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Good graphics94% agree

Compelling gameplay94% agree

Good value92% agree



Have been playing video games for over 36 years, and have played my fair share of war games on many different consoles, current and classic. But this game BY FAR is the best one I personally have ever played! My nephew requested it as a gift. So I bought it used and of course tried it out to make sure it played right. I think I was 15 minutes into playing, and realized I HAD to get my own copy! The graphics and the story line are AWESOME!! It really gets my heart rate going! I usually sale my games after I beat them But this one is a KEEPER!! Just love it!!!!Read full review...

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great game. works perfectly fine

I love the call of duty series the game is great. the disc has a few minor dings/scratches here and there but other than appearance the game works perfectly fine. Overall great purchase. I would recommend this product to any gamer because you get a great game for an amazing price.Read full review...


This is where COD started to slide

I'm not much for multiplayer and the effort that goes into making COD multiplayer is minimal also.
Like all of their campaigns, their storyline is very engrossing...for one playthrough as it is a Michael Bay-fest of HOOAHS and explosions.
The game is most certainly worth the $10 price tag but nowhere near the $60 its initial asking price.
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Great game that you will never grow tired of.

One of the best COD games made. The weapons are easy to learn how to use and the story line is fun to play. The multi-player feature is the best part of the game as I love using the "Survival Mode". Get this game and you will not be disappointed.Read full review...


Awesome Product Perfect Price

Modern Warfare is a fun game it has campain multipayer and survival when i got the game it was in great condition i bought this game becauce my friends had it and that it has survival. the maps are amazing and overall it is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite cod. if you want a really good cod and are just starting i would get cod black ops 2 though.Read full review...


Highly recommended

I have owned a copy of this game since the first day it was sold ; I love this game, multiplayer is always busy, generally in : Team Deathmatch ; but, Survival Mode is always busy, and there are roughly about 20 maps to play, where players compare the number of levels or WAVES they have survived ; in Resistance, for example I an listed as having survived 86 WAVES, but I I quit at WAVE 100, you must allow the enemy to kill you if you want your highest wave to be recorded, very fun game if you work together with you team mate to achieve victory, but if you go your seperate ways and play against the enemy by yourself, you will not do nearly as well ; mount your defense with a Sentry gun, and with Riot Shielders to help guard you against the enemy, and lay Claymores all around your position, especially if you wanna take out the Dogs that come at you at warp speed, strapped with C-4 explosives.Read full review...



great game high quality my older kids have had no problem picking up on all the different levels of difficulty that these games challenge you with i would recommend this game to others that like the army type war games even if this one is not new it still is loaded with great graphics that will continue to peak your interest and continue to challenge you just face it if the game is to easy you wont continue to play it but this one is a keeperRead full review...



The game is a great finale to the Modern Warfare Series. The story never stops with unique missions that are thrown at you to complete. From running through a flaming NYC to attacking a hotel as a Juggernaut, the story is packed with action. I am also someone who has a lot of friends over and the split-screen multiplayer is fun as hell! As is the online too! It is a must buy! GO INFINITY WARD :DRead full review...


Great game, One of my all time favorites from the COD series

A excellent game to play, It's fun along with humor. The wepons could have been a slight better, But are good enough. I love playing the Infected game mode :-) 10/10

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The game is fun at times, but gets annoying when you play try-hards

It's an alright game. Nothing to special about it. If anything, it's like an expansion of Modern Warfare 2. You may see a lot of people give the same review about this game but it's true! Campaign is pretty difficult, and survival mode is a nice addition to the Modern Warfare series. One thing I really love that this game introduces is the weapon level system and the killstreak packages you can pick. Very versatile. If you are a die hard Call of Duty fan, you should invest in this game. Otherwise, just buy an expansion to Modern Warfare 2.Read full review...

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