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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree


If you can't afford a newer camera, a used 40D won't fail you.

My 30D broke, and it would have cost more that $200 to fix it, so I'm so very pleased that I was able to get this 40D for under $200. It seems to be a great camera, and the more I use it, the more I like it better than my wonderful 30D. However, it's got me wondering about how much greater the newer Canons might be...lolRead full review...


Great camer - use what you save on some great lenses instead

So it doesnt have a few of the latest/greatest features it is definately not lacking. The 40D is a solid camera with all the necessary features to take great pictures.

Compared to the 60D (a newer model) a few things to note
- Screen display is lower resolution but plenty for novice to budding photo journalist
- Doesn't shoot movies - so if you have to have movie/photo combination get the 60D
- Lower Megapixels (10 vs 17) - unless you are printing high end or very large print you won't notice the difference
- Lower ISO maximum by 2 f stops but I never shoot at the very high end due to noise on any camera

Overall - you can get a great price on a great camera with this slighly older model. Spend more money on the lenses which have a bigger impact and save on the body.
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Outstanding camera with excellent build quality.

Excellent camera in great condition...gift to my son for Christmas, but identical to mine. Absolutely bulletproof and accurate. Fast and flexible. Only 10 MP, but how often do you blow up a print to poster size?Read full review...


Great product for the money...very satisfied with it!

The Canon 40D is a good camera rugged and practical...the only problem I for see is the complexity of the settings...it's takes a little a little time to get used to it.
But once you understand the settings it works and the possibilities are endless!
The camera is used but in good shape and I got it for about $230.00 which makes the whole deal sweet!
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Good Product

Upgraded to an EOS 40D from a 10 D as I cracked the viewer of my old work camera...Didn't want to spend a fortune so purchased a used one on E-Bay. Very similar to my 10 D but a little more sensitive and crotchety. Doesn't always have instant shutter and seems to take longer to focus in low light situations.

Disappointed Canon changed the battery extender pack set up so that my old one won't work on this model. Too bad Canon's strategy didn't work~I'm not buying one to fit this model.

A good mid-range camera for the amateur professional and a good work camera. Still takes the same lenses from my prior so I'm happy.
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Awesome product! Great image quality for so low price!!!

Canon EOS 40D is a camera which gives you perfect quality of image from one side and ensures you an easy work from another one. It has a magnificent design, its body is very ergonomic and lets change the settings quickly in quickly varying conditions of photography. For me it's an almost ideal camera which has only one "shortcoming"... it isn't a full frame camera))) But, it has many functions and it has the design of its "elder brother" Canon EOS 5D, which is recommended as the next grade for a Canon's admirer.
I am pleased with this camera very much and I recommend it.
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Great starter dSLR

I currently own a Canon 20d, which is a dinosaur- but it works well enough for my part-time photography business. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, my camera went on the fritz and I had to get a loaner from the local camera shop. I opted for the 40d and cant believe how much nicer it is.

The overall picture quality is slightly better, since its a few MP more than my 20d. It also has a slightly higher frames per second (6.5 v 5.0) which is nice for action photos and those quick moving child portraits.

What really blew my mind though was the LCD screen. My 20d has a small 1.8" LCD screen for previewing pictures; the 40d has larger screen and higher resolution. This screen made it so much easier for me to review my pictures and feel more confident that I got the shot.

The 40d isnt the newest or the highest MP camera on the market, but it shoots crisp images when coupled with my 50mm f1.8 and anyone starting out in photography would be happy with camera. Considering cost, quality and sturdiness of the camera- the 40d is a GREAT starter camera, far exceeding my 20d in pretty much every way. Even if all else were the same, the 40d's screen by itself is worth the price difference.

That said, when its time to upgrade, I hope to be able to push a little further into a 50D because of the higher MP and other features, but if I fall short financially, I will have no hesitation with getting the 40D.
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5 year old model- still a VERY CAPABLE imaging machine!

Here's the deal: I bought this camera in April 2012, about 5 years and several model generations since it was released.

This camera is a high quality imaging machine, no doubt about it. I own a Canon 1D Mark III, several Canon L lenses, and have shot with many other cameras and lenses. I sold a Canon Rebel XTI (a great camera in its own right in terms of image quality at low ISOs, but ergonomically not the best) and spent a bit extra to upgrade to this camera for use as a backup. I bought this camera for casual use and as a backup for wedding/event photography. So far I am not disappointed. The image quality is as you'd expect from Canon (excellent), and while the resolution isn't as high as many of the newer model cameras, it would be more than enough to suit the needs of most users. In some ways I prefer the 10 megapixel cameras to the newer models with higher resolution, because honestly, I don't want to have humongous file sizes filling up my hard drives and memory cards most of the time. If I want to blow an image up to 20x30 from this camera, I am confident the quality will be sufficient. If I want larger than that, I can upsize in Perfect Resize or Photoshop and increase my pixels per inch to an appropriate level with very little downside image quality wise.

The high ISO image quality is probably a bit better than my Rebel XTI was, but I will likely try to keep the ISO down to 1600 or less for wedding use as much as possible, while I wasn't particularly comfortable going above 800 with my Rebel XTI. My Canon 1D Mark III is better, but as a backup, I think this camera will work very well.

I couldn't justify the extra money to buy the 50D (that has worse ISO performance due to banding in my opinion). The 60D is a great camera, but I don't necessarily need video, and the ISO performance isn't so much better in my opinion that it justifies the price difference either. There are certainly other benefits to those cameras, but image quality is the most important factor for me, and lenses are where you'll see the most improvement in that area, so I'll stick with this camera as a backup/casual use tool for the next few years, it is certainly a capable tool.

If you're debating between this model used, and a used 50D, I would strongly consider this model. If the price difference (a couple hundred bucks at the time of this review) for the 50D is not a big deal to you, the 50d has a better LCD, allows you to use faster UDMA memory cards, and has a few other features that are nice. If you care more about image quality than these other benefits, I think you'd probably be just as happy with the 40D. If you can afford the 60D or 7D, great, get one of those, but only if you have high quality lenses. If not, buy this one or the 50D, and spend the difference on some quality L glass or other high quality lenses.

On a somewhat related note: I took a series of test images with my Canon 1D Mark III and my Rebel XTI (before I sold it to buy this camera), same subject, same lens, same settings. Comparing the images I saw VERY LITTLE difference between that originally nearly $5000 camera and that originally $700 camera. Where I noticed the difference was in the higher ISO images. The Canon 1D Mark III performed better at ISO 800, 1600, etc, but the Canon Rebel XTI did very well considering its original price. The Canon 40D is better than the XTI. You won't be disappointed with this camera.
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excellent transaction

When I received the camera I discovered that the previous owner had not set it up the way I prefer. The images were too soft. After a few minutes familiarizing myself with the menu system I was able to get the sharp as a tack results I prefer. The camera does the job as well as I expected and has now become my SLR of choice.Read full review...


Excited about more advanced features of the Canon 40D

I bought this camera as an upgrade. I currently owned a Canon Rebel XT. While I was aware that the Canon 40D is not a full professional level DSLR I am also not a pro so really excited to take my photography to the next level. So far I have been really happy with the 40D performance in particular with nicer images at higher ISO. Some other features that are new to me have yet to be explored but I am so far VERY happy with this camera.Read full review...

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