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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


For the money this is the best camera you can buy.

Simply put for the money this is the best Camera you can buy...For the money! I have to admit I love this camera once you learn how to fly the space shuttle this seems much easier. Every day I find more buttons and settings that I didn't realize were there. The videos and books available for it are very helpful.The only drawback is now I can't blame the camera for that not so perfect shot. Like I said for the money this is the best machine out there, just make sure you use a quality lens with it cause the lens is always just as important as the camera...A not so good photographer can become very good in a hurry with this camera.Read full review...


Excellent DSLR simple enough for beginners and advanced enough intermediate

I bought the Canon 60D because I've entered into the world of flash photography and my present system isn't very supportive of wireless TTL flash it's fine for manual flash. I honestly couldn't pass up the wonderful deal I got on this slightly used camera.

I was actually surprised by the Canon 60D. The ergonomics of the camera are perfect for me, it feels like a glove. I purchased a 3rd party grip and while adding heft it's still very manageable. The Kit lens 18-135mm is a winner it takes very sharp pictures compared to other kit lenses from other systems I've had. It's a perfect lens for my walk around.

Picture quality is surprisingly good but I find it affected by noise at a much lower ISO than my other system. That being said I normally don't shoot above 1600 ISO so it really doesn't affect me and at 3200 ISO the photo is still usable with a little noise reduction and sharpening.

Coming from a different system I thought I'd have trouble with the Canon Menu system but after reviewing a few 60D specific youtube videos the adjustment has been easy and painless.
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Great camera!

Camera is everything and more than expected. Gives great picture quality, the ability to rotate the screen is also an added plus. Still learning the ins and out of the camera, but so far so great!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sea-jasi


T3i is better than the T4i, 5 and 6

Received all items as advertised and in excellent condition. Seller used for Astrophotography which I will also use it for. Received it in less time than expected.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: troybara


Good deal.Works well. I like it

Good deal.Works well
I Love this camera! Very easy to use. Crystal Clear images. I am far from being a professional, but this camera sure makes my photos seem professional. Recommend! This was an upgrade as I needed something that would do well in Low Light (pictures of the grandkids in school plays, local plays, concerts, etc) Did the trick for me!Read full review...


T3i Rebel Is A Great Camera

I can assure you that the t3i is one of the best and most trusted DSLR cameras. It has so many features that make it unique to other cameras.

Verified purchase: No


Opens up so many options. THIS is where you start.

My 1st (and current) DSLR. Wow... For what you get, the 60D is often priced at a very good value. Not a full-frame and not a FF lens but pretty rich detailed, clear pictures down to the pixel. Great options for color balance. Love the way you can dial it in to fill in shadows with detail. Lots of good professional level options. Fast enough to capture facial expressions, light sensitivity let's you get away with no flash indoors with moderate light. In outdoor lighting you can capture which tooth on the bride's face still has a little film at the gum line that was missed during brushing - from 30 feet away (if you drill down). At night during the reception in dim lighting for the dance you'll need a flash or have to accept grainy pics at ISO 6400. Still about 2 stops less light sensitive than a Mk 5dII or III. Because you can focus looking at the LCD or looking through the viewfinder some people find the two styles of focusng confusing. I'm happy with the focus options, but it took awhile to learn to take full advantage of the viewfinder method and the way you can drill down almost to pixel level to check the focus using the little swing out LCD screen (very handy for tripod night shots). Has the ever-so-slight bias toward redder skin tones that some people claim they can see in Canon. Software lets you adjust color and all kinds of other things. Can tune the camera to permanently interpret images from specific lenses. 18-135 is a great all around starter lens at an affordable price. Perfect zoom range with this sensor to capture people at the table while eating out, weddings, BBQs etc. For outdoor nature shots, when you tune your photos later with the software and drill down to pixel level, you will somesee a definite color separation halo on far away objects due to chromatic aberration, a lot of which you can eliminate with the software. (Love the software). You'll also be surprised sometimes at what you pick up in outdoor pictures when you drill down later with software and get beyond what you were able to see with the naked eye. Image stabilization is very effective (and a wonder to behold) Perfect lens for this camera, though it won't work if you upgrade to a FF camera. Software is phenomenal for a freebee, with nice easy interface. It's nice to be able to capture those human moments without a flash and now people always bug me for copies of my pictures or want to know what I was able to capture whenever the invite me to their gathering. It's nice to be able to give that. I've taken some phenomenal pictures of regular people with this just sitting around a table. I was surprised how much joy this brought into my life. I'm a visual person whose studied some art and design, so maybe that's it, but after holding off for so long, I found this to be a surprisingly good investment. Cameras do a lot more nowadays. With this camera, I don't miss puttering in the darkroom or working with a premium film camera. Good cameras cost a lot more than they used to as well. This is really the camera you can start at where you get those professional options that dial in the things you care about and give you lots of tools to fix your mistakes. And this is the cheapest you'll be able to do that.

This could be your last camera, or it could make you want more. (Now I'm saving for a 5d or 6d for even MORE light sensitivity).
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Excellent Camera considering the price and compared against a D40 nikon

This is now my daughter camera so I had the chance to compare it against my Nikon D40. The first thing you will notice is a much higher quality on the canon back display. Fortunately the difference in picture quality is not so much but after many photos in different conditions the canon has clearly the edge.
The possibility to rotate the back display is also a beautiful and very usefull feature.
Overall very nice camera for the price. I am seriously thinking to change my Nikon....
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Camera to beat all cameras with qualitty pictures and ultimate flexibility

Excellent product. Researched DSLR cameras before I went looking. Decided Canon was the one. Brother-in-law has had a Rebel T1i and it worked very well. Wanted a digital SLR camera for some time that would provide plenty of options for taking pictures. Although I am an amateur photographer, I have always liked the quality of an SLR camera. Many DLSR cameras are very expensive, so I looked to E-bay for a good price. Found it and have enjoyed it immensely. Am breaking into it slowly - the owners manual is 342 pages long. Have used it over the holiday and took great pictures.Read full review...


Great item.

This was exactly what I was looking for it looked brand new. Takes great pictures and everything was working properly.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: auroraloans

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