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Sharp Picture, Great 5.1 Surround

Some people are giving this bad reviews because they miss Decker's narrative. Wow. That narrative was never necessary and only treated you like an imbecile that couldn't tell what was going on. It also interfered with Vangelis' masterwork soundtrack and the total feel that came with it. The DVD release of this had a fuzzy picture and the soundtrack was in stereo - remember stereo? This release has a crystal clear 4K ready picture and the 5.1 surround is awesome! If you have the DVD and think that's good enough - it isn't!Read full review...

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A Classic Movie a must add to your collection

Its awesome a classic for any movie enthusiast.

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Ridley Scott's Masterpiece

Blade Runner, based on Science Fiction author Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', has become a cult classic and one of Ridley Scott's crowning achievements as a director. Set in a distant future full of poverty, bright lights and towering skyscrapers, Blade Runner follows Rick Deckard, a police officer who serves as a blade runner, specialized in hunting down replicants, or androids with limited life spans. When four of these outlawed mechanic beings are discovered on Earth, Deckard is called in to do his job by any means necessary.

Do not mistake this movie for a mindless action blockbuster full of guns and girls- it is far from such filth. This movie has a cult following for a reason; one must look beyond the limitations of camera perspective and time restraints on a film to fully understand and grasp the creative genius behind the film. By the end of it, I guarantee you will have unanswered questions and this is exactly what the movie means to do- promote questions and leave you to answer them!

This is one of my top favorite movies of all time, and I have seen too many movies to even begin counting. I easily consider this Scott's masterpiece, even beyond his many other incredible works. Perfect casting and an incredible score by Vangelis piece this movie together into a legendary work of cinematic art.
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"That's the spirirt!" - Roy Baddi -

This 2-disc edition has just about the right balance of commentaries, interviews, and visual features to go with the re-mastered feature. However, the original cover art is still the best.


Blade Runner offers an insight into man's role in society.

For those who really enjoy great sci- fi, there is a reason why Blade Runner is a classic. Even before his Star Wars days, Harrison Ford has a knack for landing great roles.The plot seems well thought out and a great supporting cast only makes everything better. Blade Runner seems to point out the best and worst in society without causing outrage to fans all over the world. I watched this years before and still find the end story refreshing.Read full review...


Another classic to add to my small library.

Couldn't be more pleased. Condition of product was excellent. To me it's a mind twister done very well. The second disk showing aspects of making the movie was almost as entertaining as the movie itself.Read full review...


The Final Cut, the last straw

Blade Runner will always be one of my all time favorites. A timeless favorite. But I will admit, I was sucked in by Editor's Cut and of course, by the final cut and I was more and more disappointed. The Editor's Cut stripped away the scene by scene narrative by Harrison Ford from the first release which lent an unmistakeable fifties gumshoe flavor to a futuristic detective-like drama. I feel the narration gave more dimension to the film and irrevocably so in the last scene on the rooftop when Roy Batty gave his final dying soliloqy. That was a powerful moment and I don't think that Deckard's editorialization detracted from it one bit.
I had high hopes for this final cut but they were dashed as well. What did we get? A couple more glimpses of the city street life, the unicorn again, so what? Neither this final cut nor the editor's cut did anything to enrich our understanding of the characters or the interplay between them. I'm sorry, but did I miss something there? I'd have had more hopes for a sequel, but not this.
I'll be generous and give it an average rating. Stick with the first release, it is by far the best work.
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No more redundant voice-over narration !

When Ridley Scott's cut of Blade Runner was finally released in 1993, one had to wonder why the studio hadn't done it right the first time--11 years earlier. This version is so much better, mostly because of what's been eliminated (the ludicrous and redundant voice-over narration and the phony happy ending) rather than what's been added (a bit more character development and a brief unicorn dream). Star Harrison Ford originally recorded the narration under duress at the insistence of Warner Bros. executives who thought the story needed further "explanation"; he later confessed that he thought if he did it badly they wouldn't use it. (Moral: Never overestimate the taste of movie executives.) The movie's spectacular futuristic vision of Los Angeles--a perpetually dark and rainy metropolis that's the nightmare antithesis of "Sunny Southern California"--is still its most seductive feature, an otherworldly atmosphere in which you can immerse yourself. The movie's shadowy visual style, along with its classic private-detective/murder-mystery plot line (with Ford on the trail of a murderous android, or "replicant"), makes Blade Runner one of the few science fiction pictures to legitimately claim a place in the film noir tradition. And, as in the best noir, the sleuth discovers a whole lot more (about himself and the people he encounters) than he anticipates.... With Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, and M. Emmet Walsh.

In celebration of Blade Runner's 25th anniversary, director Ridley Scott has gone back into post production to create the long-awaited definitive new version. Blade Runner: The Final Cut, spectacularly restored and remastered from original elements and scanned at 4K resolution, will contain never-before-seen added/extended scenes, added lines, new and improved special effects, director and filmmaker commentary, an all-new 5.1 Dolby® Digital audio track and more. Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Edward James Olmos, Joanna Cassidy, Sean Young, and Daryl Hannah are among some 80 stars, filmmakers and others who participate in the extensive bonus features. Among the bonus material highlights is Dangerous Days, a brand new, three-and-a-half-hour documentary by award-winning DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika, with an extensive look into every aspect of the film: its literary genesis, its challenging production and its controversial legacy. The definitive documentary to accompany the definitive film version.

Visually spectacular, intensely action-packed and powerfully prophetic since its debut, Blade Runner returns in Ridley Scott's definitive Final Cut, including extended scenes and never-before-seen special effects. In a signature role as 21st-century detective Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, muderous replicants - and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul. This incredible 2-Disc Set features the definitive Final Cut of Ridley Scott's legendary Sci-Fi classic and the in-depth feature length documentary "Dangerous Days" and features all new 5.1 Audio.
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Great time standing movie!

I haven't seen this movie since i was 7 or 8 years old. I bought it cause i am an avid science fiction fan and had always heard great things about this movie but couldn't remember anything about it. I bought it just to have in my collection but ended up realizing it is a must have. Out of all great fx movies of that era this one easily takes the cake. It holds it's own to most movies nowadays. It will make you wonder how they pulled it off in the 80's...Read full review...


Awesome movie and a must have for any DVD collection!

Finally (well, for me), a great version of this groundbreaking movie. I've always enjoyed this movie (I like the book better, but that's a different story) and now we have what the original vision was meant to be. It's too bad that PKD isn't around to see what his story became 25+ years later.

I'd buy this again in a heartbeat. I don't need the big collector's box version, so unless you're a real die-hard fan of the movie / director I wouldn't bother with it either.

I was able to pick this up from a wonderfully reliable ebay seller too.
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