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Well designed100% agree

Easy to hit with100% agree

Good feel100% agree


The clubs for a beg. to advanced intermediate golfer, forgiving and long.

I haven't played golf for about two years. When I quit I was a 12 - 13 handicap. I had a set of taylormade irons that I really liked, but since I decided to get back into golfing I wanted a new set of clubs. In the past I had tried out the calloway irons but didn't really want to switch because I was playing well with what I had. Since it had been two years since I had played any golf. I decided to try the calloway x-24's at a golf shop and liked the way they felt thru the swing. I was comparing them to the newer taylormade irons. I decided to go with the X-24's because this was a good time to switch brands. I have played four rds of 18 holes and spent approximately 24 hrs on the driving range. I am hitting the ball better than I thought I would be at this point. The X-24's are forgiving on miss hits, and when I strike the ball well I am getting excellent distance. fourth rd was an 87 on a par 72 course. I didn't expect a score in that range until later this summer, but it seems with the 3rd rd being an 89 that I am going to progress faster than I anticipated. I would recommend these clubs to anyone from a beginner to a 10 handicap. They feel very good thru the swing and deliver good distance.Read full review...


Fantastic product, and will allow you to enjoy for years to come.

I am no professional but I enjoy a hit around the golf course particularly with friends and family. These clubs are definitely a great way to enjoy your experience around the golf course. Since buying these clubs, it took about a week to adjust to them as the clubs I had before were just a set of Dunlops and the set up was a little different.

The thing I love about these clubs is that the heads are black so there is minimal glare when playing on those hot sunny days. I also enjoy the weight and feel the club provides when hitting the ball. The weight feels good so you that sweet connection between club and ball and the shafts are made of steel however vibration and shudder is non existent.

I would like to add since buying these clubs my game has marginally improved and three weeks after the purchase I achieved a feat I thought Id never achieve. I participated in my cousin’s memorial amateur golf tournament and came out on top. Something I thought Id never achieve. My partner in golf on that day had a similar set of golf clubs being the x22's which are very similar and he too was also impressed with my clubs which he used a few times that day also.

Like I said I am no professional I am an ordinary bloke who goes for a hit here and there with friends but if I had to comment on my purchase all I can say is I am more than happy with these clubs, I would buy them again if I had the chance and have no regrets. I am more than happy. The only thing I was marginally disappointed with is that these clubs do not come in an iron 3 or a loft wedge. I had to purchase a razor x black three iron and a diablo loft wedge which are minor things and I believe most people no longer use the three iron as the trend is now going towards hybrids....

Overall these clubs are a great buy and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking at buying new clubs.
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These things are long!!!

I've never had a problem with hitting the ball a good distance but with these clubs I'm an additional club length further. My 8 iron used to be 150 yards using Ram FX with graphite shafts, that is now my 9 iron length with the steel uniflex shaft. I'm not sure how much is the club and how much is the shaft but either way, it's all good.

The only knock on these clubs for me is the finish. I love how it looks but hate how one shot takes off that much of the finish. It won't be long before these irons look well used.

Overall I would not hesitate to recommend these clubs to anyone in the mid to high handicap range. They are forgiving on mis-hits but I am still able to alter the ball flight left, right, low or high.

If I had it to do over again I would buy them in an instant.
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Great purchase and looking forward to getting more rounds under my belt.

Very nice clubs and easy to hit. I have been a Callaway iron user for several years starting with the X-12 series and now upgraded to the X-24 this year (2011). The color is unique but it does fade after a couple of hits. Heavier than my previous clubs (X18s), but easy to control through the hitting zone. Ball really explodes off the club face when hit correctly. I see a larger distance disparity after the 8 iron where I am picking up a couple of extra yards, but the 8 iron and below about the same distance.Read full review...


Callaway #1

Awesome game changer. These irons are well manufactured. I enjoy them so much I own 2 sets. My scores have been very consistent and have allowed me to be the best in my group. What else can a guy ask for in a product.Read full review...


Callaway X-24 Hot Iron set 4-PW UNIFLEX

Callaway has always been my golf club manufacturer of choice and the X-24's are a prime example of why.

A consistent focus on engineering, use of new materials and technologies, research & development translate into solid game improving results from the hacker to the pro.

I was concerned that the X-24 iron set I purchased did not come with a 3 iron, but that concern was quickly alleviated when I realized that I am hitting 1 1/2 club lengths longer that my previous Callaway FT I-brids. (205+ yards with a 4 iron!)

The X24's are impressive and comfortable at address, and I am pleased with the effectiveness of the dark finish which reduces glare and distraction.

From the 4 to SW they are solid, forgiving, long, straight, and high from just about anywhere on the golf course.

When you hit the sweet spot they do exactly what you want them to do: shaping shots is a newfound pleasure, but on mis-hits they are still very forgiving and well within a reasonable result.

I began my experience with the Callaway irons way back with a used set of X-12's, moved onto the Big Bertha Fusions, then the FT-Ibrids, and now the X-24's and I couldn't be a bigger fan or more impressed with the solid game improvement technology and overall results with the line.

Would I recommend the X-24's? A B S O L U T E L Y
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Callaway X-24 clubs

I love the new look of these clubs. The new project X steel shaft is very sleek and light. The distance these clubs carry is so good that a 3 iron is not needed. My set came 4-9, PW, AW, and SW. Although, I am not the best golfer, I have come to truly appreciate the quality of these clubs. Even when there is a mishit, the ball tends to carry. On mishits, you don't seem to get that rattling feel of club. I would say these clubs help me carry about 15-35 yards further than my old ones because of the weight technology. Awesome club set and wouldn't buy anything else other than this set!!Read full review...


wife loves her new x-24 iron set

My wife is a good golfer and has had cheap irons for a long time. I finally purchased these X-24 irons for her, and she loves them. She can finally use a sand wedge on the fairway, and has increased her distance with just about every club. The only reason her score hasn't improved yet, is she's trying to figure out her new distances still.
Clubs were as described and look great. Great purchase!
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Great club, Amazing distance and most forgiving!

I'm by no means a pro but when I got these clubs they make you feel like one! Out on the course the they play very long and are more forgiving then anything I have ever had a chance to swing. The black finish does start to wear off the bottoms and face but this still work great and look great!Read full review...


great club, just step up and hit the shot.

Upgraded from the X-22's to these X-24's. Great looking club and very easy to hit. It's really a awesome club for the money. I've experienced more control and consistant shoots with these irons. Easy to hit the fade, draw and spin.Read full review...

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