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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


series complete

great price on this dvd set and have completed
my collection of csi miami for my " mancave "
thanks bunches

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Very good nice perfect thank you.

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CSI: Miami - The Complete Fourth Season (2006, DVD)

Bought it for my son for his birthday. He loved it! This the best of the CSIs. We love Horatio for the kindness and compassion he shows the victims and sometimes even the perp. We enjoy the location of the series. The episodes are always deeply poignant and gets us involved in how people and circumstances cross paths. The stories develop so logically. There is so much chemistry between the actors that are part of the series. And the guest stars seem to be made for the role they play. It's one of the best shows ever developed for television. The writers are fantastic! Thanks.Read full review...


CSI Miami

I love it! I'd decided that i wanted to buy it when it came out to continue my collection, but it was $80-$90 almost everywhere I went, and I just didn't want to spend that much. I was a little apprehensive when I first bid on it, but it turned out beautifully. I also loved this season, and it was great to catch up on the (many!) episodes I missed because of work. As usually, the acting was brilliant, but the characters in this season made me quite angry, especially Wolfe and Delko. The tension between the two of them was quite irritating at times, especially since it seemed to interfere with the casework. I did like the mini-arc with Marisol, though - I found it amusing, then terribly romantic, then heart-wrenching. But, despite certain issues with the characters (oh, Boa Vista! oh, the agony!)the cases were quite enjoyable, and at the end of the day, that's what I really care about. So all in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase.Read full review...


Money well spent!

Absolutely LOVE this! Very nicely packaged. Well worth what I spent for it. If I didn't have to write so much for this review I would be completely satisfied. I will not review another. As stated earlier, this product is worth what I spent for it. I enjoy it very much.Read full review...



just scratching the serface of the full CSI line of shows, CSI, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami. Dect. Herachio{sp} and his team of Forensic Detectives scower the city of Miami searching for evidence for various crimes to Prosecute Suspects. Don't get on his bad side, "H" always gets his man.

An all star cast, David Caruso, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter,Jonathan Togo, and many more.
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The best season out of seasons 1-4 of CSI: Miami

This was a great season. I have watched all of the seasons up to this one in order and season 4 is one of the best. Not only was there the crime scene investigations, there was drama in the lab and the personal lives of the team. This was a great season.Read full review...


I love CSi Miami and all the actors and actresses in it!

this is a great buy! awesome price too! DVD's look brand new! can't wait to watch! Csi Miami is a great show!


love the show!!!

Some people may find CSI Miami a little annoying but it's been on the air fpr 8 seasons now so qiute a few people still watch it. I love the actors Davis Caruso and Jonathan Togo. I like the other actors but these 2 are my favorite. This show is a guilty -leasure of mine.Read full review...


Great Series

Continuing series keeps getting better and better. I don't like the lead character (he's too arrogant for me) but he doesn't distract from the fine acting of the other actors. Diverse episode plots and fine writers keep this show fresh and enjoyable. Highly recommended.Read full review...

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