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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


Classic Camera

I bought this camera to replace one my stepmother had ruined by keeping batteries in it too long. She wanted another camera just like the one she had and I was glad to be able to find one for her. She likes it because it is heavier than newer cameras and large enough to grip easily since her hands shake a little. She is 101 years old! The camera came without a memory card and I found that I had to order an older memory card with only 1 g since newer cards with more memory would not work in it..Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: payless_camera


compact with many features

just received it, took 1 pic to see if it works, it does. haven't had any pics made off the card yet, looks like new condition, I think i'll like it a lot once I get used to it , have to print out instructions, as it's different than the one I had,and didn't come with any lititure.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: joharen7


lightweight easy to use

Nice, easy camera, fits in your pocket, takes great pics. Goes through batteries fairly fast though.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mp14srule


Good camera

Takes great pictures

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mattye2006


Not new anymore but has a lot of strengths.

This is an old camera now, but it has some advantages. The picture quality is decent. AA battery power allows incredible shooting time compared to most modern cameras. Finally, this camera works really well with CHDK. You can lock focus, blank the screen for all day timelapses without any need for external battery power, all sorts of things work great with this camera. Still worth it's weight!Read full review...


This is my everyday, never without it camera, and all features I need.

I have 5 Cannon cameras, two of which are the A540. This model
has a grip type shape and is easy to hold especially for the
longer type picture taking. It is light and easy to use, Much simpler than my Cannon Rebel XT which is larger,
heavier, and much more complicated and difficult to learn.
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This is an overall awesome camera, may be ideal for the typical Ebay busine

This is my favorite camera for use in my Ebay business. It is the right size for my rather large hands. It has a big clear screen. The focusing functions are easy to adjust for large to very small items. It is very durable, a workhorse of a camera.Read full review...


Sturdy reliable product

This was my first digital camera 10 years ago. I have great photos from it. I bought it again for my son.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: minglewooddesigns


Tough little camera, will fight, on your side, for a good picture :-)

I cheated on this purchase, I already had one of these cameras and loved it soooo much I used E-bay to find annother. I put 5yrs of hard, make that tortous use,on my original Canon Sure Shot A540. I used pictures taken with it, to built a couple of websites, abusively tossing it around at Vintage MX races I competed in, and then posted stories about, on my website and it never missed a beat.I took Action,close-up,group stills and even action video with my A540 and it did an acceptable job at all of these. Then one Sunday I accedently left it on my buddies tailgate, at a race near Sacramento calif. All weekend I thought I had lost it.During that weekend I commited to buy annother on E-Bay. To me that is the best recommendation you can give any singe piece of equiptment, to replace it with the exact same thing.That's how good the PowerShot A540 was to me.P.S. My Friend Tom got ahold of me the next Monday after the race and said "Are you missing something?" Sure enough, the Sure Shot had ridden from Marysville to Bakersfield Calif.over 400 miles, on the tailgate of Tom's truck. He shipped it back to me and I now have two A540 Canon cameras and I love them both. Robin Hannah robin@vintagemxracer.comRead full review...


Good all-around point-and-shoot camera

Overall, this is a fairly good, economical point and shoot camera. The thing I like about it is that it is designed to use non-proprietary batteries (2 AA) which can be either regular alkaline or rechargeable type. This feature also, necesarilly, makes it a little bigger than the majority of cameras on the market these days; a feature which I really like. Most cameras are getting so small lately it's actually hard to hold on to them and keep your thumbs out of the lens view especially if you happen to have big "man hands".

It generally takes very clear quality photos in daylight conditions on "auto" mode if you have it set on the (Large) setting and the shutter lag is manageable. The exception to this is if taking photos at night; the picture quality is often discernably grainier although I have taken good night shots with it but it is very "hit-or-miss" even when using "Night-Shot/Low Light" mode. Also, the shutter lag is sometimes horrible in dark conditions (5 to 8 seconds! or in the extreme case, never takes the picture at all; just sits there blinking). And once a night-picture has been taken when the flash is being used it seems like you have to wait another 5 to 8 seconds before the camera is ready to take the next shot . Definately not the camera you want if you need to take quick successive low-light shots. I guess it takes time to re-energize the 1.2 GiggaWatt flux-capacitor for the flash.

It takes pretty good video as well; definately not HD quality but then the file sizes stay manageable. Also there seems to be an unexplainable fluctuating grinding background noise on the videos audio track at times. It's subtle but noticable.

Also, while on the subject of memory, I've used cards up to 4GB in size, but the 4GB card I used was a regular SD card which they appearently no longer make in leu of the new SDHC format. This camera does not recognize this new format or at least in memory sizes over 2GB. So unless you can find regular SD mem cards made before they stopped producing them in the larger than 2GB SD format, I guess you are limited to 2GB(SD)(not SDHC). This will be limiting only if you are taking lots of video at one time.

I've owned the camera for about 4 years now and have noticed only one quality issue; the retractive lens cover sometimes only partially retracts (gets stuck). It's very easy to open it with a little motivation from your finger but you will have to notice it before you take pictures or your picures will be framed kind of trapezoidally. the reverse is also true; sometimes it does not close fully; more difficult to coax it closed.

It is pretty simple to use too. I haven't used all the manual modes but it seems to be fairly packed with features if you want to take the time to use them optimally.

I paid around $150 for it on sale so I think it's a pretty good camera for the price.

One other thing to consider before you buy a small digital point-and-shoot these days is that most new smart phones have digital cameras built in which are even better quality that this dedicated unit.
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