not possible on a Mac. I called the company and they confirmed that this could not be done. If I would have known that in the beginning I would not have purchased this camcorder.Read full review...


Best prosumer camcorder they make!

Use them often as b-roll cameras for professional events. Hands down the best pro-sumer camcorder on the market right now. Low light is excellent, imagine stabilization is second to none. You really can't go wrong with one of these HF G10s.Read full review...


I said hello to a good buy

Excellent piece of equipment. It has so many features and yet it so simple to use. The day it was deliverd to my place, it was a nice feeling saying hello to a good buy.


Прекрасный продукт, камера стоит своих денег

Моя прежняя камера Canon XM2. Я долго искал ей замену. Хотелось снимать видео высокого разрешения. Когда появилась эта камера - я подумал что это то что мне нужно. Камера по сравнению с ХМ1 и ХМ2 намного меньше и легче.
Поражает качество изображения. Я очень доволен своим выбором. Данная модель оснащена профессиональными компонентами и имеет широкие возможности ручного управления, что позволяет записывать высококлассное видео в формате HD. Если воспроизводить на ЖК-экране камеры, и на моем большом экране HD, изображения четкие и яркие, живые и имеют вид профессионального документального фильма.
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