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Good value66% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


It was very timely

I love this phone I went from the old slide LG to this and its just great for me. I like the physical keyboard and the camera and video have great pics. The calendar and all the features are the best. I know everyone loves Iphone but my husband and kids all have one but I hate the texting on them. This is perfect for some one who likes a physical keyboard and new features that smart phones give.Read full review...


Easy to use and compact

An excellent entry-level blackberry smart phone. It can run whatsup and browses the internet with great ease. The battery life is reasonable and can have a password policy implemented such that security is always implemented. However, the OS 5 may be a limitation in the near future as its functions are getting limited in terms of newer applications on the market.Read full review...


Blackberry kicking ass again

I love me a QWERTY keyboard and this BB does the trick! All it does is text and call (no wifi, no internet), and it is a beautiful trip back to 2009.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jimcabell


dependable cp could be brought in going abroad coz of cam and gsm capabilit

•World phone capabilities
Connect, browse, stream, download and more on global networks with 3G reliability. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone helps you stay in touch from almost anywhere in the world. A full-featured global smartphone including voice dialing, conference calling and a built-in speakerphone, it can travel along with you to most of the world on 3G networks.
•Enhanced multimedia
Going out with your BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone doesn't mean leaving your entertainment behind. With 256 MB of on-board memory and a built-in media player to play your songs and videos, you'll be entertained and informed from almost anywhere life takes you. Watch videos while you're on the train, play that energetic song when out for a run, or just share pictures and memories with friends over a cup of coffee.
•Brilliant clear display
You can experience crisp video, images, text, maps and more on the clear and colorful BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone screen. The 480 x 360 pixel screen offers a clear, brilliant view which stays bright and vivid over time. Whether you're viewing photos, watching videos, surfing the web or catching up on email messages, all your important visual information is easier to read - even when you're on the go.
•3.2-megapixel camera
Capture quality digital images from all over the world and send them off with your BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone. Its 3.2 megapixel camera with image stabilization allows you to instantly take print-quality photos. And no matter where you travel, you'll never have to wonder where you took that picture. Simply snap away and geo-tagging takes care of the rest. When an event can't be captured in a single instant, use sound and action to help tell the story using the video camera then share it in an email or picture message.
•GPS and BlackBerry maps
You can access internal GPS and BlackBerry maps on your BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone when you need help finding your way. BlackBerry Maps is designed to make it easy to locate nearby businesses, restaurants, theaters and more. Featuring built-in GPS that works with other location-based software, you'll always know where you stand and where you need to be with turn-by-turn directions to help you get there quickly.
•Slimmer profile
The BlackBerry Tour 9630 features a slim design that smartly goes with you wherever you are. Lightweight and sleek, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 ensures that sending messages, answering a phone call, browsing the web or simply holding it in your hand is a comfortable experience.
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This is a great deal and I love it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: blipdeals


Great BlackBerry for people that travel overseas.

If you love BlackBerry, then this phone may be the best option for you, especially if you travel overseas.

-This is a world phone, which means you can use it overseas in over 220 different countries.
-Has a high-resolution screen.
-It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash.
-Memory card that is expandable to 15 GIGs
-All the basics of the classic BlackBerry, from the QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth to the GPS navigation.
-Accesss to social networking apps such as Facebook.

-No Wi-Fi
-You can't save apps to the memory card.

Overall, this phone is great because you can use it anywhere. If you travel a lot, this could be your second phone.
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This is a great Blackberry device for the Verizon network. Keyboard is easy to use, after you've gotten used to it - especially if you were a touch screen user. Blackberry App world could be better and easier to use but it still offers some nice applications. The Bold 9630 would have to be one of the more higher end Blackberry devices you can get. Nice speeds and little to none freeze ups. If you're looking for a business email phone this would be a very good choice. Emails are received very quickly - sometimes faster than on my computerRead full review...


Another GREAT Blackberry - The Tour 9630

I've had the Tour for about a week now. I had been anxiously waiting for this Verizon Blackberry hybrid-cross between the Bold and the Curve for months after my contract ended on a Neanderthal 8700G with T-Mobile and I was afraid that my expectations would exceed reality. I have to say that I am very, very pleased!

The device is beautiful, black and solid in one's hand. The screen is large and clear. The buttons are all in logical positions. The software is a vast improvement over earlier versions. The camera is 3.2 mp auto focus and takes better than average pictures....for a smart phone.

I am still getting used to the qwerty keyboard....the keys are small, smooth and strangely angled. There must be an ergonomic reason for the up and to the side tilt to each key but my thumbs are resisting the logic!

The track ball is slightly recessed and is easy to use (and the horizontal and vertical sensitivity is adjustable).

Making and receiving phone calls is a snap. The call reception has been clear and virtually distortion free. I have no muffled sound experience reported in other reviews. Even on a noisy sidewalk, I am told that the sound quality is clear and crisp. I took the Tour up to a cabin in the Lake District of Northern Minnesota and it worked seamlessly. Calls, texts, and browsing as if I were home in Manhattan.

My biggest pleasure so far is the lightening speed of receiving email! In HTML! And web browsing! And Googling! Fast, fast, fast.

One complaint is that web pages are still a bit too small for really enjoyable browsing. And there is no touch screen to enlarge areas with fancy finger work a la IPhone. One can choose between "Column View" or "Zoom In" but sometimes neither option gets things really the size one would like.

Why can't this thing ring and vibrate simultanously? Seems like a silly oversight but the Blackberry engineers must have some reason behind it. You can buy an ap to fix this problem....but?

Another caveat is that the BlackBerry App Store is not fully stocked with Apps yet. The choice is still slim and sort of pathetic compared to the big, sexy, fully loaded "candy shop" of selections for the IPhone.

The pre-loaded Blackberry Map application worked very well with the GPS function turned on. In fact, it navigated better than the Garmin Nuvi on the dashboard of the car.
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awesome pruduct, worth every single penny

This phone is wonderful. The screen is very clear and crisp, like it is in HD. Pictures and videos are also really clear. It is nice that the phone has a flash as well at auto focus. The keyboard is a bit small since this phone is a shrunken model of the old bold. If you have stubby fingers I would not recommend this phone. Music playback is average. The speaker is somewhat loud, sadly there is only one speaker and it is located on the back. The browser is not particularly fast; average load time is about 15-30 second. There were times when I had to wait over a minute for the browser to load. Battery, I charge my phone about every to every other night. I use the phone a lot during the day so I am not too sure if it is good or bad. I'm sure that the battery can last mush longer if I used it less. The alarm function is a bit odd. There are two way to access it, through the clock icon or in calendar. In the clock you have the choice of on, off, or weekday. In calender you can set an alarm on a specific day and have the option of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The 9700 comes with a 2gb micro sd card from att. I also find it easy to use. I just wish that the 9700 came with more internal memory like the iphone and not just 256mb.Read full review...


A decent value for my situation considering the price of other smartphones.

I loved the BlackBerry Tour 9630...especially the first time around. But since then I've had the iPhone and going back to a Blackberry replacement after I had my iPhone stolen has been tough. It's like having gotten used to taking a one hour airplane flightonly to have to go back to driving on a 6-hour road trip. That said, as a phone, it works great. Checking e-mail and browsing the web, well it's nice being able to be connected but it is slow and awkward and lacks the awesome interface of the operating systems on the touch smartphones. It takes a while to load, it's not wi-fi capable and doesn't use the 3G network. BUT that's comparing it to my iPhone. Otherwise, I am happy to have a handset that wasn't too costly but still allows me to connect to the web and my emails. And drawing back on my prior loving memories of my first Blackberry Tour handset, I figured I'd be kind and give it a solid 3. And until I'm eligible for my new iPhone upgrade that makes that phone more affordable, I'm learning to love my BB again.Read full review...

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