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Easy to use83% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


High end point and shoot

I bought this camera for the first time in 2008 and it's the best little camera I have ever used. The pictures were sharp and clear. The upgrades added a wide angle lens and it changed the camera so the pictures were not as sharp and clear. I have been looking for a new one and I finally found thus one and the pictures are just as good on this little camera. VERY HAPPY!!!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: seamlesslv


Canon wont let you down.

This takes great pictures in any lighting. Canon always did make the best and this one is no exception. Some people make fun of me because im using old school instead of my phone camera. That's OK because Samsung cant take a good picture without trying 4 or 5 times and iPhone is great but you just cant get the quality from a phone that you can get from a real camera.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: nugvicang


Old, Inexpensive, GREAT!

This camera takes 10 megapixel pictures. This is as much as I need. This camera has a great feature that allows you to check the focus immediately after taking a picture.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: peppard2


Battery door goes bad

I have owned two of these and both have a similar issue after a while, the battery door not closing tight enough to make contact with the batteries which renders the camera useless. The issue appeared on the first camera after a slight bump on a table edge which cause the little hook on the camera body side to break off. On the second camera the door actually developed a crack for no apparent reason which caused it to no longer close tightly. I love this camera, but I like my money too much to be buying "disposable" cameras at this price. I kept both cameras in a padded hardshell case and I don't throw them around. I found many people in online forums with the same issue, btw. Too bad, guess I'll go shopping again.....Read full review...


Power of PowerShot

I bought the A2000 as a backup for my A720 and a hand-me-down for my son. It works very well in all respects: fast acting, great picture quality, compact size and bright view screen. However, as bright as it is, the screen is hard to see when shooting outside in bright light--as are all of the screen view only cameras. That's why I'll continue to use my A720 model, it has a viewing window which allows me to frame outdoor pictures when the light is too bright to see the image on the LCD screen. The A2000 makes beautiful pictures and has fast focus and shoot performance, is easy to use and compact.Read full review...


Canon PowerShot A2000 IS 10.0 Megapixel

I wanted a small, good quality camera I could take up in my hot air balloon. I have just started playing with it, but have already gone through a set of batteries, so I'll keep my eye on it and always have 2 spare AAs.

I was taking pictures of some Dutch Belted Calves in the sun on the north side of their fence and had a hard time framing them. This camera doesn't have an eye lens to use for setting up the picture. Although the digital display on the back of the camera is huge, all I could see was the reflection of myself.

That is one drawback and another is that if I have to hold the camera high for the right angle, I can't adjust the viewing screen to see what's in the frame.

It's easy to download pictures to the computer and I love the face framing, no red eye, the multiple window focusing and the anti-shake capabilities.
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Great Camera, great pictures, great value for the money.

I bought the camera so I would have one when I travel for my work. This camera exceeded all expectations. It takes pics way too big, but they can be reduced in size. ( helps to read the instruction book). Newer cameras might have higher megapixels, but this one at 10megs, works just fine for me.Read full review...


PowerShot A2000 for real.

I have a few cameras of different types and brands and wanted one just for playing around when I travel and visit the G-Kids. This is so simple to use that you don't miss what is going on aroumd you while you are shooting snapshots. The picture quality is wonderful and the camera is light and easy to stick in your pocket if need be. I have the EOS T1i and love it, and sd750 Canon which is nice but too small for my needs but does take great pics, and I use my Fujifilm S1000fd quite a lot. All in all this A2000 is as good picture wise as the others excluding the Eos but the best by far of all for simply taking great pics of anything you desire wether inside or out. I do read the reviews on all the cameras I am interested in and see the ratings. This Camera far exceeds what I have read on review sites. Canon, You have a winner here..Read full review...


Canon Power Shot Excellent Ebay camera for close-ups

I was looking for an inexpensive easy to use camera for close-ups.
For my Web-site, I wanted to take close-ups of the Labels so they could be read
Also, for Ebay I sell items that have tags like motors that have small print for the specifications. I had a Kodak Easy Share 10 MP which was fine for whole item shots a foot or two away, but blurry on close-ups under say 6"-8". My brother was getting into Ebay and lucked upon a Canon Power Shot A590 8 MP. He said it was cheap and took great cl;ose-ups and all pictures. The A590 got excellent reviews for all pics and especially close-ups. I actually couldn't buy one- sold out. But, this was a predecessor and now the Canon Power Shot A2000 was the upgrade and it was the same close-up technology but with 10 MP, so a little better resolution. I bought that new on Ebay and it's great. I can do detail shots within 1 cm less than an inch and it's clear. The labels can be read Title and ingredients. Amazing. Actually, too good in some cases as every tiny flaw is seen in your item. The software is pretty good, I'm a little weak on the transfer of images anyway, but they are categorized by date. It has limited Photoshop, so you would want a separate Adobe or whatever. The battery door and cable door are flimsey, but holding up. I would highly recommend it for Ebay sellers for posting their photos in the listing. I strongly recommend it for Point and Shoot Compact Inexpensive Digital camera. Thanks SteveRead full review...



This camera is nice, easy to operate and has a great zoom, however it doesnt come with a rechargeable battery unlike other camera, and therefore having 2 AA batteries on hand is kinda of a drag. It's also a bit bulky compared to others on the market, which is great for people with big hands and fingers but not ideal for where technology is at. Overall it shoots great pictures, has a steady stabilizer for quick shots.Read full review...

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