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You will not be disapointed.

This club is extremely accurate and is very versitle. I love this club! It plays as long as a #4 iron, but once it lands on the green, it siticks. Even on hard greens. The ball will travel much higher than an iron, but just as far. I purchased this club because I was having trouble hitting my lower irons. Especially out of tough lies. Such as rough, sand and over obsticles. This club has helped me take around 4 stokes off of my scorecard.Read full review...


Terriffic fairway wood

Not only was this a great value on ebay, it is a great hybrid for golfers who are not as long as they used to be. As I get older, I have joined the "add a club" club, which means I am at least 1 club shorter in distance than I used to be, unless I jump out of my shoes. Hybrids are great clubs, and Callaway clubs simply help me play mt best...even as I join the over 60 club. Oh well, at least I am on the right side of the fairways! I just bought (on ebay) a Callaway 3 hybrid, but I have not had a chance to use it yet.Read full review...


My Callaway FT Hybrids (3H and 4H)

If you have been trying to decide whether or not to buy one of the Callaway FT Hybrids, stop contemplating and do it. These clubs are freaking amazing. They are SOOO easy to hit. They are loooong, and they are straight. Even mis-hits feel very solid and go straight too.
3H - I have the 3H with the stock graphite (stiff) shaft (I think its the NVS if Im not mistaken). Not only is the club beautiful and sets up nicely giving you plenty of confidence at address, but this baby is long, forgiving, and straight like a laser. I used mine several times today at TPC Tampa Bay and everytime I hit it, someone in my 4-some said something to the effect of "wow!".
4H - My 4H has the stock steel shaft (stiff also). Although this makes the club noticeably heavier, the club still performs so solidly its ridiculous. This club is my bread-n-butter 200 yard club.
I gave up my 2 and 3 irons because I started spraying them (usually to the right) and I started mishitting a lot because I was always trying to kill the ball. But with these Callaway FT Fusion Hybrids I am now taking smooth, easy swings and getting results that are 1000% better. These clubs rule. Throw out your long irons and put a couple of these in your bag. You will wonder how you ever got by without them the 1st time you take them to the course.
Nice Job Callaway!
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callaway ft fusion fairway wood.

The Callaway FT-Fusion Fairway Wood is the best 3 wood I have ever had because first of all at address it sets up like it would be easy to hit. The small and deeper head with a rounded sole allows me to make better impact giving me more distance and a better ball flight. The balance of the club is exceptional allowing me to be more consistant with less effort. I bought the club because I have the FT-5 Driver and it is the best driver I have ever owned. I would recommend this club to anybody that likes their FT-5 driver and golfers who want more from their fairway wood.Read full review...


Callaway #3 Hybrid a Flexible Club

This Callaway FT is my first hybrid and I haven't mastered it yet. I bought it used so that I could compare it against other Callaway X Fairway woods that I love. The shorter grip is easier to hit and it has a much lower trajectory than a comparable 9 Wood. It seems to work a little easier in the rough and is easy to use to putt from off the green. Once I master this club, it could be one of the most used club in my bag and could have a much higher rating.Read full review...


205 yards with control I want the 4 hyb. now

very fast shipping and the club was in great shape it makes it easier to hit those long iron shots now I want the 4 FT-Hybrid and then I will enjoy the game when I am faced with those long shots into the greens I only wish that I would have tried the hybrid sooner now I would not want to play without this club in my bagRead full review...


Callaway 2006 FT-Hybrid 4

The club is easy to hit. It gives consistant results each time. The ball travels long and straight but it is also easy to work the ball right or left as neede. The club is constructed of high quality material and looks and feels very good.Read full review...


Little club makes big hits

I'm a twelve handicap left to right golfer. Bought the Callaway 20 degree hybrid (draw face) to compliment my 3 wood. Had no trouble getting used to the face at address but had to change my line up position to dead-on straight. Pleasantly surprised at the max distance of about 220 yards. The club feels SOLID at impact and is a good choice in the first cut or light rough.Read full review...


Hybrid technology for the weekend Golfer

I received this club about two weeks ago and my golf game immediately improved. I would highly recommend a hybrid club to anyone having trouble hitting long irons. Also it can take the place of some of your woods if needed. I have played a lot of clubs but this one gets me out of trouble all the time. The regular flex shaft gives me the distance I expect and the 14 degree face lets me hit both low and high shots. My e-bay seller did a great job of getting this club to me in minimu time and as described in the post!Read full review...


Much easier to hit than a 3 iron!

I bought this hybrid to replace my 3 iron, which was probably the hardest club to hit in my bag. Since I normally hit my clubs relatively straight, I chose the normal bias version. I was surprised at how much easier the hybrid is to hit compared to the 3 iron. Not only was I getting more distance, but the ball flight was higher, allowing it to stop on the greens nicely. I'm so pleased with my decision to buy this club, that I'm contemplating replacing my 4 iron with a hybrid too. If you're having problems hitting your 3 iron, I highly recommend trying a hybrid!Read full review...

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